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R.P Chapter 244: Laugh

With the thing just happened, no one dared to stop the little emperor this time.

The little emperor almost immediately realized that his power had been taken away. If this incident caused the little emperor to perceive that his power had disappeared, the guards present would die.

Su Xiao passed through the guard captain, he stopped.

“If you don’t want to die, you are better to wait outside. This is the two’s meaning. The capital city is in a bad situation. The Supreme Teigu will be activated at any time.”

When he heard Su Xiao’s words, the guard captain’s pupils constricted, he recalled Su Xiao’s previous behaviors and the identity of the jaegers.

The guard captain was nervous in his mind. He was almost dead. The little emperor and the jaegers came here at night. There was only one possibility. The war was urgent and needed to activate to the Supreme Teigu.

The guard captain guarded the ancestral hall, and of course, he knew what was inside.

“Thank you, brother, and I almost lost my head.”

“Tonight, as long as the little emperor does not mention it, I will pretend it doesn’t happen.”

The guard captain smiled and took out a piece of gold.

“Brothers, I’m appreciated your hardworking.”

Su Xiao’s face is not very good looking.

“What do you mean?”

“Right, right, look at my bad memory.”

The guard captain quickly put up a smile. The people in the palace knew that the men of Esdeath did not accept bribes. Last time was because the situation in the red light district was special, he had to receive hush money. Otherwise, Su Xiao would not accept the bag of gems.

“Let’s go to the red light district for a drink tomorrow, then…”

The guard captain showed a smile that the man knew.

“Well, guard it outside, we will go out soon.”

“I got it, brother.”

Su Xiao walked forward, the little emperor had already walked out a dozen meters away, and the line had also released more than ten meters.

Su Xiao was close to the emperor while taking back the line with the reel, Su Xiao walked three meters behind the little emperor.

After Su Xiao left, the guard captain looked gloomy.

“Shit, the shitty jaegers, a group of murderous madmen.”

Today’s thing made the guard captain more and angrier, and he looked at the vice-captain fiercely.


A heavy slap in the vice captain’s face, the guard captain’s strength was not small, and the vice-captain was turned around for two times by the attack, he was fainted and leaned over to spit out the blood, we could also see the teeth in the blood.

“Senseless, stupid dog, is your head full of shit? As the situation just happened, what you did is to want to make me die?”

The guard captain kicked on the vice captain’s face. The vice-captain has smashed three meters away and rolled on the ground for several laps.

“I will kill you today to feed dogs…”

The guard captain pulled out the knife at the waist and pretended to kill the vice-captain.

“Cousin, it’s my fault, forgive me.”

The vice captain’s cheek had swollen heavily.

The guard captain’s hand which was holding knife trembled because of the anger. If it was not his cousin, the vice-captain tomorrow would be replaced.

“Go to deal with injuries, get out, I feel angry when I see you.”

The guard captain was in a snit; other guards around him were afraid; they did not even move.


In the ancestral hall, Su Xiao became not that worried after perceiving the farce outside.

It was just a quick-witted. He did not expect that the little emperor’s power was exploited to such an extent. He knew that only the emperor could activate the Supreme Teigu.

This may be it was the reason why the little emperor could live to this day.

“You are Byakuya, right?”

The little emperor who walked in front looked upset.


“Am I a majestic emperor?”

It seemed that the little emperor did notice something.


The little emperor was overjoyed and turned to look at Su Xiao.

“You are a fatuous emperor.”

“Fatuous emperor…”

The little emperor looked at the spiritual positions placed beside him, and there were his ancestors.

The empire was a small tribe. The tribe lived on farming. The ancestors of the little emperor cut his teeth on a small tribe. The farming life provided the tribe a stable food, and the size of the tribe gradually expanded.

With extraordinary wisdom and courage, the ancestors of the little emperor built a small country.

This country still lived on farming, and its development rate was not slow. Two hundred years later, this small country became a medium-sized country.

Four hundred years later, this medium-sized country overcame the most abundant location with the best environment on the mainland and established an empire there.

Five hundred years later, the empire entered the most prosperous era. That emperor was wise and ambitious, and he began to use all his power to hunt super dangerous species.

After more than 300 thousand troops were killed and wounded, the empire got some materials from super-hazardous species’ bodies.

The empire spent an incredible amount of money to collect all kinds of precious materials and forced all the craftsmen in the country to gather and start selecting.

They selected 120 craftsmen from 30 thousand craftsmen. Finally, these were top blacksmiths, contemporary alchemists and outstanding people in
organ surgery among these craftsmen.

In this way, the empire had created forty-eight Teigu with all its power. Some Teigu were used by the army, and some were suitable for individual combat, some were focused on defense, there were good at also long-range firepower.

If someone gathers forty-eight pieces of Teigu and finds the users, he will find out that these Teigu can form a perfect team, has the ability to attack and defend, it also has the ability to kill the enemy in a large range, and even has the responsibility to assassinate the enemy leader’s Teigu.

These forty-eight pieces of Teigu became the foundation of the entire empire. Forty-eight pieces of Teigu were called the ‘Royal Guards,’ and the enemy called them rabies.

There was no city where the Royal Guards couldn’t break, and the people lived in places that rabies passed through were in the great misery.

In those two hundred years, the other large countries around were living in fear, and they were afraid that rabies attacked their capital when they just woke up.

But the good situation did not last long, winning battles incessantly and the rich land made the royal family of the empire begin to be arrogant.

After the empire established for five hundred years, they lost seven pieces of Teigu.

After the millennium, there were only fourteen pieces of Teigu left, and their county was surrounded by strong enemies, civil wars kept happening.

More than ten pieces of Teigu were lost when the little emperor ruled the country, and this situation became better until Esdeath appeared.

Esdeath’s appearance could maintain the empire’s situation made it exist longer.

One generation planted the trees in whose shade another generation rested, but the little emperor was not resting but eating the tree.

“I am a fatuous emperor…”

The little emperor walked in front listlessly, and soon the two came to the deepest part of the ancestral hall.

On a stone platform with sophisticated carve, a golden key floated in the air. This was the starting key of the Supreme Teigu. The key point for Su Xiao to complete the main task.

Su Xiao went to take the key, but he suddenly stopped in two steps, he looked good.

“What’s going on?”

Su Xiao grabbed the little emperor, and the little emperor was shocked.

“The key is in front of you, are you ready to break a promise?”

Observing the little emperor’s expression, he had more than 80% could sure that he did not lie; it was not his plan had faults.

A lot of footsteps came around, Su Xiao was surrounded, there was a thick wall behind him, he had no place to escape.

There were at least a few hundred people came, maybe more, but they couldn’t all enter the ancestral hall. The person who led surprisingly was Esdeath, followed by was Will.

“Byakuya, why are you and your majesty here?”

Esdeath’s voice was cold and looked angry. Will in the behind stared straight at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao now could be sure that his plan must have some problems at a certain point, he started to recall quickly.

After he completely recalled all the actions, he found there was no fault.

“I am protecting his majesty.”

“Yes.. yes.”

The little emperor quickly answered because he felt something was tightening around his neck.

“Byakuya, tell me your real purpose.”

Esdeath pointed at Su Xiao with the sword on her hand.

This time Su Xiao could be sure that he had been exposed, but he did not know how was he exposed.

“How do you find out?”

Su Xiao looked at Esdeath and Will.

“When we got out from the forest, General Esdeath asked you, “Have you seen Kurome?” You said that you didn’t see it.

But… why do you have Kurome’s unique fragrance on your hand? ”

Will clenched his fist, gnashed his teeth, and asked him, “Did you kill Kurome?”

Su Xiao realized what was going on. He neglected one thing. Will’s nose was very sensitive. This was the information that he didn’t know before, whether he got through the animation or real contact.

Esdeath may have placed a large number of informers in the palace. She did not alarm him previously, because Esdeath knew that, not in the special terrain, Su Xiao could escape even if he did not fight.

“Esdeath… General, tell you a secret, actually, I am not an assassin.”

Su Xiao smiled and looked at Esdeath, Esdeath was stunned, her pupils contracted slightly. She never saw Su Xiao smiled. She always thought that Su Xiao didn’t have a laugh this kind of expression.

After seeing Su Xiao’s smile, Will was even more desperate.

Su Xiao, who was smiling, gave people more dangerous feeling than when he had no expressions.


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