Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 251: Fighting With Wisdom!

The crypt guard was strong, although his body wasn’t that big.

Su Xiao ran a little before arriving beside a machine and slashing an iron pipe.


Steam rushed out while Su Xiao rushed out from its way and the guard directly rushed toward it.

The steams temperature dropped as it touched the air, although it was still hot, it didn’t burn skin.

The steam made Su Xiao disappear from the Guard’s sight.

Su Xiao’s perception as strong, he can clearly perceive the Guard even with the steam, and this environment was to his advantage.

The steam hit the Guard’s hammer, and from time to time, he screamed.

Su Xiao directly leaped and thrust his sword on the neck of the Guard while he landed on his back, before retreating.

The Guard flailed like a headless fly, the wind pressure after each move blew the steam away.

The sword light appeared again and wounded him once more, causing severe pain due to Qin Gang Ying made the Guard’s eyes blood red.


A beast like Roar left the guard’s mouth as he moved his hummer trying blow the steam away.

Su Xiao appeared on the back of the guard like a god of death. He held the sword and stabbed into his back.


Dragon Flash passed through the guard’s chest and penetrated its heart.

The Guard looked down and saw the tip of the sword coming out from his chest and was stunned.


Full of anger and unwillingness, but also helpless, because this type of injury even with his vitality was sure to kill him. Although he was about to die, he swung his hummer, attempting to drag his opponent down with him.

Struggling for about two minutes, the guard started losing strength.

He slammed down, and with a thud, his life ended.

Looking at the corpse of the guard, Su Xiao wasn’t pleased. This little monster was too strong, and if he encounters a boss of these creatures, how strong will it be?

[You killed a Crypt Guard]

[The cryptians are guarding hidden creatures, and Hunter can choose one of the rewards as follow:

Option 1: 3,500 Paradise Coins.

Option 2: A treasure chest dropped by the Crypt Guard.

Option3: Soul Crystal (Shard) X 1.

Option 4: V-type Alchemy virus resistance +5% (The core of the Bilumak Alchemy Site is full of V-type viruses.)

This was Su Xiao’s first time getting to choose a reward after killing something and not just the drop.

The first option is excluded because even if the Paradise Coins are precious, there are many ways of getting them.

The Guard is a small monster in this site, and the treasure chest may not be worth the shot.

As for the soul crystal shard, Su Xiao didn’t know what it does, after thinking a bit, he guessed that ten of them could create one soul crystal (small).

The last option is interesting.

The Reincarnation Paradise may give him the option of getting an even stronger gas mask after getting to the core, but it also may not, and he would then have to rely on his body to do so.

He didn’t hesitate and directly chose the last option; he needed to leave this place, and crossing the core area would most likely be needed to do so.

Su Xiao then directly checked on Bob’s situation.

Unlike Su Xiao, Bob was very happy, he was just running, and the three guards were after him with no chance to catch him.

From time to time, Bob would turn around and bark twice.

The Guard was very angered as they continued chasing the dog.

Su Xiao didn’t directly engage with the guard, and he just cut off other pipes making the temperature in the place raise.

Bob’s IQ increased from the way it was when he was created. He directly rushed into the steam.

The guards unwilling to give up on the chase, directly rushed after him, as soon as they entered, a sword stabbed at one of them from the steam.


A Crypt Guard’s throat was directly penetrated, and once the sword connected, Su Xiao retreated.

Unexpectedly, a hummer rushed at Su Xiao from a Guard who through it.


The Hummer slammed Su Xiao’s chest throwing him back a few steps before a sweet taste rushed into his mouth. His chest felt numb and swollen quickly. After the numbness, pain appeared, and it was as if his chest was pressed by a big stone.

Su Xiao gently touched his chest and breathed. Although his ribs weren’t broken, they certainly cracked.

In the steam, the three guards started looking for Su Xiao.

Su Xiao took his sword and slashed the eyes of one of the guards, which made him swing his hammer around.


A muffled sound was heard, the guard kneeled down and looked at the head of the other one.

The guard kneeling down shook his head.

“&é”’&’… (Unknown Language)”

“&é”’&’… (Unknown Language)”

The guards said with a bad tone, and at the end, their voice grew louder.

The one without a weapon opened his mouth and wanted to persuade the others, or so it seemed, but he got a hammer to his nose and bled.

The three started to fight.

This kind of opportunity can’t be missed by Su Xiao and directly attacked the one without a weapon.

After three minutes, the fight ended with the guard without a weapon filled with slashes.

The other two were still fighting, even though they didn’t have low IQ, they were brutal and ate their injured kind, which was rare for intelligent beings.

After five minutes, the head of the two guards was deformed and covered with blood, but even so, they were still wielding their hammer showing how ferocious they were.

This time, Su Xiao directly attacked both of them and directly chose the last option the same as the last one and got his V-type virus resistance up to 20%

Su Xiao tried killing the other crypt man, but he didn’t get any reward of even mana from them.

Looking at his devour ability, it seemed like he reached the limit already and his current mana points were 573 points.