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R.P Chapter 240: Mystery Silver Ring.

The spacious feeling appeared, inside of the bloody vortex was the items what Carl wore, or in his storage space, he could extract three times.

It was said to extract was actually putting his hand into the bloody vortex.

With the last lesson, Su Xiao did not grab the smooth items, the bra, the shampoo, the wrench, which one was not smooth?

Suddenly he touched something, and the object was coarse but slightly flexible.

The confident smile appeared on the corner of Su Xiao’s mouth, he quickly pulled his hand out of the bloody vortex, and then the whole person was stunned.


Su Xiao’s hand holding green broccoli is indeed rough and slightly flexible.

His mouth twitched, and his face turned green, and the whole person seemed to be poisoned by the broccoli.

He silently took out the core of Bubtney to summon Bubtney, Su Xiao threw the broccoli to Bubtney.

“Bubu, destroy it.”

Bubtney ate it with sounds, a small piece of broccoli fell to the ground, Bubtney pretended to look down to eat, but his dark eyes were full of disgusting, this thing was not delicious.

But Su Xiao’s order, Bubtney would not defy.

Eating the broccoli, Bubtney seemed to be interested in the bloody vortex floating in front of him, looking at Su Xiao with the sight of the request.

“It’s yours, play it.”

Su Xiao was sitting on the sofa powerlessly, and he did not pay attention to the bloody vortex.

Bubtney was Su Xiao’s biological Teigu. After Su Xiao used the scarlet card, Bubtney could also pick up things in it.

Soon, Bubtney pulled out a sock from the bloody vortex, and Bubu was a little angry to tear the sock.

It discovered that he could pick out things from the bloody vortex, and Bubtney once again put its head into it.

Su Xiao leaned on the sofa and smoked, and he did not pay attention, even the bloody vortex disappeared.

He inadvertently glanced at Bubtney and stunned, Bubu seemed to have something flashing in its mouth.

“Bubu, come over.”

Bubtney ran to Su Xiao, Su Xiao took out the things in Bubtney’s mouth.

“This is……”

Su Xiao held a ring with purple light in his hand.

[Mystery Silver Ring]


Quality: purple

Category: Rings (accessary)

Durability: 50/50

Equipment demands: Intelligence 20 points.

Equipment effect: Holy Heart (passive) + 10% reducing the skill could come down.

Equipment effect: Mystery Silver burning (active), use this skill to remove all control effects on the wearer. (Releasing the control skills below 35 points of intelligence property)

Tip: Mystery Silver burning (active) consumes 100 points of mana values.

Tip: Mystery Silver burning (active) cooldown time is 18 hours.

Rating: 113 (Note: Purple equipment scores are 71 to 150, purple equipment with a score of 150 will have special abilities.)

Introduction: My lover, Soria, I have been in the country for five years. I have never been home in the past five years. I miss you, and you must take care of my three-year-old son —– this warm message, or a ‘sad’ story.

Price: 29000 paradise coins


Su Xiao was shocked after seeing the property of [Mystery Silver Ring].

“Bubu, I will give you an extra meal at night.”

Su Xiao gave a pat on Bubtney’s head, and he was in a good mood.

He did not open the equipment from the treasure chest, but he got the surprise from the scarlet card.

Taking off the evil spirits roar (green) he wore. Although he had ten fingers, he could only equip one ring at the same time.

Su Xiao put [Mystery Silver Ring] on, the value of this thing was undoubted.

He was most afraid of being caught attacked by people after he had been controlled. Although his ability to immune control was not weak, if he makes mistakes and is controlled, he will die.

The appearance of [Mystery Silver Ring] gave Su Xiao the opportunity to make mistakes. In the most dangerous moment, he could use the ‘mystery silver burning (active)’ to release all the control effects. This ring was a life-saving weapon.

As for the evil spirits roar(green) ring, Su Xiao was ready to sell it after returning to the reincarnation paradise. This was also a huge income.

Although he only opened one expendable item in three treasure chests, he opened a lot of paradise coins which was 14,000 points. After all, the two consecutive treasure chests both opened all paradise coins.

Su Xiao took out the broken Dimensional Formation: Shambhala.

The Teigu Dimensional Formation: Shambhala had two parts. One part was the control part on the hand, and then another part was the spool. Now there was only the spool left, and it was damaged. This Teigu had been able to use.

Although the wires of the Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was super-dangerous species’ body hair, the internal structure was roughly the same as the high-strength nichrome wire.

The sharpness, toughness, and strength were excellent, Su Xiao wanted these wires.

There was a metal wire which was tens meter long on the spool at the end of Dimensional Formation: Shambhala was the most special one. This wire was called a broken line, which was extremely sharp and not easily damaged.

The broken line was the super-dangerous species body hair used to protect its vital part. Su Xiao tried to use the dragon flash, and he still could not completely cut off this broken line with great efforts.

The value of this Teigu was actually this broken line. It was appropriate to use this thing to arrange traps.

Su Xiao took out a small spool from the storage space. The spool was small and flat. He carefully wrapped the broken line on the spool and fixed the spool under the wrist of his left arm. His sleeve could hide the spool.

The broken line was very difficult to detect, and it could shield the perception. Su Xiao was almost deceived.

This thing could cope with an emergency situation. Although Su Xiao uses this spool to control the broken line was not as flexible as using Teigu Dimensional Formation: Shambhala. It was no problem to arrange a simple trap during the battle. Carl was killed after being tied by the wires. He had learned to arrange wires.

Su Xiao got up and walked to the bedroom. He was ready to sleep before he sneaked into the palace.

Su Xiao left the living room, Bubtney sat in the living room to become a loyal guard.

Su Xiao just left for five seconds, Bubtney’s head sided, the property of silly dog revealed undoubtedly, looking at Bubtney’s sight, this guy was staring at the sofa in the living room.

Bubtney had a strong interest in the sofa.


At nine o’clock in the evening, Su Xiao’s pupils opened in the darkness.

Having Bubtney as a guard, he slept very well, Bubtney was a partner that Su Xiao trusted.

When Su Xiao walked out of the bedroom, he found that the living room was messy. The big sofa with five seats in the living room disappeared without a trace. In general, he did not see a complete thing in the living room.

Bubtney was lying in a pile of cotton in the living room and looked enjoy.

“You did it?”

Su Xiao looked at Bubtney with a smile, Bubtney’s body trembled, his tail tightened and head lowered.

“Let’s go, and I will give you an extra meal tonight.”

Su Xiao put Bubtney away, he left the house and went to a famous restaurant in the capital city.

In a private room, Su Xiao ordered at least dozens of food and closed the door after the food arrived. The broken line sealed the doors and windows.

Su Xiao let Bubtney out and took a few dishes to the front, indicating that the rest of the food belonged to Bubtney.

This made Bubtney joyful, and it ate abnormally happily. It had eaten the food which was cooked for the first time since birth.

After dinner, Su Xiao put Bubtney away, the identity of Bubtney in Akame Ga Kill world could not be exposed. In other derivative worlds, there was no such problem.

Looked at the time, ten o’clock in the evening.

Su Xiao walked on the streets of the capital city. He came to the palace in a short time. Now inside the palace was very chaotic. After half an hour, he successfully sneaked into the palace.


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