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R.P Chapter 239: The chief’s last struggle

The footsteps outside the room were very noisy, and the capital city had a tendency of rebellions.


A light blue flame appeared, and a cigarette was ignited.

A feeling which was unable to speak appeared, something called fortune was close to Su Xiao.

The effect of Lucky Flame lasted only fifteen seconds, Su Xiao had to hurry up.

The first to pick up Bulat’s treasure chest, Bulat had been seriously injured when he fought with him, he thought that the content of this treasure chest would not be good.

[You opened the treasure chest (blue) and got the following items]

[Get 2000 Paradise coins]

[Get 1000 Paradise coins]

[Get 1500 Paradise coins]

Sure enough, this treasure chest opened a lot of paradise coins, which was a good harvest.

Su Xiao immediately picked up the treasure chest of Najenda, and he had a lot of expectations in this treasure chest.

[You opened the treasure chest (blue) and got the following items]

[Get 1000 Paradise coins]

[Get 3000 Paradise coins]

[Get 200 Paradise coins]


“Cough, cough, cough!”

Su Xiao burst into coughs, he was shocked, two consecutive blue treasure chests opened both only paradise coins.

“I don’t believe it.”

Su Xiao’s masticatory muscles rose, he grabbed the purple treasure chest that was fallen from Akame.

[You opened the treasure chest (purple) and got the following items]

[Get 4300 Paradise coins]

[Get soul crystal (small) × 3]

[Get the favor of the son of fate]


[The favor of the son of fate]

Quality: purple

Type: Expendable

Effect: It can upgrade the level of white or green grade equipment or items after using. The upper limit is one level; the ability of the items or equipment will be strengthened. (This item needs to be used after returning to the reincarnation paradise)

Rating: 101 (Note: Purple items score 71 to 150.)

Introduction: Destiny is evasive and amazing.


The soul crystal (small) × 3 was a good harvest, and [the favor of the son of fate] was unexpected luck.

Su Xiao looked at the lucky flame. [The favor of the son of fate] was simply customized for the lucky flame. This expendable could upgrade the lucky flame to blue equipment.

Although the first two treasure chests were very unlucky, the last one was very good.

As for opening the Teigu Su Xiao never thought about it, that thing was notably difficult to obtain in the reincarnation paradise.

He once saw a blue quality Teigu on the market, priced at 70,000 paradise coins.

The Teigu was equivalent to the devil fruits of the one-piece world, and even the blue-quality Teigu was hard to obtain.

The effect of Lucky Flame disappeared, Su Xiao finished to open boxes. In general, the harvest was not bad.

Although the treasure chests were opened, Su Xiao had other things to do.

Taking out Murasame and Yatsufusa, Su Xiao was ready to swallow the two knives by the supreme edge blade.

The ability of the two knives was good, but unfortunately, they were not suitable for dragon flash.

First, to talk about the ability of Murasame’s curse. This ability was very strong, but it had a very troublesome situation.

The energy of the curse and Qing Gang Yin would mutually repel each other. This had been confirmed. If the dragon flash gets the ability of curse, after Su Xiao opens the Qing Gang Yin, the two energies will fight on the knife.

He didn’t have to fight at the time, and the two abilities would annihilate each other on the knife; the power that could be used during the battle would be little.

At that time, the situation would be Su Xiao used a large number of mana values after opening Qing Gang Yin, the mana values would be cost by the war of two energies.

Not to think about the ability of Yatsufusa, the ability to summon the dead men would definitely change the internal structure of dragon flash.

The dragon flash was good at its sharpness, and Su Xiao was a melee, not a summoner, summoning the dead men was basically cannon fodder.

Although the Supreme edge blade could swallow the knives Teigu, it had limits as well. If you want to get the ability of the Teigu, the internal structure of dragon flash will change, and most of the Teigu is like this.

This situation would not occur when it swallowed the equipment that was certified by the reincarnation paradise.

Only the Teigu was like this, and there was no free benefit without earning in the world.

The main purpose of swallowing these two knives was to increase the edge blade value. When the dragon flash was promoted to purple equipment, the ability must not be worse than Yatsufusa or Murasame.

Using the skills of the Supreme edge blade, an iron-black light appeared on Su Xiao’s hands, the black iron light turned into a swirling shape to wrap the two knives together, and the intense rubbing sounded.

Crack, crack, crack.

Two precious Teigu were stirred into scrap metal, and a black and red crystal floated from the black iron light.

The crystal entered into dragon flash’s blade, the edge of the dragon flash flashed a dark blue light. This knife was not far from upgrading.

Su Xiao could not wait to see the properties of dragon flash.

Dragon flash +5 (front edge blade value 86%) +30%

Origin: the shadow of the law

Quality: blue

Durability: 63/70 (up 1 point)

Combat power: 33 to 69 (up 2 to 4 points)

Equipment Requirements: The Inheritor of the shadow of the law

Rating: 66 (up 5 points)

Supreme edge blade effect 1: Sharpness +4

Supreme edge blade effect 2: Rc cell rhythm (passive): physical strength +3. (Strengthen 1 point)

+5 additional effects: improving penetration

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, rebirth, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


The edge blade value of the dragon flash was increased by 30%. If he buys a blue weapon with 30% edge blade value, he will cost around 20,000 to 40,000 paradise coins.

Both the abilities of Murasame and Yatsufusa had to choose. The ability of Yatsufusa would expectedly change dragon flash’s internal structure, so he decisively gave up.

The option of Murasame was more exaggerated, the option was red, and there were six warnings below.

It roughly meant that if you choose the ability of Murasame, the dragon flash will basically be another sword, a Murasame called dragon flash.

The feeling of Murasame was ghostlike, dragon flash which seemed to be able to cut off anything and shined lights.

From the word “Dragon” of dragon flash, you could see the style of this sword. If you want to cut the dragon in the sky, but becoming ghostlike, then how can you call dragon flash?

Abandoning the two abilities Su Xiao did not feel pity, there were more abilities would be suitable to dragon flash in the future.

Even if he wants to replace the ability of the supreme edge blade 2, Su Xiao will choose it when it swallowed the equipment. Although it was costly, there was no risk. The equipment he obtained had not been certified by the reincarnation paradise. The edge blade value increase was very pleasant.

Whether the equipment was certified by the reincarnation paradise was very important. The equipment that had not been certified by the reincarnation paradise could not accompany Su Xiao to travel in the derivative worlds.

Su Xiao probably finished the things he needed to do, only one scarlet card left, and he instinctively conflicted to this thing.

The shadow of opening the scarlet card last time was too terrible. First, the bra was opened, followed by the shampoo, and finally the wrench. Su Xiao almost wanted to cut people at that time.

The scarlet card was very difficult to sell, only the black merchants of the Black Chamber of Commerce the reincarnation paradise would buy this thing, the price was also very low.

Instead of selling it to those people, Su Xiao would use it now.

Su Xiao thought that his luck was okay, although he was not ‘European’, he could not get along with ‘Chief’, probably…

[Yes/No use scarlet cards.]


Su Xiao’s voice was low.

The ‘scarlet card’ gradually melted and turned into a group of pale red liquid floating in the air.

The pale red liquid suddenly began to spin at a rapid speed, forming a bloody vortex in front of Su Xiao.

One end of the vortex could be put in one hand, and he put his hand into it.


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