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R.P Chapter 245: I used to trust you very much

“You can laugh. I always think that this kind of expression will not appear on your face.”

Esdeath remained calm after the initial surprise.

“I used to… trust you very much.”

Esdeath whispered.

“Ah, I know.”

Su Xiao’s voice was gentle and the two looked at each other.

“Since we are not in the same team, then today we need to fight for a result.”

Esdeath’s tone was cold, the cold air around her body, the ice formed on the ground under her feet.

Su Xiao held the little emperor by one hand, the other hand picked up the key floating in the air, the hint of the reincarnation appeared.

[Main line task: Teigu. Supreme power (completed)]

Difficulty level: Lv.8

Mission Description: Getting the starting key of the Teigu. Supreme power.

Mission information: Teigu. the supreme power is the strongest Teigu, the current owner is the little emperor of the empire.

Mission period: 30 natural days.

Mission Reward: 4 points of the attribute, 12,000 Paradise coins.

Mission penalty: full attribute deducts 3 points.


[Yes / No complete mainline task: Teigu. supreme power]

After the selection was completed, the starting key of the Tegiu supreme power was broken in Su Xiao’s hands, this scene made everyone in the scene stunned.

“How come…this, you damn asshole!”

An angry roar came, the obese prime minister ran out of the crowd, the prime minister scrunched his face.

The revolutionary army had surrounded the capital city, and the Supreme Teigu became the last card in the prime minister’s hands.

“Esdeath, don’t you say no problems? What is going on?”

The prime minister’s emotion was out of control, he yelled at Esdeath.

“Fat-ass, shut up.”

Esdeath looked coldly at the prime minister, the prime minister’s body trembled. He suddenly thought of that the female general had ordered to bury hundreds of thousands of alive people.

The prime minister whispered: “What should we do now? We will be all done without the Supreme Teigu.”

“At most, we will be killed by the revolutionary army. You are too afraid of death, prime minister.”

Esdeath did not take death too seriously.

“What? Don’t you have the confidence to beat the revolutionary army back?”

“Are you kidding? Nearly two million troops of the revolutionary army surrounded the capital city. If you have the ability to break through from the two million people, you can escape.”

The prime minister’s face gradually paled, he did not want to die, he also wanted to control the empire to become an emperor.

“It’s all about you bastard, I’m going to kill you.”

The prime minister pointed to Su Xiao.

“Oh? Are you sure?”

Su Xiao had a meaning of smile in his sight, he was very interested in killing the prime minister.


The minister’s face turned red and took two steps forward.

“If he wants to kill you, he will be likely to succeed, so hide behind like a pig.”

Esdeath suddenly spoke, the prime minister’s footstep stopped, he looked at Su Xiao with fear. He began to observe Su Xiao again.

Surrounded by the strongest general of the empire and tens of thousands of troops, but he did not change his expression, this kind of momentum made the prime minister sigh.

“Prime minister, it’s so nice that you are fine, think some ways to save me quickly, I was kidnapped.”

The little emperor looked at the prime minister joyfully.

“My majesty?”

The prime minister looked at the little emperor with a faint smile on his face.

“I was worried about you before…”

The little emperor hadn’t finished his words, he was interrupted by the prime minister.



The little emperor looked at the prime minister with surprise.

“What can you do after the Supreme Teigu can’t be activated, you waste me so many secret drugs.”

The prime minister who was disdainful looked at the little emperor with dissatisfaction.


The little emperor could not understand the situation at the moment. The prime minister surprisingly said that he was a jerk and was still preparing to abandon him. Is this the prime minister still the one that had been taking care of him?

“My majesty, you are useless now, go to die with this thief, I have no patience to act with you.”

The prime minister’s words made the little emperor desperate.

“Prime minister… Have you been using me? This must be a joke, right?”

The little emperor looked silly, the prime minister did not even look at him this time.

When the revolutionary army attacked, the Supreme Teigu could not be activated, it meant that the little emperor was useless, the prime minister was going to escape.

“General Esdeath, after solving this thief, let’s try to leave the capital city, the era that we ruled may be over.”

The prime minister sighed, the key of the Supreme Teigu broke made him somewhat inappropriate.

“You want to leave and you can find ways, I will stay and fight with the revolutionary army.”

Esdeath did not deny that the thing that they ruled the empire. This was also the truth. The prime minister managed the internal affairs of the empire. Esdeath was responsible to go on an expedition. The big issues were discussed by the two.


The little emperor now fully understood that he has always been used, and his most esteemed prime minister and the general were the true rulers of this country.

“Someone come, arrest them both.”

The little emperor shouted, but the hundreds of soldiers around him did not move.

“Arrest us? I am your closest prime minister, I take care of you when you were a child, hahaha.”

The prime minister looked at the little emperor between tears and laughers, this person surprisingly wanted to order his men.

“You don’t have to care about the little emperor when you’re attacking. He is useless.”

“Yes, sir.”

Unlike the little emperor’s order, most of the soldiers in the ancestral hall answered in the unit after the prime minister ordered, the rest were Esdeath’s subordinates.

Su Xiao did not care what the prime minister and the little emperor said. He was checking reincarnation Paradise’s hint.

[The main task reward has been put in the brand, detect that the hunter has completed the main line task, begin to publish returning task.]

[Main task 2: positioning the coordinate]

Difficulty level: Lv.4

Mission Description: Arriving at a specific location in the derivative world and laying out the coordinates, the coordinate positioner has been put in the hunter’s storage space.

Mission Information: coordinate positioner is a precious resource. If it is lost by the hunter, the hunter will need to pay 100,000 Paradise coins. If the Paradise coins are insufficient, we will forcibly collect the hunter’s equipment and items as the same value.

Mission period: 10 natural days

Mission Reward: returning qualification

Mission penalty: forcibly execute


The returning task finally appeared. He did not know the reason why the reincarnation Paradise let Su Xiao arranged the coordinates. The position to lay out coordinates was extremely weird, the place even outside the capital city, and not close to the capital city.

Su Xiao could not escape now, the only way was to kill out a road, but Esdeath, Will and tens of thousands of soldiers, the chance to kill out a road was very low.

This was a stalemate, it was also a lesson. In the future, he must pay attention to the details, if he has the future.

What a painful lesson that he needed to wash his hands after touching a woman’s body.


Su Xiao suddenly laughed. He was very careful when he was in the extreme north, and finally, he has exposed only because of the fragrance on Kurome’s body.

“Why are you laughing?”

Did not know why Esdeath also smiled.

“I lied to you, the prime minister and hundreds of thousands of soldiers, but finally I am exposed by Will’s nose, this is…the speechless result.”

Su Xiao did not regret it. It was like this in the derivative world. Both success and failure were there, he may be able to kill out a road.

“Let’s fight seriously if you win my life will be yours, Esdeath.”

“I think in the same way, I finally realize why I trust you. We are the same people.”

Esdeath looked very excited.


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