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R.P Chapter 248: Bugs

Bob just ran desperately from the flock of birds behind him.

Thousands of birds screeching made Su Xiao feel irritated.

Although Bob was silly sometimes, he ran pretty fast. You can say that even while the birds were flying after him, they couldn’t catch up at all.

After ten minutes, the birds were no longer in sight. They got rid of them finally.

They came in front of a pool, the water inside it was very clear and the bottom was visible from above.

Although the pool was clear, Su Xiao dared not touch the water in the pool. He already learned his lesson from the previous encounter with the birds.

Every creature in this place wanted to kill him. All outsiders were enemies.

The little emperor was thrown to the ground by Su Xiao, who shouted at him.

“Hey, wake up.”

He kicked the little emperor who had no reactions as if he died.

“Bob, wake him up.”

Bobtney cheerfully ran to the little emperor, bit his leg. After that, he directly started shaking his head, waking the emperor from his sweat dreams.


Releasing a scream that seemed worthy to be put in a horror movie, the little emperor woke up as Bob threw him to the ground.


After screaming for a while, the little emperor calmed down and was really angry.


The little emperor shut up after he just spoke. He saw Su Xiao smiling sweetly at him.

“Do you want to say anything?”

“No, no.”

“Which direction should we go now?”

Su Xiao could only depend on the little emperor’s instinct, or else he would probably die in this trial ground.

“Well, over there.”

The little emperor pointed to the left.

“What is this sound?”

The little emperor looked around.

Hearing the strange sound which seemed like bubbles, Su Xiao directly looked at the pool.

After looking at it, Su Xiao suddenly released that this wasn’t a pool at all. They were transparent creatures that resided here in this hole.

Countless bug-like transparent creatures crawled out of the hole. They seemed just like a stream of water.

Su Xiao jumped directly onto Bobtney’s back and grabbed the little emperor.

They continue to escape, he had no idea how to fight with that kind of transparent bugs, and there were too many of them.

Seeing Su Xiao wanted to escape, the bugs directly regathered together.

Bobtney started running. Su Xiao turned to look toward the pool, and directly, his eyes twitched.

A transparent giant snake and a dozen meters thick, hundreds of meters long appeared. This snake was composed of these bugs.

The giant snake moved quickly on the grass toward the running dog.


As soon as the snake touched the grass, it made it turn black with a weird odor oozing from it.

The snake just kept moving forward. It didn’t matter if a tree or a rock was in front of it; it just crushed them.

Each time it crashed into something, the snake would wrap it around its body.

The trees which were wrapped were decomposed directly, leaving nothing of it after a few seconds.

Wherever the transparent giant snake passed, no matter whether they were trees or stones, all of them turned into nothing.

This thing was very corrosive, but the trees were not corroded, they were eaten, they were eaten by countless transparent insects in a short time.

Su Xiao took out a scanning device. He was going to check the transparent giant snake’s information, which could make him understand more about it.

[Comparing the intelligence of both parties… The comparison is completed; your intelligence attribute is 12 times greater than your target, 100% to obtain your target’s stats.]

The information is as follows:

Name: gathering insects

Type: alchemistic creature (semi-finished product)

HP: 100%.

Mana: 20

Strength: 5

Agility: 20

Vitality: ???

Intelligence: 2

Charm: -5

Skill 1: the gathering (Currently used): The gathering insect consists of 170,000 individuals.

The consciousness of these creatures will be unified after gathering.

Skill 2: the evil of corrosion (passive): corrode any creature, object, etc., causing 90 points of damage to per second.

Skill 3: tens of thousands of bites (passive): bite any creature, object, etc., causing 50 points of damage per second.

Skill 4: Secondary immortality (passive): Each individual gathering insect has the ability to split, except for eliminating all 170,000 individual insects. The gathering insect will regain its original quantity within one month.


Directly Su Xiao concluded, these things can’t be destroyed by the current him.

Even if Esdeath came, her ice ability can’t completely eliminate the gathering insects all at once.

The best course of action is to escape as far as he could.

After the gathering insects pursued Su Xiao for a while, they lost interest and turned back to the direction of the huge hole.

Su Xiao did not stop, staying away from the gathering insects would be better.

Su Xiao wanted to leave the ‘Birummark alchemy trial ground’ as soon as possible. It could be seen from the first two creatures, the creatures here were much stronger than him.

But now the future was still unknown because he had to listen to the little emperor for directions.

Su Xiao tried to use the omnipotent compass for directions, but it was turning faster than the fan.

Moving for ten minutes, Su Xiao found himself in front of a big stone tablet with a few words inscribed on it, but he couldn’t understand any of it.

“People… who are… not from the royal family…the forbidden land.”

The little emperor tried to read it, but he only recognized a few words after he looked at it for a long time.

“What was written on it?”

“That’s what I can recognize. Others I can’t recognize. I had learned this kind of language when I was very little. After many years, I almost can’t remember.”

The little emperor shrugged.

Su Xiao jumped from Bobtney’s back.

“Bob, tear him.”

Su Xiao smiled coldly, the little emperor’s lies were too obvious.

Bobtney rushed to the little emperor. He stared at the little emperor’s throat.

“Wait, I’ve saved your life, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.”

The little emperor surrendered.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette.

“First, you didn’t save me because you wanted, you just did it for yourself. Second, if I didn’t take you away, the prime minister and Esdeath would’ve killed you. Third, you are now my captive, when we get out of here, I will let you leave.

Do you know what’s going on now? If you don’t remember the language, I can let Bobtney remind you. “

Bobtney was circling around the little emperor. It seemed that it was thinking about which part of the little emperor to eat first.

“I got it.”

The little emperor knew that there was no way out.

“What was written on it?”

“Well, let me look at it carefully.”

The little emperor began to read it carefully.

”Here is called ‘Birummark alchemy trial ground’, which was once the empire’s alchemy trial ground. There are many alchemists working here to make alchemistic creatures and objects. Only the royal family members and alchemists can freely enter here. The location here is the outer layer of the trial ground, the center of this place can be reached moving east
Uhhh. ”

The little emperor looked at the stone tablet with surprise.


“There was an exit here, the emergency exit to the capital city’s suburb, we need to keep going to the east. After we passed through the center of the ‘Birummark alchemy trial ground’, we will reach the exit, that’s it.”

Su Xiao finally felt relieved. He was afraid that it was a dead-end and he trapped here.

If that was the case, Su Xiao would try to go back to the surface and fight against the army instead of rotting here.

The only good news now was that there was an exit here. The bad news would be, if the outer layer was already so dangerous, how much more dangerous the center could be?

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