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R.P Chapter 237: Ruin

Lifting the left arm, the curse gradually eroded from forearm to the whole arm, what was strange was that the speed of the curse was not fast.

According to the original information, the speed of the Murasame’s curse to kill people was very fast, and it could kill people in at most three seconds.

Dragon flash cut through a chain to the left arm, and the blade stopped after touching the skin.

It wasn’t Su Xiao didn’t have the mind of cutting his left arm, but he found a strange thing.

After the curse entered his arm through the wound on the back of his hand, the situation in his body became wrong. The energy of Qing Gang Yin became extremely aggressive, and it seemed that its territory was occupied.

A huge amount of Qing Gang Yin’s energy flocked to the curse on the arm, and the two could be described as incompatible; they began to annihilate each other when they touched.

If it is another energy, it may not be the curse’s opponent, this was after all a kind of ability could make people die immediately, but the energy of the Qing Gang Yin was different. What was the energy of Qing Gang Yin good at? It was to annihilate other energy.

The two kinds of energy began to kill each other in Su Xiao’s arm, and no one was in the upper hand.

The curse was very strong energy, the energy level was very high, and Qing Gang Yin was incessant. As long as Su Xiao had mana values, the energy of Qing Gang Yin would not be exhausted.

Su Xiao had a total of 536 points of mana values. After fighting for such a long time, there were probably more than 300 points left.

After the curse invaded his body, the speed of his mana value decreased significantly, and he lost 5 points per second, which was astonishing. This was because Qing Gang Yin transformed mana values into the special energy.

Su Xiao put dragon flash under his arm. Once the energy of Qing Gang Yin was defeated, he would decisively cut his arm.

His left arm was full of curse’s lines which looked like black tadpoles, above his forearm had arcs surging.

Akame witnessed this scene, and she felt unbelievable.

It has been almost half a minute later, but Su Xiao was not in a state of dying, but instead put the sword under his arm, he looked like that he would cut at his arm at any time.

“Oops, it’s that kind of ‘electric poison.'”

Akame partially squatted in the ground, Murasame was in front of her, she clasped Murasame’s handles with both hands, if she does not do that, she may fall down at any time.

It was not easy to bear the various emotions of the ghosts. Now Akame felt a lot of pain from her body, and she seemed that she vaguely heard ghosts’ mourning.


Akame spat out a large amount of blood, and she almost fell to the ground after her sight became dark.

“Ha, it’s ridiculous that you want to kill me by using the power that does not belong to you.”

Su Xiao took dragon flash from the armpit, holding the dragon flash and approached Akame slowly.

His current situation was not good as well, and he felt severe pains from his left arm.

Although he could immediately relieve this kind of severe pain by cutting his left arm, after he did this, he would have endless problems. A small part of the curse may take the opportunity to enter his body. Although he would not die, his combat power in Akame Ga Kill world would be greatly reduced. Only return to the reincarnation paradise he would recover.

But using the energy of Qing Gang Yin to annihilate was completely different. The energy of Qing Gang Yin would completely destroy all the curse in his arm.

He had more than 200 points mana values left, and the curse had already retreated to the position of his palm.

“You are the monster.”

Akame bit her silver teeth tightly, she wanted to get up to fight with Su Xiao, but the weak body made her unable to fight again.

“You hold the demonian sword to call other people monsters, is it right? Miss Akame.”

Su Xiao went to Akame casually, and his eyes were full of killings, Akame raised Murasame to try to resist.


Dragon flash cut through Akame’s chest, this time was the right chest, the attack went straight to the heart.

Su Xiao held the sword to raise Akame up by one hand, just in case that she could not be able to continue to resist.

Akame’s whole person was raised in the air, and she no longer had the strength to hold Murasame.

Ding, the demonian sword fell, the wind blew through Akame’s long hair, the bright red blood dropped.

“One day, someone will beat you, representing the will of the people, and the justice in mind.”

Akame ’s expression was very calm. After she used the unique skill, even if Su Xiao doesn’t kill her, she will die within a few years, she would be affected by the ghosts in these years.

“Justice? The glory word, strength is justice; only the winner has the right to define what is justice.

I win today, and if I want, I can make the night raid into a complete killer organization, making them into a group of hyenas to kill people for the money.”

Akame, who was about dying, had nothing to say.


Akame ’s head hung down to end her life as a killer.

The god was always unfair; Akame was trained to become a killer forcibly when she was a kid.

But the god was fair as well. Akame had the power to control her destiny after becoming a killer. She used weapons to fight for faiths.

Su Xiao also fought for faiths, but he fought for his personal beliefs.

[You kill the protagonist of the plot: Akame(100% growth)]

[Akame is the protagonist of the plot (2/3), gaining 15% of the sources of the world, and now has a total of 27.2% of the sources of the world.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 15 points of mana values, and the current mana values are 551 points.]

[You get the treasure chest (purple)]

[Achievement task ‘terrify the sky, and waves’ grows 20% of completion.]

[Achievement mission: terrify the sky and waves] (30% completed)

Difficulty level: Lv.4—Lv.?

Mission Introduction: You kill a protagonist of the plot each time, you will get a considerable amount of task completion. (According to the protagonist’s luck degree)

Mission information: the protagonist? She was normal, become the ghost under my knife, the strong people live, the weak people die.

Mission period: None.

Mission Reward: Calculated according to the final completion level.


“Cough, cough…”

Su Xiao repeatedly spat out a lot amount of blood, but Akame’s body on the ground, he put Murasame and Yatsufusa away.

He was going to hide the bodies of Akame and Kurome so that even if someone finds where us the Teigu, the person will not doubt him.

The traces of the battle between him and Carl were there, and no one would doubt him if he said that he was fighting with strong the enemy.

Su Xiao raised his left hand, the trace of the curse on his hand retreated. Qing Gang Yin completely cleared the curse and consumed a total of 276 points of mana values.

Su Xiao vaguely had a feeling that if he is attacked by this kind of poison again, he will be much easier to resist than this time.

It was like a cold, cutting his arm was equivalent to antibiotics. Although it worked quickly, the resistance would drop.

Therefore, Su Xiao resisted the curse directly, and there were full of dangers in the derivative world in the future. Maybe he would encounter enemies with different abilities. The way of resisting curse directly could bring many benefits.

Su Xiao played with the purple treasure chest in his hand. It could be described as a big harvest, probably…

Before he opened the box, he was generally worried.

Su Xiao was very interested in opening the box, but his luck was very…

The task completion of ‘terrify the sky and waves’ was an unexpected surprise. This was a big task, and the reward must be amazing.

Su Xiao looked at the bodies of Akame and Kurome. He was going to bury the two bodies, so the chances of being discovered were very small. As for f**king them by chances this kind of evil thought, he had never had.

Digging out a big hole, Su Xiao buried Akame and Kurome together, after he put the soil on it, some shouts came incessantly from the surrounding forests.

“Has the big army finally arrived?”

Su Xiao threw the shovel into the forest and indicated Bebtney who was hiding in the distance came.

Bubteny rushed over happily when it came near Su Xiao, and it became the core, Su Xiao put Bubtney’s core away. He walked in the direction where Esdeath was at.


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