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R.P Chapter 234: The number for sale

The blue-and-white arc surged wildly on dragon flash’s surface, Su Xiao stabilized his body and concentrated his power to cut on Carl’s several shields.


The dragon flash was blocked, nearly ten layers of the shield on Carl dissipated for a half, but Carl’s gun was aimed at Su Xiao’s head.

“Go to die.”

“The bomb of water, the bomb of the wind, the melting elements, the bomb of ice.”


An extremely sharp thorn was shot out from the muzzle, which was a skill combined extreme penetrable ice class and wind class.

Even if the sniper rifle’s bullets are not more penetrable than this ice bomb, he will die if he is shot on the head.

Su Xiao opened his legs and made a split pose. The ice bomb flew over his head.

This kind of operation was obviously out of Carl’s expectation, but Carl shot the second bullet.

“The bomb of water. Absolute waters.”


In Carl’s muzzle, a blue light burst, the world became a water world within ten meters in a moment.

Carl used five cards at once.

Carl seemed to be unaffected by this spell; at least he could walk easily in the water.

Su Xiao was different. His whole body was soaked in water. The resistance of the water made his speed slower. More importantly, he couldn’t breathe.

“Hack, hack.”

Su Xiao opened his mouth, and a lot of water entered.

Carl saw this scene with a chuckle.

“Hack, hack.”

Water also went into Carl’s mouth, which made his face look funny. He was only able to move freely in the water world, and he could not ignore the rules here.

Su Xiao couldn’t breathe, Carl couldn’t either.

Su Xiao retreated quickly.


He was away from the water world. The skill that Carl used was to form a huge water polo about ten meters.

After Su Xiao got out of the water polo, the water polo broke suddenly and turned into a large piece of water went around.

“God, god, I’m almost killed.”

Carl’s two guns circled for a few times in his hand and looked at Su Xiao with a smile.

“I win.”

There were a few wires on Su Xiao’s left hand could be seen.


The sound of the wires was pulled tightly came, Carl’s face changed dramatically, he looked down at the wires wrapped around his calf, the wires were deeply immersed into flesh.

“Wire? When… the bomb of water. Roiyaru.”

Carl immediately fired at himself.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Six shot sounded one after another, the shield on Carl’s body was instantly broken. Su Xiao took away broken elf from the storage space.

Carl’s shoulder was injured seriously, and his left arm softly hung down.


Carl was difficulty breathing. Before the gun in his left hand landed, he kicked the gun to Su Xiao.

“Self-destruct bombs. Firepower fully open.”


The gun in the airburst, the magic of the fire, water, and wind classes rushed in all directions, Su Xiao was just in the range.

A large number of spells swallowed Su Xiao, at the most dangerous moment he opened the attached skill of [Mikasa’s mind] asylum.

Various spells exploded together, and shields shattered suddenly, smoke and dust appeared, even Carl was covered.

“I don’t believe you can resist the power of more than thirty spell skills, even if the aftermath you can’t resist.”

Carl’s leg was tied by wires, and the entire leg was bloody and unable to move. After the explosion, he checked the tips from the reincarnation park immediately, but no killing tips appeared.

A long bright sword broke out from the dust.


A Sword cut through his throat, from the bottom to the hindbrain, some blood came out from Carl’s mouth.

“This… is impossible.”

The vital part was attacked fatally, and the life value had lost its meaning.

The smoke and dust dissipated, Su Xiao’s clothes were damaged seriously, there were several burns on his skin, his chest was cut out of several wounds by wind blade.

“Why haven’t you die? Only people who have high physical strengths can…”

Carl’s eyes lost the luster, and the sorcerer gun chain was killed.

“Because I brought a dog.”

Behind a big tree in the distance, Bubtney was looking out, and the tail was shaking happily.

Bubtney’s recovery aura, 1 point per second seemingly was less, and it could restore 60 points of life value in one minute. According to the contractor’s use, the life value was probably between the physical strength multiplied by ten to twenty, depending on the individual physique.

And Bubtney also secretly healed Su Xiao once, the recovery amount of 50% of life value was very impressive.

There was no clue when Bubtney treated Su Xiao. Only the light flashed on Bubtney’s body when it used spells. People couldn’t see any clues on Su Xiao. Only he knew that his life value had recovered.

Undoubtedly, Carl was the strongest wizards Su Xiao had ever encountered. His spells could be described as overwhelming and had a lot of powerful spells.

A really powerful sorcerer would not find a way to control the enemies; it was the behavior that rookie sorcerer would do.

A powerful sorcerer would use several spells to attack wildly, and powerful spells were not easy to escape.

Carl used at least dozens of spells from the beginning to the end of the battle, and the person had never run out his mana value.

It was not that Carl had a lot of mana values; he generated those spells in advance.

Carl’s that kind of tarot card needed to be recharged by mana value in free time. After charging, it would become a non-attribute tarot card. Before the battle, the tarot card would randomly choose three attributes, and the tarot card without attributes would automatically convert so Carl could use more than seven hundred spell skills.

[You killed the 10025 contractors]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 15 points of mana value, has 536 points of mana value.]


A scarlet card fell to the ground, which meant Carl had died completely.

There was also a black number near the scarlet card.

[You get scarlet card]

[You get the invitation number of Phantom Troupe.]

Invitation number of Phantom Troupe

Origin: Reincarnation paradise

Type: Invitation

Effect: After use, you can directly become a member of Phantom Troupe, ranking 11.

The message from members of Phantom Troupe: Sell it or join us, you can choose by yourself.

Price: 5% of the sources of the world.


Su Xiao was very surprised, this thing could still be sold, he decisively chose to sell, he got 5% of the sources of the world, this was a big harvest, he didn’t have the idea to join Phantom Troupe.


In other derivative worlds, in a desert, a man with a cowboy hat and a cigar walked in the desert. The man’s face was covered with beard, a holster of a revolver was attached to his waist. There was a revolver shined with purple light inside.

“Oh… Carl, the 11th is dead, the number is sold, interesting, did those people in god-king do it? It is somewhat impossible.”

The man dangled cigar, shaking his head and continuing to walk in the desert, there were no companions in Phantom Troupe, it was internment of monsters and madmen, or Phantom Troupe was not an adventurous group at all.


In another derivative world.

In a city with advanced technology, a man with muscles full of his body squeezed the enemy’s head with one hand, the red and white liquid splashed. The bullet hit on the muscle man’s body even splashed sparkles.

The muscle man was fighting. But his movement suddenly stopped.

“Is the fronting man on the 11th dead? Haha haha, even sold the number, it’s the first time I met, interesting, it’s so interesting, I have to let this guy join Phantom Troupe if I have chances.”

The man laughed wildly, and the sound waves spread, the nearby glasses were shattered.


In another derivative world.

In an underground space, a woman with sexy clothes, long red hairs, a devil figure, and an angel face smiled.

“Six, the number of Phantom Troupe was sold.”

A little girl with a tablet in her hand nodded.

”Well, although this situation appears for the first time, Phantom Troupe does not rule that the number cannot be sold, the team skills can generate a number automatically, just need some time.”

The little girl was followed by a massive beast, and she was a rare summoner.

“No, I am only interested in the person who sells the number, the guy can kill 11th, the strength of the guy will not be weak, the taste of blood must be delicious, ah … I can’t stand it.”

The beauty with long red hair revealed four fangs.

“Don’t be coquettish, it’s disgusting, find the two contractors have escaped quickly, the contractors of the two adventurous groups have more than a dozen, it is a pity not to kill them all.”


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