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R.P Chapter 236: Injured

Kurome died, she died her sister’s arm. For this girl who had been transformed by drugs to non-human, this was the fate and incidence.

Akame gently put Kurome on the ground and placed Yatsufusa aside into the sheath next to Kurome.

“I have sworn to kill you for Bulat if you meet for the second time.”

Akame did not directly rush to fight but looked at Su Xiao calmly.

“Is it?”

Su Xiao flipped the cigarette butt in his hand. There was a shadow in the forest not far away. It seemed that it wanted to run out to smell what does cigarette butt, which was flipped by Su Xiao. Could it eat, and was it delicious?

Su Xiao stared at the forest, the shadows in the forest quickly retreated back into the grass.

“You are definitely not loyal to the assassination unit of the empire, what is your purpose?”

Akame stared at Su Xiao with a firm tone.

“Who knows, but… you can’t fight with me with your current physical state.”

Su Xiao did not belong to any party, and he only acted according to his own wishes.

A cold wind blew through the forest, and the leaves were rustling in the cold wind.

“Yes, so I have to abandon the body.”

Akame slowly lifted Murasame and aimed it to her palm.


Some blood splashed, Akame used Murasame to scratch through her palm.

Murasame was the sword that could kill people by one attack. After being hurt by Murasame, the curse would invade people’s body, so people would soon die.

Akame was different. She was the user of Murasame and used Murasame to kill many people. Now, this was Akame’s fatal blow.


Akame fell on one knee and raised her head to shout, and the voice seemed to come from inside her, it sounded empty and combined with many voices.

A purple mist spread around Akame, and the curse was eroding her body.

Obviously, Akame was using the fatal blow. Su Xiao had never had a habit of looking at his enemy to brew to use the fatal blow. Now it was a good opportunity, and he rushed forward.

He rushed to the front of Akame in few steps and cut to Akame’s head with a long knife in his hand.


Murasame stopped dragon flash’s attack, some sparkles appeared.

At this time, Akame’s appearance changed greatly. The waist-length hair had already grown to the calf. The red pupils became redder, and the eyeground turned black.

There were a lot of blood-red lines on Akame’s skin, and the lines even on her right cheek.

Akame looked at Su Xiao while raising her sword.

“I have killed a lot of people, anger, hatred, unwillingness, desperation… Murasame records all these.

Now I carried them to turn them into power, and I will knock you down even if I burn myself up.”

Akame was a righteous killer before, but now Akame looked creepy.

Su Xiao did not speak; he now highly concentrated, Akame gave him a very dangerous feeling.


The long black hair fluttered in the wind after a strong wind came, Su Xiao found that Akame had already been in front of him, Murasame was stabbing his face, it could hurt him at most ten centimeters.

Death had already come in front, Su Xiao had felt this close to death many times.

He put dragon flash in front of him, Su Xiao immediately turned his head.


Dragon flash and Murasame rubbed, a large piece of sparkles emerged.

So fast! Akame’s speed was so fast that he almost couldn’t react. If he has no abundant fighting experiences, he may die under this attack.

Akame not only suddenly had fast speed, but her power also became larger.

Ding, ding.

After they fought head to head twice, Su Xiao felt that the arm which held the knife was numb.

Moreover, fighting with Akame was far more dangerous than fighting with others. If he is injured by the curse, he will be eroded by the curse. Su Xiao was not sure whether he could attack curse.

Su Xiao and Akame fought head to head by their sword skills. He changed his previous strategy. This time he focused on defense.

Dragon flash waved incessantly in front without gaps, although Akame’s strength and speed became better, her sword skills did not.

Su Xiao was now like to jump on the blade, and once he was careless, he would die.

Akame’s attacks were getting faster and faster, but Su Xiao’s defense was still impenetrable.

The high intelligence and the perception of heart eyes made him barely able to capture the position that Murasame attacked. He also had nice knife skills, Akame couldn’t kill him for a while.

Su Xiao’s physical strength was enough. Although it was dangerous to fight with Carl before, it didn’t cost for a long time.

The crisp sound from the sword collision came.

Su Xiao’s sword stopped Akame’s head to head attack and sided the blade to deflect the position that Murasame cut.


When Murasame cut into the ground, Akame began to be anxious, and her state could not last for long.

Su Xiao also knew that Akame could not persist for a long time. He deliberately delayed the time. As soon as Akame’s state disappeared, she would be at the mercy of Su Xiao.

Akame stamped on the floor, and a deep footprint appeared on the ground which showed Akame’s power now.

Su Xiao turned his left hand, and a blue and black object appeared in his hand.
He threw the blue and black object to Akame.

Akame remembered the impact bombs previously, she subconsciously closed her eyes and covered her ears by hands, the pose of rushing forward stopped.

Su Xiao rushed for a few steps to the front of Akame and kicked at Akame’s lower abdomen.


Akame was kicked out of the distance, and she got up after rolling for a few times on the ground.

The blue and black object landed and did not explode. There was a line of words ‘Oreo cookies’ on the black object.

People needed to use wisdom when they were fighting. Otherwise, they had no different from the beasts.

Akame ran through the bag of ‘Oreo cookies’ and rushed to Su Xiao, but Su Xiao had another bag appeared again.

Akame, who was running, was somewhat hesitant, she thought about two possibilities, which were one true and one false.

Su Xiao threw the object out, Akame retreated for two steps.


The object which had the words of ‘Clear shampoo’ landed.

Akame almost spat out the blood. Although she had never seen these things, she knew that these things were not dangerous.

For the third time, Akame rushed to Su Xiao, Su Xiao’s hand had something appeared again!

This time, Akame wanted to continue to rush, but Su Xiao threw the object to her front.

Akame suddenly stopped, the object with the word ‘Snickers’ landed.

She was deceived three times in succession, Akame felt that her intelligence was insulted that she had never been, this time she rushed to Su Xiao without hesitations.

Su Xiao’s hand had one more thing appeared, and he threw it to Akame again. Akame covered her eyes and was rushing forward.


A strong light appeared in front of the eyes, Akame’s eyes were burning, and the ears were buzzing, this was the real impact bomb.

Su Xiao rushed to the front of Akame in a few steps, and his long knife slammed down directly.


Dragon flash-cut into Akame’s shoulder deeply, Su Xiao’s left hand which was free pressed on the back of the sword.


The second injury occurred, Akame’s clavicle was cut.

“I will bring you into death before I die.”

Akame did not care about the dragon flash in her body and cut to Su Xiao under the pain caused by dragon flash.

Su Xiao did not have the thoughts of dying with Akame and immediately took out the sword and retreated.

What was strange was that Akame did not catch up, but stood in the same place; it seemed that she injured seriously.

Suddenly, something made Su Xiao’s flesh creep, an extremely dangerous feeling appeared, but Akame was in front of him, what happened was this dangerous feeling.

Su Xiao didn’t think about it. He more believed in intuition and jumped aside.

A shadow came from the sky, the long sword cut down from the top to Su Xiao.

Su Xiao lifted the sword with his own.


Dragon flash was pressed by the huge power that fell on it, Su Xiao’s palm was numb, dragon flash was a little tilted, Murasame slide to the side.

What stood in front of Su Xiao wasn’t Akame’s body before. It was the shadow formed by the person’s murderousness. This was Akame’s ultimate ability.
Murasame slide next to dragon flash’s blade, the target was Su Xiao’s left arm.


Akame roared.

Su Xiao immediately raised his left arm.


A subtle wound appeared on the back of the left hand, which could be described as scratching the skin.

But Su Xiao was indeed cut by Murasame. He felt that the curse poured into the arm from the wound to forearm.

“Just give you an arm.”

Su Xiao looked at Akame, the person’s state was quickly released.


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