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R.P Chapter 243: Farce

The little emperor walked in front of Su Xiao, and the two walked into the palace at an appropriate speed.

A thin wire was like a hair was tied on the little emperor’s neck. The feeling of his life was controlled by other people made the little emperor looked awful.

“Your face is too rigid.”

Su Xiao whispered, the little emperor took a deep breath and tried to stay calm.

Looking at the little emperor walking in front, Su Xiao was somewhat relieved. This boy was as green as grass and did not understand the complexity of the people.

Su Xiao held a test tube which was ten centimeters in his hand. The test tube was filled with pale yellow liquid. This was the one that prime minister gave to the little emperor, and he took it away.

[Royal secret medicine]

Quality: blue

Type: restoration

Effect 1: restore 80% of life value after drinking.

Effect 2: strength +3, agility +2, physical strength +10 within 5 minutes after drinking, the damage of body function will be restored to a small extent.

Rating: 62 (Note: blue items scored from 31 to 70. The higher the score, the more precious the item will be.)

Description: the unique secret medicine of the royal family, the formulation only the royal family had.


Su Xiao was speechless after seeing the property of [Royal Secret Medicine]. The little emperor may drink this powerful medicine every day, but only to restore…

He sighed to think it wasted in mind, Su Xiao urged the little emperor to walk faster.

“You have another purpose of approaching General Esdeath, right? Was it because of Esdeath’s beauty? By the way, you looked like a couple.”

After the little emperor passed through the initial nerves and fear, he began to test Su Xiao’s purpose.

“Who knows?”

There were no guards nearby, Su Xiao also wanted to test whether the little emperor had other intentions.

“How far is it?”

“We’ll arrive soon, there are a lot of guards there, and it’s useless for you to get the starting key of the Supreme Teigu. Only I can activate Supreme Teigu. If you want me to help, you activate the Supreme Teigu, kill me. I will not do that.”

Su Xiao chuckled.

“No, I just have to hand over the key, give me the key, I will let you go, we will both have no loss.”

The little emperor turned to look at Su Xiao and seemed to think of something.

“You are the man from the revolutionary army? Do you want to prevent me from using the Supreme Teigu? It turned out to be the case.”

The little emperor was completely relieved at this time. The prime minister told him before that Esdeath could stop the revolutionary army, so it was not necessary to activate the Supreme Teigu.

The little emperor breathed a sigh of relief in his mind.

“It’s okay to give you that, it’s just a key. It is nothing compared to me and the prime minister’s lives.”

The pace of the little emperor had obviously accelerated.

“I admire your heroic behavior of killing the assassin in the hall. Or you can join the empire. I will let you be the leader of the assassination unit of the empire. How is this, it is more promising than staying in the revolutionary army.”

Su Xiao was more interested in looking at the little emperor, and this kid actually wanted to subvert him.

“Is the hall in front?”

A large hall that was not that tall with a lot of guards stood in front, and there were at least a few hundred guards around the large hall.

“It seems that you refused, it is a pity, here is it.”

The little emperor walked calmly toward the large hall, the guards in front of the main hall rushed to the front, and all squatted on the ground.

“Welcome, my majesty.”

The guards’ voices were neat and loud.

“Well, open the ancestral hall.”

This large hall was the ancestral hall of the palace, which enshrined the spirit tablet of the first emperor.

“This… my majesty, does prime minister know about it?”

The head of the guard in front of the ancestral hall looked awkward.

What a ridiculous thing. The emperor needed the prime minister’s approval to enter the ancestral hall, which was enshrined the ancestors.

“Well, I told the prime minister before, now it is too late, he is sleeping.”

The lies of the little emperor were not very clever.

“My majesty… I am afraid…”

The guard captain was not ready to let him enter.

“How dare you, he misses his father and can’t sleep at night, and you surprisingly stop him from entering to the ancestral hall to worship the emperor’s spirit tablet.”

Su Xiao spoke, he could not let the little emperor continue to say this.

The guard captain was not stupid.

“Who are you?”

The guard leader with the whole body of the red armor spoke unfriendly, but he did not immediately show it. The palace had too many bigwigs.

“The jaegers.”

Su Xiao showed the identification of the jaegers.

The captain of the guard was shocked, and his eyes showed panic and confusion.

“It turned out to be a General Esdeath’s subordinate, a family, a family.”

The guard captain began to wink at Su Xiao.

“Leave, as your behavior today, I can directly kill you.”

Su Xiao’s voice was cold, and the dragon flash slowly got out of the sheath.

“The friends in the assassination unit calm down, I don’t mean that. It’s, of course, okay for your majesty to enter the ancestral hall. But he went in there with the prime minister every time. I am afraid that he will be dangerous in the ancestral hall.”

The head of the guard’s face was full of obsequious smiles, but he already cursed in his mind.

The little emperor was naive, but he was not stupid. He had already vaguely felt that something is wrong. He could not enter the ancestral hall when the prime minister was not with him. He was an emperor.

The little emperor thought after thinking became wrong, but he didn’t know where the problem was. But didn’t know why he had an idea in his mind. If there is no prime minister, no one will listen to him.

“Get out!!”

The little emperor suddenly screamed, which scared the guard captain a lot.

Not to mention the guard captain, Su Xiao was also shocked.

“Someone come, arrest him.”

The little emperor’s face looked cold, and Su Xiao’s muscle on the left arm was tight, he was ready to cut off the little emperor’s head at any time.

The little emperor did not let people arrest Su Xiao, and his finger pointed at the guard leader.

The surrounding guards who squatted were motionless on the ground.

“Are you deaf, arrest him to the prison.”

Still, no one moved, the ancestral hall at night was in a strange silence.

The guard captain on the ground was already in a cold sweat. He noticed that something was wrong. It was very wrong. The little emperor was angry, but his men did not move. This may make the little emperor aware that his power had been taken away.

The guard captain whispered to the vice-captain next to him: “Idiot, arrest me.”

The vice-captain aside was stunned and immediately thought of something.

“My majesty? Do you want me to arrest Captain Mark? I was somewhat panic, so I didn’t hear your order. Clearly, it’s my fault.”

The vice-captain looked up at the little emperor.

“Yes, arrest him.”

The little emperor was happy in his mind.

“Yes, sir, my majesty.”

The vice-captain got up, and the other guards knew what was going on, they arrested the guard captain directly.

“My majesty, I’m stupid, please forgive me. I am too worried about your safety, and please forgive me.”

The guard captain immediately asked for mercy.

“Wait, is it true?”

“It’s true, my majesty, do you still remember? I also guarded your loyal bedchamber five years ago, and when you almost fell, it was me to hold up you, my majesty.”

The bodyguard captain talked in a tearful voice and showed regret on his face.

Su Xiao saw this scene, and he thought that this man was really good at acting.

“Uhhh, is there such a thing?”

The little emperor was a little embarrassed.

“That… then forget it, don’t do it next time.”

Was it not allowed next time? Was this what the emperor should say?

The guard captain was stunned, and the vice-captain was also stunned. Even Su Xiao was stunned. What was this emperor? If he doesn’t subjugate the nation, he will be sorry for the name of fatuous emperor.

“Thank you…my majesty.”

The guard captain who was blowing nose and lowering his head, the disdain fleshed away through his sight.


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