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R.P Chapter 242: Kidnapping

The palace became gradually quiet, leaving only the little emperor’s breath.

Su Xiao jumped out from the layer of the ceilings, the whole person partly squatted on the ground silently, his long trench coat was on the ground.

Walking slowly in the room, Su Xiao noiselessly stepped on the big bed, which was ten meters wide.

The little emperor slept deeply, and he was too tired.

Guards must be outside the palace, and he needed to kidnap the little emperor first.

I was taking out a medicine bottle, which was as big as a thumb and placing the medicine bottle in front of the little emperor’s nose. Su Xiao gently fanned the medicine bottle with his hand.

After a few seconds, the little emperor’s head sided, his saliva even drooled over.

This was not an anesthetic, but a Hypnotic with super strong effect. If people drink it directly, not talking about the little emperor, even an elephant will fall asleep deeply.

Su Xiao didn’t want to use an anesthetic to the little emperor. This boy was to week, and he will get troubles if he dies.

He picked up the little emperor, a pile of clothes nearby and the test tube on the pillow. Su Xiao came under the hole of the ceiling and jumped up to the ceiling.

He came to the roof of the royal bedchamber with the little emperor, Su Xiao ran quickly to the position on the roof that he had selected.

It seemed that kidnapping the little emperor was very easy, but Su Xiao just went through the strictest level in the palace as the identity of the jaegers.

His strength only lower than Esdeath, the two had not officially fought. Their strength could be up to forty and sixty percent, Great General Budo had forty percent, and Esdeath had sixty percent. This showed Great General Budo’s strength.

Great General Budo was old-fashioned, he was the royal escort controlled the palace, and he put his whole heart to serve the empire, he even treated the minister badly, so he was called “a stick in the mud” by Esdeath and the prime minister.

The old-fashioned Great General Budo had always followed the ancestor’s preaching, and he believed that the military commander could not interfere with the affairs of the state, so he hadn’t interfered to the prime minister and Esdeath’s behaviors.

Great General Budo was the Teigu user, and his Teigu was Thunder God’s Rage: Adramelech. It was the elemental Teigu which was as same as Esdeath’s Teigu. It was capable of manipulating lightning.

If Great General Budo is in the palace, the little emperor’s loyal bedchamber will be covered with static electricity nets. It would be impossible to sneak in.

Now Great General Budo had already rushed to the city wall of the capital city.

This was also the reason why Su Xiao had not sneaked into the palace. He did not know where the contractors in the night raid camp were. The contractors in the empire camp were under Great General Budo’s commands.

Nowadays, Great General Budo stood in the front line; those contractors had no choices but still needed to stay in the front line reluctantly.

Of course, the contractor would not stay in the front line honestly, but it took time to return to the palace.

Su Xiao came to a place where no one around. He entered an empty hall, which was used to store invaluable things and did not need to be guarded.

He found out an oil lamp with a broken enclosure and ignited it. Su Xiao triggered the reel of the thread on his left wrist and put the line two meters long out.

I am wrapping the line around the little emperor’s neck so that Su Xiao could cut off his head at any time.

Su Xiao pinched little emperor’s philtrum brutally, and the little emperor groaned a few times, his eyes opened after his eyes twitching.

“What? Where it is?”

The little emperor looked around in confusion.

“Where is the starting key of the Supreme Teigu?”

Su Xiao stood in the dark side, and the dim oil lamp illuminated his pupils; the black pupils were obvious in the darkness.

“Who are you talking about? You this thief dare.”

The little emperor immediately realized what happened, and he felt a slight pricking from the neck when he just wanted to yell.

“Keeping yelling, I will cut you a finger when you yell once, of course, the toes will not be forgotten.”

The little emperor struggled in his mind for a while, and finally did not choose to yell, the sharpness on the neck made the little emperor understand that his head would be cut at any time.

“Thief, even if you get the starting key of the Supreme Teigu, it will be useless, I can give you money, and immediately disappear in front of my sight.”

Although the little emperor fainted, he still had some emperor’s momentum from residents’ worships, but he was somewhat weak in front of the prime minister and Esdeath.

“Money? Ha, the ‘money’ I want, you can’t give me. You like women very much, right? Take me to get the starting key of Supreme Teigu. Otherwise, you won’t be interested in women in the future.”

Su Xiao took out a dagger in his hand. Now he had no time. He had no time to torture the little emperor mentally. The effect of threating him directly would be better.

“Wait, I promise you, don’t… don’t be close to me.”

The little emperor subconsciously retreated, but there was a pricking came from the neck.

The line was tied on the little emperor’s neck, and the other end was linked to the reel on Su Xiao’s wrist. This situation was somewhat similar to a walking dog.

“Put on the dress and lead the way in front.”

Su Xiao threw the little emperor’s clothes to him, walking in the palace in pajamas would be suspected.

“When you meet the guards, you can choose to ask for help. I will kill you and then escape from the guards.”

The little emperor who was wearing formal clothes looked disdain. He was ready to call for help when he met powerful guards.

Dressing clothes tidily, the little emperor walked in front of Su Xiao, the two walked out of the hall one after the other.

The line was hard to detect; at this time, Su Xiao was like the little emperor’s guard.

Getting out of the hall, the moonlight shined on Su Xiao’s face, and the little emperor was stiff after his head sided.

“You are the General Esdeath’s subordinate, why do you do this?”

The little emperor looked somewhat desperate. He had seen Su Xiao fought. The person was not boasting. After killing him, he had the ability to flee.

“Don’t talk nonsense, and you just need to take me to find the starting key of the Supreme Teigu. I will let you go after getting the key.”

Su Xiao looked at the little emperor with smiles. He finally didn’t have to pretend to be the shitty assassin, and he did not need to pretend to be mean.

“Ok… okay.”

The little emperor obviously admitted the misfortunate.

“By the way, if you don’t follow what I ask, I will kill the prime minister after killing you.”

These words obviously touched the little emperor’s raw nerve, and the prime minister was his most intimate person.

What a naïve teenage sadly.

“The starting key for the Supreme Teigu is for you, you can’t hurt the prime minister, and you have to let me go.”

The little emperor gnashed his teeth, the little emperor’s face in the moonlight began to be ferocious.

The reason that the little emperor promised to take the starting key of the Supreme Teigu was that the starting key of the Supreme Teigu required the royal blood relationship. It was useless for other people to take the key. Making a new key only took one or two years. Can be used again. The key was not the main point, and the Supreme Teigu was the one could not be copied.

“That’s right, don’t waste time, go!”

The little emperor reluctantly walked in front, and the position was the center of the palace, the starting key of the Supreme Teigu was near the Supreme Teigu.

The so-called Supreme Teigu, in fact, was somewhat similar to a very large robot, the overall height was hundreds of meters.

The Supreme Teigu couldn’t move, it usually hid in the palace, the lower part was underground after the royal family members activated the Supreme Teigu, the Supreme Teigu would break out from the ground.

The immovable Supreme Teigu was like a large fort that could emit a very strong laser. The range could cover the entire capital city. The powerful laser could raze the capital city to the ground in five minutes.

The Supreme Teigu was the pinnacle of imperial alchemy technology. The empire’s alchemy technology was abnormally prosperous and disappeared for unknown reasons later.


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