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R.P Chapter 235: Sisters

Su Xiao threw Carl’s body into a river, just in case that his body would not be eaten by wild animals. This powerful enemy should not be treated like that.

Jaegers had already started a battle with the night raid. According to their combat power, the six people of the night raid were probably not the opponents of the four people of Jaegers. Esdeath and Kurome in Jaegers were very powerful.

In Su Xiao’s perception, the battle between the two sides was at a deadlock.

Kurome and Akame, those sisters had already fought together.

Bols fought with Leone.

Wave fought with Sheele.

The opponent of Lubbock, Mine, and Tatsumi was Esdeath.

In the original book, Esdeath and Tatsumi met, and one of them fell in love unilaterally, but now they didn’t know each other.

Lubbock used intelligence to fight. After cooperating with Mine and Tatsumi, he barely dragged Esdeath, but the situation was still dangerous.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and rested on a tree trunk. Bubtney’s aura made his injury gradually recover.

He was thinking about which battlefield should he go.

“Bubu, notice around.”

Su Xiao was going to do an experiment. He took out a long red sword from the storage space. This was a Teigu.

Burning City Melting Iron · Fire blade

Type: Teigu of sword

Use demand: Unable to match will be forcibly backfired.

Effect: A long sword is attached with a flame, which can cause enemy injuries that can’t be healed.

Price: 1.8% of the sources of the world.


There was no level in the Teigu, which made Su Xiao very curious about whether this sword could be swallowed by the Supreme Edge and strengthened the dragon flash.

If it is feasible, his plan should be changed.

Using the skills of the Supreme Edge Blade, a group of black iron light appeared on Su Xiao’s hand, and the iron black light mixed swirly.

Bring the black iron light to the ‘Burning City Melting Iron, fire blade, the black iron light seemed to be alive and wrapped the ‘Burning City Melting Iron, fire blade’ inside.

Crack, crack, crack.

The ‘Burning City Melting Iron, fire blade’ which was wrapped in the black iron light made rubbing sound, the Burning City Melting Iron, fire blade was being crushed.

After a few tens of seconds, light red crystal fragments floated from the glory and gradually flew away to the dragon flash.

The dragon flash absorbed those crystal fragments, the surface shined a cold light.

It succeeds, although the Teigu had no grade, it could meet the Supreme Edge’s demand.

[Supreme Edge Effect 2 trigger, please choose to reserve additional ability.]

[Rc cell rhythm (passive) / fire blade (passive).]

[Warning: Fire blade will change the overall structure of the dragon flash, which will probably have an impact on enhancements in the future. Please choose carefully.]

Su Xiao immediately gave up the ‘fire blade (passive)’, the structure of a sword could not be easily changed, if it develops in a good direction is fine, otherwise the dragon flash will be destroyed.

Su Xiao checked dragon flash’s properties.

Dragon flash +5 (Supreme edge value 56%) +8%

Origin: the shadow of the law

Quality: blue

Durability: 63/69 (up 2 points)

Attack power: 31 ~ 65 (up 1 to 2 points)

Equipment Requirements: The Inheritor of the shadow of the law.

Rating: 61 (up 1 point)

Supreme Edge Effect 1: Sharpness +4

+5 additional effects: penetration improved

Supreme Edge Effect 2: Rc cell rhythm (passive): physical strength +3. (Strengthen 1 point)

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, regenerate, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


The various attributes of the dragon flash had been improved, which inspired Su Xiao’s spirit.

The injury had been almost restored, and he did not need to choose where to fight. He arrived near the headquarters of the night raid.


A loud noise came from behind the headquarters. Su Xiao sat on a big tree to watch the battle below.

Kurome fought against Akame.

Kurome had already opened up Yatsufusa’s ability. Akame was besieged by the ‘dead men’ summoned by Yatsufusa was struggling to support.

“Sister, why did you betray us?”

Kurome stood between the two dead men, although it seemed that Kurome had the upper hand, this was not the truth at all.

Nowadays, Kurome needed to maintain by having drugs in daily life. This time, she had taken a high dose of the drug, when the effect of the drug finished, Kurome’s fighting power would drop sharply.

“Empire’s way is wrong. We used to kill innocent people before, not to maintain justice.”

Akame’s situation was not good, her strongest ability was the curse of Murasame, but now the ability of curse was basically ineffective, those ‘dead men’ would not die again.

Su Xiao leisurely watched the scene in the distance. He consumed a lot of energy for the battle previously. He took out a bag of popcorn and ate it.

This kind of sisters who had strong strength could not be seen often, and the two were still fighting for life.

Su Xiao was now going to help Kurome to kill Akame, but he was interested Yatsufusa. He couldn’t fight with Kurome in the current position. Once he was discovered, the plan would be completely collapsed.

It was not worth a blue treasure chest to adventure, and it was better to watch the show.

The two sisters fight and kill each other below, Su Xiao became the audience, after he finished the popcorn and took out the tablet to play puzzle games.

It was as same as Su Xiao predicted, after Yatsufusa’s ability was fully opened, Kurome’s physical strength quickly declined, and soon she exhausted her energy.

Kurome’s choice was to increase the number of drugs, taking more than ten times drugs than usual.


The darkness of the black scorpion was violent, and the capacity of the eight rooms was opened to the maximum.

“Kurome, is this… really worth it?”

Akame’s sight revealed deep regret.

“Ha ha ha, it’s not about the worth, as long as I have companions around.”

Kurome bitterly smiled for a few times, even if she can win Akame today, she can’t live for more than a month.

“Let me help you out.”

Akame rushed forward to fight with Kurome and several ‘dead men.’

Su Xiao sat on the tree and lit a cigarette. He couldn’t keep looking at the two sisters’ battle. Kurome’s acting was too bad.

Kurome did not want to kill her at all. Su Xiao could be sure that the girl did not have the awareness to kill her sister.

But Akame was different, and she had made up her mind to kill Kurome.

Akame was not cruel, but her sister was already living hell, she becomes a monster that could only rely on drugs to maintain movements, and endured the strong pain that people could not endure every day.


Kurome suddenly spits out black blood, three of the five dead men summoned by Yatsufusa dissipated.

Kurome looked at the remaining two dead men, and those were her former companions, she hesitated for a while and removed Yatsufusa’s ability.

“Sister, let’s end this.”

Kurome clenched Yatsufusa with both hands.

“Ok, sister.”

Hearing the word of a sister, Kurome lowered her head, and she felt warm in her mind.

“Have not I felt that I am holding a sword? The body lost consciousness.”

Kurome’s nervous system showed signs of collapse, and she didn’t have much time.


Kurome screamed and rushed to the Akame with Yatsufusa.


Akame whispered, holding Murasame to meet Kurome.

The fighting of sword skills which made people hard to see it clearly began, but at the most critical moments, Kurome’s legs were numb, and her lower body lost consciousness.


Murasame cut through Kurome’s chest.

”It won’t hurt soon.”

The tears appeared in Akame’s corner of her eyes, gently hugging Kurome.

“Ok, my sister.”

The curse began to spread on Kurome’s body, the two sisters hugged each other, and the picture was very touching.

At this time, the footsteps came from the forest not far away.

“Kurome, I will let your sister go with you soon.”

A male voice suddenly appeared, Kurome, who was almost dead, turned her head barely.


Kurome did not know why but felt panic. Su Xiao was her companion, but Su Xiao suddenly appeared, Kurome was not happy at all.

“Sister, run…”

Kurome whispered in Akame’s ear, Yatsufusa in her hand, fell to the ground.


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