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R.P Chapter 247: Angry Birds!

Su Xiao walked vigilantly ahead in the stone passage.

After entering the hidden location of Birummak Alchemy Trial Ground, he was a little uneasy. He felt as if something dangerous was around him all the time.

His flashlight brightened their way, as the little emperor closely followed Su Xiao. After all, his life depended on him.

Su Xiao also needed the little emperor, for now. So, he let him follow behind him.

“Have you been here before?”

“Never before.”

“Then how do you know which direction we should go?”

“Intuition, it’s weird. I know that this was the only safe passage while the other ones would definitively kill us.”

Su Xiao no longer cared as he started concentrating.

[You are inside another area of the Birummak Alchemy Trial Ground. The Poison’s density increased. We recommend using a stronger air filter as the current one is about to be destroyed. This will cost you 150 Paradise coins per hour.]

Su Xiao’s footsteps faltered as he almost fell. The Reincarnation Paradise is robbing him.

“Activate it.”

The shield around Su Xiao was strengthened, and the little sweetness in the air disappeared.

[You were poisoned, you HP will decrease by 10 points for second for 5 seconds.]

It only took Su Xiao a few seconds to be poisoned, and his Hp started dropping.

This was just outside of the Actual Trial Ground. Without meeting any enemy, and He lost half of his HP.

After a while, Su Xiao took out Bobtney’s core.

He didn’t know whether Bob would be affected by the Alchemy poison or not as he is a production of alchemy.

As Bob appeared, he happily moved around Su Xiao.

Su Xiao checked Bob’s status only to find a small sentence.

[Due to poison, 1 true damage is dealt every second.]

Bob wasn’t immune to the Alchemy poison, but the damage was small, and with the Ice Goddess Halo, the damage won’t be effective at all.

Bob didn’t like the sweetness in the air but didn’t complain.

With the healing ability of the Halo, Su Xiao’s HP climbed up constantly, and any trace of being poisoned disappeared.

“This is your Teigo. I didn’t see anyone like this in the empire.”

The little emperor moved his hand, wanting to caress Bob’s head.

Bark! Bark!

Bob barked threateningly, and the usual good dog display disappeared when it wasn’t Su Xiao.

If the emperor moved forward, his arm would be taken by the Sharp Fangs in Bob’s mouth.

“What a fierce Teigo.”

The little guy retreated when wolf-like characters appeared in Bob’s eyes.

“Bob, be alert!”

Upon hearing Su Xiao’s order, Bob ran and wagged his tail at Su Xiao while rubbing his head on the former’s legs.

Su Xiao started walking once again with Dragon Flash in his hand, and Bob following from behind.

After some time, they saw a light at the end of the passage, as they reached it, Su Xiao put away the Flashlight and moved forward.

Su Xiao stopped with a light breeze coming across his cheek as he looked at the scene in front of him with amazement.

Here, in an underground cave, there were trees and leaves that came off due to the wind.

Stepping on the soft grass, he felt that instead of going down into the earth, he just stepped into another land completely different. It was beautiful scenery.

The grass moved along with the breeze creating gentle waves, making it seem like a green ocean.

“There is such a place under the Palace? This is incredible.”

The little guy stood still.

“How is the ecological system being balanced in this place?”

Su Xiao looked up to see birds flying. They were shaped like sparrows.

They had a gorgeous blud feather, but somehow, Su Xiao felt creeped out.

A dozen or so birds hovered above his head. They glid down toward his head quite fast. Strangely, the birds looked only at Su Xiao. They didn’t seem to notice the little guy.

As he came down, Su Xiao directly slashed it with his sword. Suddenly his eyes widened as he felt the bird’s resistance.

Since entering the Rhythm of All Things state, Su Xiao didn’t encounter such a situation before, the bird’s body was harder than it seemed.

Su Xiao exerted more strength, cutting the bird in half, which each passed by one side.


A strong noise came from behind him, Su Xiao directly looking behind only to see two holes made on the ground by each half of the bird.

It was astonishing. If such a blow hit Su Xiao, his body would have two additional holes.

The death of one of the birds angered the others, which made them collectively swipe down toward Su Xiao with their pointed beaks.

Su Xiao directly stepped back, avoiding the birds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground was filled with holes as the grass flew into the sky while the birds continued their assault.

Su Xiao could handle a few dozens of these birds, but if they were in hundreds, he would only be waiting for his horrible death.

After a few moments, Su Xiao waited for the birds to re-emerge from the ground, but nothing happened.

Coming closer, Su Xiao found a few blood stains on the holes and concluded that the birds’ attacks were suicidal, as they would die by the impact.

Su Xiao sighed in relief. Just as he stepped into this area, there was so much danger.

Bark Bark!

Bob barked while looking at the distance. When Su Xiao turned to look, he was stunned.

“How could there be so many of them.”

Su Xiao directly grabbed the little emperor, jumped on Bob’s back, and ordered him to use the Speed Charge skill.

Speed Charge (Active): After activating this skill, Bobtney’s movement speed increases by 100% while consuming 10 Mana points per minute. Bob can still carry Heavy objects without any speed reduction.

“Bob, run!” (T/N: Run Bth, Ruuuuun!)

Bob dashed forward without hesitation with Su Xiao and the little emperor on his back.

As he looked back, Su Xiao saw a few hundreds of these birds moving toward them.

One hundred were enough to turn Su Xiao literally into a Sieve. One thousand would leave nothing of his body.

Fortunately, Bob was fast. He stuck his tongue out while looking behind to see the birds.

“Don’t look behind, concentrate on running.”

Su Xiao almost facepalmed at the Dog’s provocation and hit his head as he ordered.

“Be careful of the tree.”

Su, Xiao shouted.

Bob was rushing toward an old-looking tree that was more than ten meters wide. Hearing Su Xiao’s shout, Bob directly tried to avoid it.

Bob avoided it by twenty centimeters at Most, but as he did, both he and Su Xiao heard a loud sound.


Su Xiao felt the little emperor’s body shake a little, the latter’s head was bumped into the tree, making his eyes roll back as he fainted.


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