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R.P Chapter 233: Carl

A large piece of tarot cards circled around Carl.

“What, like a melee, don’t you take the lead?”

Carl didn’t mean to attack first but instead stood there leisurely.

Su Xiao kicked a branch flying, and the branch burned a few meters away from Carl. After a few seconds, the branch became a few pieces of coke and fell to the ground, several small pieces of coke oozed some water stains.

Fire, wind and water, Su Xiao vaguely perceived that the three elements near Carl were extremely dense, his perception of the elements was somewhat blurred because of the demon physique.

He must not be close to him, or he would be attacked by chaotic elements, the person was surrounded by chaotic elements.

At this time, he was not fighting with Carl, but fighting three elements near Carl.

Carl, this kind of state, would soon finish; this was the defensive way of the person’s preparation state.

“Your perception is very sharp, and you surprisingly didn’t even rush over.”

Carl had some disappointments in his eyes. The hands with black leather gloves turned, two huge guns appeared in Carl’s hands.

The double guns in Carl’s hands did not make by metal, but a kind of tree close to the metal texture.

These two guns were Carl’s staff.

“I wanted to be invited to fight in the arena once. It seems that fighting for life is more enjoyable. Me, Carl, the eleventh of the ‎Phantom Troupe.”

The magazines of Carl’s two guns popped out, the tarot cards that floated in the air quickly shrank and split into two pieces that automatically entered the magazines.

After the tarot cards all entered the two magazines, the violent elements around Carl disappeared.

Su Xiao stepped on the ground, dragon flash in his hands waved out and rushed to Carl.

“Don’t think about being close.”

Carl pointed the gun at the ground and pulled the trigger.

“The bomb of the wind, the impact bomb.”

A cyan bullet got out from the gun, and the cyan bullet became large when it contacted with the wind after getting out of the gun. When it reached the ground, it became a cyan wind ball.


The impact bomb exploded on the ground, the impact spread around. The withered leaves and the soil were all blown up, near the tens of meters of the ground exposed the surface to form a circular vacant area.

The strong wind blew, Su Xiao’s footsteps were unstable in a moment, but it’s just a moment.

” The bomb of the fire, big fireballs.”

Carl pointed at Su Xiao to give a shot, a fireball which was as big as a ball from the muzzle, the fireball quickly expanded, and it grew to three meters in diameter when it near Su Xiao.

Su Xiao suddenly stopped and moved aside to escape from the fireball.


Carl was somewhat talkative during the battle.
Su Xiao’s momentum of rushing forward continued, he would be the front of Carl in five meters.

Unlike the ordinary sorcerer, Carl did not seem that did not care about being close to Su Xiao.

Carl raised his gun, he surprisingly aimed at his temple this time.

“The bomb of water, clear wave protection.”

With a boom, a transparent bullet came from the muzzle and turned into a transparent water shield on Carl’s body.

Carl used spell too fast, the ordinary sorcerer could only use one spell at a time, but Carl had two guns, he could use two spells each time without intervals.

Su Xiao had already rushed to Carl, the long knife in his hand made a crisp sound, he cut at Carl’s throat directly.

Carl took out the gun and aimed at Su Xiao, he believed in the water shield’s defense very much.


A trace of blood poured out, Su Xiao cut through the water, a small piece of skull flew.

“The bomb of the fire, fire dragon, the bomb of the water, water rush thorn, the bomb of the wind, wind blade with high impact…”

The severe pain of Qing Gang Ying made Carl feel severe pain and fired six shots incessantly. Several skills attacked to Su Xiao.

The calm expression on Carl’s face had vanished; he was stunned; it seemed that he did not really believe that Su Xiao’s sword broke his shield in one attack.

“The bomb of the fire, heat protection, the bomb of the wind, light spirit, the bomb of the water, the cure of clear flow…”

Carl fired several shots to himself, layers of shield appeared on his body.


Several skills exploded on Su Xiao’s body, the burning of the flame, the eroding of the water, and the cutting of the wind.

The nearby ground was eroded by elements. Various colors appeared, all the nearby plants suffered.

After touching by the fire and the water, a lot of vapor appeared. Carl pointed the two guns at the steam clock, and he looked serious. Carl was ready to fight for his life, Su Xiao’s sword was sharp beyond his expectations.

“You suffer from a total of six skills, 15 points of physical strength, and you will see at least serious injury.”

Carl’s tone was firm, and this was his conclusion in numerous experience.

The steam dissipated, Su Xiao, walked out of the steam, the long trench coat on his body damaged.

If it is other people, they may not be able to hold under Carl’s continuous shooting. It was a very powerful ability to continue using six spells. Only three or four sorcerers simultaneously used spells could achieve this effect.

Su Xiao’s demon physique immunized 40% of spell damage, so six spells became no longer unbearable.

And since the beginning of the war, Carl had only used control skills once, it was not Carl did not have control skills, but it was because of his fighting style.

Carl was a spell chain gun that could release more than a dozen spells in just a few seconds.

There was no such step-like shaking or singing before using spells, and Carl only pulled the trigger.

“Last time Phantom Troupe only had a vacancy on the 13th. It seems that I looked down on you. Come on, let’s fight. No one can compete with you for the keys to the main task if you win. You can also take this number of eleven.”

Carl turned his back of a hand to Su Xiao, black number of eleven was particularly conspicuous.

Su Xiao frowned, what did he mean?

“Are you confused? Haha, this is the rules of Phantom Troupe. The strong ones are alive, and the weak ones are dead. Even if I die, no one will take revenge for me. If I die, I can only show that I am not strong enough. You can use my ranking to join the group.”

Su Xiao was stunned, this Phantom Troupe was really weird.

“Weird organization.”

“Haha, this is not strange. Tell you the truth, except for the man with a revolver of 7th in the Phantom Troupe, and I have never seen anyone else. I only know their names.”

Su Xiao was speechless.

“Today, I become a bit talkative, because of meeting a strong enemy, come and fight, the battle is the most exciting thing, only the battle can make people forget the troubles.”

Carl looked at had experienced many vicissitudes of life. It seemed that he had experienced some unforgettable things. He clenched his guns, and the momentum changed.

“I agree.”

Su Xiao took the sword and rushed forward.

Boom, boom, boom…

The double guns in Carl’s hand were like two gun chains at this time; a lot of spells were shot incessantly.

A spell stream was formed in front of Su Xiao, water ball, rocket, wind blade and so on came forward.

Qing Gang Yin spread on dragon flash. Carl suffered severe pain when he was only cut by one knife previously, and there was no some abnormal situation. This showed that Carl was very different from the traditional Sorcerer.


A sword smashed the water ball which was flying forward, Su Xiao went into the spell stream in front of him.

He cut out to break the spell if he could not escape the attacks.

Qing Gang Yin energy which wrapped on dragon flash had a different effect when it met the spells. As long as Su Xiao cut on the spell, the spell skill would be stimulated in advance.

This skill was developed by Su Xiao, and he called this exploding spell.

Boom, bomb…

The sound of explosions and the cutting sound from the wind blades came incessantly.

Su Xiao also didn’t want to fight these spells forcibly. But there were too many spells. He didn’t feel like he was fighting with a sorcerer, but a sorcerer group of an adventurous group.


The spells all disappeared, Su Xiao rushed to Carl’s front.

“Don’t you get damage with spells?”

Carl looked at Su Xiao with surprise, although Su Xiao was hurt

severely he held the wild bombs from the spells.

After he successfully closed to Carl, it was the time Su Xiao to attack.


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