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R.P Chapter 250: Guards!

There were mechanical engines all over the place, and from time to time, they ejected steam.


A scream came from a crypt man who was burned by the steam, and blisters formed all over his skin as he fell to the ground.

The people retreated as while roaring as they seemed dissatisfied by this incident.

“&”é”&&é’… (Unknown Language)”

The crypt guards pointed at the man and said something.

Suddenly one of the crypt man went toward the burned one, then checked him up before shaking his head which meant there was no hope for him.

The guards held the man and threw him into the steam.


A heart-breaking scream came, and then nothing could be heard anymore.

After a few minutes, a hook appeared in the hand of the guard before he took the semi-cooked man out from the steam.

The crypt people seemed like they hadn’t eaten in a long time and their mouth water looking at the cooked one.

“&é”’(&… (Unknown Language)”

The guard shouted as he stood in his place. As he jumped up more then ten meters toward the cooked man.

Before sitting down and taking an arm and slowly started eating it.

After the guards finished eating, the people swarmed the cooked man and started eating as well. After a while, nothing was left of him.

This scene fell into Su Xiao eyes; that jump was not normal.


The little emperor vomited with a pale face.

“Now… what should we do… These guys are bad news.”

The little emperor looked at them with fear.

Su Xiao knew that it wouldn’t be wise to fight these crypts. If it was outside, it wouldn’t matter, but here, it was like he was trapped in a poison hole.

Su Xiao took out a red test tube before tossing it into an open space.

The test tube moved slowly before breaking on a large machine.

A reddish mist floated in the air, getting diluted slowly.

Su Xiao took three gas masks before giving one to the little emperor and one to Bob.

Seeing Bob with a mask on his face, Su Xiao almost laughed.

Waiting for the gas to fill the place as he put the mask on.

This item was purchased from Reincarnation Paradise, it wasn’t that expensive, and it was excellent.

This wasn’t a normal Anesthetic, and it was ten times more damaging than one, it permanently damages the nervous system, and the only requirement is a semi-enclosed space, and its price was only 50 Paradise coins.

After about ten minutes, Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled. The poison resistance of these crypts was astonishing. Generally, it took three minutes for the anesthetic to take action, but ten has passed, and no effect was shown.

After half an hour, a crypt man finally fell down and started twitching like a fish out of water.

This was like a chain reaction as more started showing the same symptoms. This made the guards angry as they picked up a whip and hit the fallen crypts faces. After a few hits, the crypts were broken.

After a few minutes, the guards felt that something was wrong.

Its body swayed for a while before stabilizing without showing any sign of falling down.

The guard finally shouted to get the attention of the crypts and other guards.

The other guards finally noticed that most of the crypts fell down on the ground, leaving only the four guards.

Seeing this, Su Xiao Walked out from his hiding place as he wanted to pass these guard.


The guard shouted; he threw away the whip as he picked a long hammer from his waist that was covered with dried blood.

The Guards rushed toward Su Xiao.

This time, Su Xiao guessed what the guard said, Tuta would probably mean enemy.

“Bob, take two away, just drag for time.”

The dog directly greeted the guards before running very fast, then as he was about to hit them, he made a 90° turn and moved away.

The guards were angry, and three of them followed after Bob, who was good news for Su Xiao.

The Guards seemed to to be affected by the drug as they weren’t moving efficiently, but it wasn’t that obvious.

A crypt Guard looked at Su Xiao as he licked his black teeth as he wanted to eat Su Xiao.

The Guard rushed at Su Xiao and slammed his one-meter long hammer at him.

The wind brushed against Su Xiao’s face as he barely avoided it while holding Dragon Flash in his hand.


The hammer hit the ground, creating a large pit on the ground.

If this hit Dragon Flash, even if it didn’t break, Su Xiao most likely won’t be able to keep it in his hand.

Su Xiao used [Hawk’s Eye] to view the attributes of the guard.

Name: Crypt guards (in chemical poisoning)

Type: Alchemy

Health: 86%.

Mana value: 100

Strength: 30

Agility: 22

Vitality: 30

Intelligence: 10

Charm: 2

Skill 1: Hammer skill (active), pull out the hammer with full force, and cause damage to the enemies hitting three times and causing bone-breaking effect, consuming 30 mana.

Su Xiao’s pupil constricted as he viewed the information from the Guard.

His attributes were high; his Strength and Vitality are as high as 30 as well.

The Guard didn’t have a large body, and he had 30 points in strength, which means his explosive strength was something else.

Su Xiao was vigilant not from this, but from the 30 Vitality because he was very tenacious it seems.

Avoiding the hammer by a hair, Su Xiao’s hands gripped Dragon Flash as he walked sideways and slashed the Guard in his chest.


The Sword was thrust into the Guards’s chest, but it could only penetrate a few centimeters before it met with resistance.

Su Xiao took his sword back as the crypt guard didn’t care about his injury as he slammed his hammer again.