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R.P Chapter 238: The great army on to the border.

Su Xiao was ready to meet Esdeath because he would be suspected by people if he kept being a bystander.

But he just walked for a few steps, and a red signal bomb exploded in the air.

“The signal for retreating?”

Su Xiao was confused. Now the night raid was about to lose. Why would they retreat? The signal bomb was carried by Esdeath herself.

“Is it..?”

Su Xiao thought of a possibility if that was the case, he had to withdraw quickly.

He walked quickly in the forest, Su Xiao retreated in the direction which they agreed before.

As he rushed out of the forest, he saw Esdeath and Wave were out of the forest.

“Where is Kurome?”

Esdeath looked at Su Xiao.

“I don’t know, and I met a strong enemy, the enemy’s Teigu can use the power of three elements, I just solved him.”

Esdeath nodded. She also saw the huge water polo in the forest before.

“What happened to Mr. Bols and Kurome?”

Wave just finished his words, and there was a huge stunning noise in the distance. A mushroom cloud made by the explosion appeared in the forest.

“Is it the self-destruct of Purgatory’s Invitation: Rubicante?”

It seemed that Esdeath knew what happened.

“Self-destruct? So that Mr. Bols…”

“Bols can’t come back.”

Esdeath ’s tone was indifferent. Wave clenched his fists.


The three stood outside the forest, Su Xiao did not ask why did they retreat, the incessant shouting sound for killing in the forest had already represented everything.

After waiting for five minutes, Kurome still did not appear in the gathering place.

“Kurome will not come.”

Esdeath held a damaged spool which was wrapped with a large number of extremely thin wires.

Those were not wired actually, but the hair of super dangerous species.

Esdeath held Dimensional Formation: Shambhala which was damaged, Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was the Teigu which had been worn all the time, now it was damaged into this kind of situation, the situation of the owner Lubbock could be imagined.

It was lucky that Lubbock, Tatsumi, and Mine were not all killed after fighting with Esdeath for such a long time.

“General, is this Teigu broken?”

Su Xiao was more interested in checking the Teigu in Esdeath’s hands.

“Well, this Teigu and the user this year match highly, it has played 100% of its power and eventually broke. Are you interested?”

Su Xiao nodded.

“It’s yours now.”

Esdeath threw Dimensional Formation: Shambhala to Su Xiao, he did not expect Esdeath was so generous.

“Thank you…general.”

Su Xiao sighed in his mind, being trusted after sneaking into the enemy camp was not good.

“It’s okay, you and I had been through several dangers. I appreciate your hard works these days.”

Su Xiao did not speak. He was kind of able to understand Reiner ‘s feelings in the attack on titan world. He and Esdeath must have a day to appeal to arms, and that day would come soon.

“General Esdeath.”

An officer with an empire military uniform rushed out of the forest. The officer was stained with a large amount of blood. The large knife on his hand had ground meat on it. There was also a crack on the blade. It seemed that he had just experienced a killing battle.

“How long can you resist?”

Esdeath’s question was straightforward.

“Up to an hour, we only dispatched the troops with 40,000 people this time. The number of enemies is at least several hundred thousand. This is still a conservative estimate.”

The officer’s face was hopeless.

“The troops in the forest started to be surrounded, and I got out by killing them.”

The officer did not continue to say.

“Does the revolutionary army finally fight with us completely?”

Esdeath smiled and seemed that the casualties of the 40,000 soldiers did not exist.

“General Esdeath, these troops…”

“Let’s withdraw, and we must establish defensive lines on the wall of the capital city as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will not be able to stop the revolutionary army.”

Including the officer, four people retreated.

More than 40,000 people came and only four people left.

This was not the most ridiculous. The most ridiculous thing was that the revolutionary army suddenly attacked this time, but the empire had no news.

If it is not Su Xiao and others are just on the way that the revolutionary army must pass through, the revolutionary army will directly hit the capital city. At that time, after the capital city was surrounded by layers, people would discover the enemies.

By reducing the military strength of the border defense, a large number of officials were subverted by the revolutionary army, which accelerated the speed of the empire destroyed.

Now the revolutionary army only needed to have a decisive battle to defeat the empire completely, and a new country would emerge.

The residents in the new country may have safe and peaceful lives, but before this, hundreds of thousands of people would die in war, or more.

Su Xiao was in a good mood on the way to retreat. The revolutionary army finally came; it was faster than he expected; he finally did not need to pretend to be an assassin.

Su Xiao and others returned to the capital city at full speed. Esdeath went straight to the military camp. She needed to mobilize the army with millions of people to launch a war with the revolutionary army.

Esdeath was on the way very excited. It seemed that having a war was a good thing.

Su Xiao stayed in the capital city to wait. He was a member of Jaegers. He did not need to be dispatched at the beginning of a large-scale war. He would be busy in the middle and late stages of the war and was mainly responsible for assassinating the leader of the enemy.

Several hundreds of thousands of troops stationed in the suburb of the capital city were quickly mobilized. A large number of soldiers rushed to the walls around the capital city, and the entire capital city became a ‘metal bucket’ in less than half an hour.

Residents could see several soldiers at any time; this kind of huge form made the residents in the capital city panic.

The situation in the capital city was not very optimistic, even if they could barely hang on for a while, it would not mean much.

The food in the capital city was not a lot. In the case of being surrounded by the revolutionary army completely, the famine would break forth within half a month. Not only did the army need food, but the civilians in the capital city would also eat a lot of food.

Now it was the authority to resist desperately, the revolutionary army which had a lot amount of members around the capital city would let the thought of breaking out of the encirclement failed.

Su Xiao also knew that he needed to hurry up. If the revolutionary army breaks into the city, he, as an assassin, will not have any benefits.

The first thing was to complete the main task. According to the past situation, the returning task would appear after completing the main task.

It was obviously not a good time to sneak into the palace. It was better to do it after a day. After the war was completely started, the situation of the capital city would be completely chaotic.

Su Xiao walked on the streets of the capital city and looked around casually. He was looking for a suitable place to hide.

The Lucky Flame’s cooldown time finished, the final battle was just around the corner. This was the most appropriate way to open the treasure chests and increase combat power.

He quickly found a ruined home, no one lived in this house for a long time, and the wall also peeled off slightly.

After using the tool to unlock for a long time, Su Xiao did not open the door of the house.

It was not how hard the lock was, but the door lock was rusty.

He put the wrench on the door forcibly, and the door lock was directly broken, Su Xiao fixed the door firmly after entering the house to prevent people from entering.

He came to the living room, the living room was neat, the doors and windows were closed, so there was not much dust.

Su Xiao sat on an old sofa and took out all the treasure chests. There were two blue treasure chests and one purple treasure chest.

The two blue treasure chests were dropped by Bulat and Najenda, and the purple treasure chest was dropped by Akame.

In fact, there was Carl’s scarlet card, but the time of opening the scarlet card is long. The time that lucky fame was not enough.

Su Xiao took a deep breath, the happy time of opening boxes came.


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