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R.P Chapter 249: Center

The breeze blew on the grass was extremely quiet.

Bobtney, which was carrying Su Xiao, ran for nearly two hours.

“Bob, stop.”

Su Xiao looked at their surroundings. He saw green grass around. He could see some trees before. Now there was only grassland around them.

“What happened?”

The little emperor who was held with one hand by Su Xiao in the air asked. Except for Su Xiao, Bob wouldn’t allow anyone to ride on his back. He would just turn around and bite, no matter who it was. So the only option for the little emperor was to be held by Su Xiao above the dog’s body.

“There is something weird here.”

.”Are there any dangerous creatures?”

“No, we may be lost.”

Su Xiao jumped from Bobtney’s back and pulled out an iron stick from the grass not far away, which he had previously put there.

“How can we get lost? We are moving forward, aren’t we?”

The little emperor looked around, and the scene was roughly the same, an endless area of green grass.

“Bob, run forward.”

Su Xiao stood in the same place and let Bobtney run straight.

It was normal at first before the route started to shift.

Bob would, from time to time, turn his head and look back at Su Xiao to keep a straight line from him.

After Bobtney ran a few hundred meters, Su Xiao could only see it vaguely. The strangest thing happened, Bob appeared from behind Su Xiao as if he ran in a circle around them.

Su Xiao guessed correctly. They were going in a circle all along.

This can’t be sensed if there was nothing marking their place, but with him standing still and letting Bob ran alone, it was clear now.

This is pretty hard to deal with. It seemed like it was built to confuse any creature’s sense of direction.

Su Xiao could tell that this was caused by visually, and if they wanted to move straight ahead, they would end up going in a circle.

He won’t be able to solve this quickly unless his perception covers the entire grassland.

Since he can’t tell the direction, he would just go without aim.

This place confuses the sense of direction of creatures, but it wasn’t a maze.

Su Xiao directly got on Bob’s back and gestured for him to move forward.

Now, after going twice in a circle, Su Xiao kept inserting sticks on the ground as markers.

After running aimlessly around in circles for a dozen times, there were dozens of markers on the ground.

There were a few markers going in a straight line, while others were scattered randomly.

“Bob, continue.”

Su Xiao took out the pen and paper from his inventory. He first drew a circle on the paper and used the pen to point out some black points on the paper.

The circling began, after running for a few dozen circles later, Bob was getting impatient as he knew they were running in circles.

“The first 30 meters forward, then 50 meters left, then 10 meters right, no, it’s 15 meters right…”

Su Xiao racked his brain to find the right route. Although he looked calm, he had ‘cursed’ the designer of the grass area countless times.

The designer was a perfectionist, changing direction with a different number of steps each time, which made it even more difficult to calculate.

“Bob, move thirty meters forward first.”

Bobtney turned to look at Su Xiao. The dog was confused. It seemed to ask: ‘Boss, how far are 30 meters? ’

Su Xiao sighed, he somewhat overestimated Bob’s intelligence, Bobtney was a smart creature, but its intelligence was somewhat poor, commonly known as a stupid dog.

“Just move forward, you stop immediately when I ask you to stop, you can’t move one more step.”

Bob began to move forward, sometimes it turned left, sometimes it turned to the right, and occasionally it took a few steps back.

“This is the direction, keep running.”

Bobtney ran wildly. The view changed, it was no longer a grass area.

They succeeded.

The surrounding scenes were finally no longer the same; some trees appeared.

[You have entered the center of ‘Birummark alchemy trial ground’, alchemy poison begins to change.]

[You are eroded by ‘Sdrolo’ alchemy poison, strength-10, agility-10, physical strength-10, and 7 points of real damage per second.]

[do you want to turn on a high-level air filter? it costs 300 Paradise coins per hour.]

Su Xiao felt his body getting heavier from the poison.

“Activate it.”

Although he was reluctant, he had to use the air filter, or else he’d die.

After half an hour, the grass started to disappear as walls appeared from the sides forming a tunnel which was getting narrower.

In the end, they were in a cave. The cave was about ten meters high, and the plants on the ground were withered.

A heavy smell directly attacked them, which made Su Xiao order Bob to move further ahead.

After entering the cave, heavy footsteps were her behind them, and suddenly they heard some strange voices. So Bob directly hid in a crack inside the cave.

“Gabahaha… (unknown language).”

“Tutu… (unknown language).”

This should be some kind of language. Su Xiao couldn’t understand it at all. He just took a peek to see what’s going on.

He could see a group of people about one meter tall, their bodies were thin, the skins were dark yellow, their eyes protruded, the ears were sharp. They looked like humans.

There were five strange creatures. Although they were only about one meter high, they were powerful. Each strange creature held an iron box with three meters high in their hand. The iron box contained black stones.

Su Xiao immediately recognized the stones. It was coal. These creatures were very likely to have intelligence. Were they alchemists? Their appearance didn’t give that feeling.

“They seem to be dangerous species: crypt people, but the crypts people don’t have such great strength.”

The little emperor recognized the origins of strange creatures.

“Crypt man? A kind of human?”

“No, the crypt people are between humans and beasts. They have an independent language. They usually live on the west side of the mainland. They are numbered in the few hundred thousand. They often rob nearby villages. They also have the habit of eating people. To be exact, they will eat any kind of creature. If they are too hungry, their weak companions are also treated as food for an emergency.”

The little emperor knew a lot about dangerous species.

During the conversation between the two, the crypt people had entered the cave.

Su Xiao was very concerned about the destination of those crypt people. He began to track several crypt people, Bobtney and the little emperor followed Su Xiao.

These crypt people were familiar with the terrain of the cave. Moving forward in the cave for about ten minutes, the crypt people entered another area.


As Su Xiao looked at this new area, he saw some heavy machinery all around the place.

These large machines were steel structures with some metal catheters attached to them, and the other end was attached to the rock wall.

At the center of the area, a ten meters high furnace was working, all the coal transported by the crypt people was put into the furnace.

The temperature of the area was very high. There were hundreds of crypt people around the large pieces of machinery working. Their naked upper bodies were covered with oily sweat. The dark yellow skins were covered with dirt.


A crisp sound of a whip came, several tall crypt people were standing on the steel machinery, holding the long whip to supervise the crypt people below working.

These crypt people looked like guards who were about one meter and a half tall, they wore simple armor, their skins were light cyan, and their big eyes were extremely fierce.

When crypt people heard the whip sound, they trembled and started working harder to move coals, maintain the machines, etc.