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R.P Chapter 241: Monarch

Su Xiao did not sneak into the palace, and he instead got into the palace directly.

The situation in the capital city was now chaotic. As a member of the special department the Jaegers under Esdeath, he could certainly enter the palace freely.

Walking in the palace, several guards passed by from time to time, the atmosphere in the palace was tenser than in the capital city.

The bigwigs knew what happened. Now that the capital city was surrounded, the palace was the safest place undoubtedly.

Some of the bigwigs with luxurious clothes appeared in the palace, some of them even brought their families came and their own guards followed by. This showed how chaotic the capital city’s management was.

The little emperor did not care about the important things. The minister thought about controlling the empire every day. Esdeath only cared about the wars that happened anywhere. These three people were the empire’s right-center.

The power holders in the highest position were like this, and the following officials were even worse.

Su Xiao checked the situation inside the palace. He had already gotten the map of the palace.

After entering the palace, it was a spacious flagstone road which was tens of meters wide, and there were some administrative side halls on both sides of the road. These halls were workplaces for middle-level officials to handle public affairs.

Walking along the spacious road forward was Guangtianmen. The guards of Guangtianmen were different from those in the main entrance of the palace. The guards here were stricter.

It took a long time to sneak into the Guangtianmen of the palace. Su Xiao directly showed his the identity of the Jaegers, the guards of Guangtianmen let him enter.

After passing through Guangtianmen, it was still a spacious flagstone road, and there were also a large number of side halls on both sides.

Walking on the flagstone road, there were more guards passed by, and these guards were all armed.


A familiar voice came, Su Xiao looked sideways, it was actually Wave, how could he be here.


Su Xiao responded, he rarely spoke when he pretended to be an assassin.

“Why are you here?”

Wave looked listless, and the thing that happened in the morning stimulated him a lot.

“I don’t have things to do, so come to the palace to guard, the war begins, here is the enemy’s assassination unit’s main target.”

Su Xiao’s tone was gentle. He usually patrolled everywhere. He called it to patrol. Actually, he was observing the terrains.

“I got it, and I was sent by General Esdeath to keep the peace. That’s it, and I’m going to patrol.”


The two men passed by, and Wave stopped after walking for a few steps.

“Right, we can patrol together; your perception is strong.”

“No, I am used to working alone.”

Wave scratched his head; he laughed and went away after being refused.

Su Xiao continued to move forward, and a majestic palace appeared in front of him.

Here is the Huangxu Temple, which was the place to hold court usually. Because the little emperor ignored the affairs of state, there was already ‘half ruined’.

The entire Huangxu Temple was unusually desolate. There were no officials except the guards. This was originally the power center of the empire.

There were not many guards in Huangxu Temple, Su Xiao easily passed through the Huangxu Temple.

The rear of the Huangxu Temple was still a big road. The guards here were a lot; the little emperor’s loyal bedchamber was in front.

It was already 11 o’clock at night, and there were a lot of guards holding torches in front in front of the little emperor’s royal bedchamber.

The location of the royal bedchamber was in the behind middle the palace, Su Xiao had already gone deep into the palace.

Under the night, Su Xiao quietly came to the roof of the royal bedchamber and began to perceive which room of the palace had people inside.

There were not many rooms in the royal bedchamber, but the size of each room was not small.

Su Xiao walked lightly on the roof and began to perceive the little emperor in the royal bedchamber.

After moving a few times, Su Xiao felt the little emperor’s position in the royal bedchamber.

He gently moved the tiles on the roof of the royal bedchamber, and a dark ceiling came into his sight.

Su Xiao scowled. The architectural style of this palace was similar to ancient times, but the situation was somewhat different.

Jumping into the interval of the ceiling, Su Xiao used the dagger to open one piece of the ceiling and looked downward.

“Your majesty…”

Charming chuckles came.

This was a quaint room with a teenager inside and a group of women!

The teenager was the little emperor, and those women were princesses and beauties found by ministers.

These women were beautiful. Otherwise, they may not be princesses.

At this time, the little emperor was having sex with one, and other women were on the sidelines to serve him, the scene was abnormally fragrant.

Su Xiao finally knew why the little emperor looked weak. There were so many women in his room every night, and the little emperor was only fifteen years old. Because of the luxurious living conditions in the palace, he could be alive. If the nutrition can’t keep up with his spending, this small guy may have died a long time ago.

The little emperor had a minister who had an evil intent around, no wonder he lived like this.

Su Xiao checked whether there were guards in the room. Obviously, the little emperor was having sex, and it was impossible for guards to be in the room, not to mention there were a group of women in the room.

The room was filled with a slight smell of sandalwood, which should be a kind of medicine to make them high.

Su Xiao’s goal was the little emperor, but there were too many women around him, so it was not a good time to attack.

Patience was essential to making something, and Su Xiao sat on the ceiling to wait. He did not believe that the little emperor could do all night.

Sure enough, at around 12 o’clock in the evening, the little emperor lay on the bed, which was a dozen meters wide, he was exhausted.

The revolutionary army attacked the outside of the capital city, but the little emperor did not have a sense of crisis. This was only because of the minister’s words: ‘General Esdeath will beat the enemies back.’

This was what the prime minister comforted the little emperor. The little emperor always believed what the prime minister said.

In fact, in essence, the little emperor was just a fatuous prince instead of a tyrant. This was just a poor naïve boy.

The door was pushed open, and the fat minister entered the room.

“Go out.”

The minister’s voice was not high. The women got up and put on their clothes, and they didn’t care about their bodies being seen by the minister. Many of these women were princesses.

Su Xiao, who was on the ceiling, was surprised. After seeing the little emperor’s pale green hair, he felt that the little emperor’s hair color began to be extraordinarily oily, it was just like the prairie version of green.

“Your majesty, drink this.”

The minister took out a test tube and fed the little emperor the light yellow drug. The little emperor recovered a bit after drinking the liquid.

“I’m tired today, leave one more bottle of secret drug.”

The minister smiled in his eyes and nodded. He took a light yellow test tube from his arms and placed it next to the little emperor’s pillow.

“Take rest first, your majesty, and I will go now.”


The little emperor responded powerlessly, lying on the bed without any moves.

The minister stood talk and walked out of the royal bedchamber, and he was calculating when the little emperor would become useless.

The minister did not want to kill the little emperor, and he only wanted him to be addicted completely to the amour.

The age of the little emperor was too young, he was obviously not interested in wine, and his luxurious life made him not much greedy for his appetite, so the minister chose to use women.

It seemed that the minister’s plan had succeeded. If he did not have his secrete medicine to take care of the little emperor, the little emperor would have died on women.


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