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R.P Chapter 252: Sherlock

The flames in the furnace at the center gradually extinguished and the machines stopped working and the steam dissipated.

The machines should have a role in here, and it would be good for Su Xiao to shut them down.

With Dragon Flash in hand, Su Xiao destroyed the machines.

Looking around, Su Xiao found an elevator like thing, which seemed old and simple. It was a metal frame with wires on each side.

Other than the elevator, there was no other route. Su Xiao entered it with Bob and the Emperor.

Su Xiao found a lever and dropped it, the elevator firstly vibrated before slowly started raising.

Sound of metal friction was heard; the elevator seemed to work barely. Su Xiao felt that this thing would collapse at any time. Bob closed his eyes with fright.

As the elevator moved, the surrounding scene changed from black stone walls to metallic texture.


The elevator seemed to sink downward, Su Xiao kept his center of Gravity low so he can still be on the ground before the elevator once again returned to normal.

The ground no longer can be seen, and if it falls now, it would be a big problem.

Fortunately, although the elevator wasn’t good, it didn’t collapse yet.

After a few minutes, the elevator stopped, and it was after a few hundred meters, which made Su Xiao happy as he was close to the ground now.

A factory-like place was scene as the elevator stopped. The place was filled with test tubes a few meters high. Each holding a strange animal, the type of animal that was really dangerous, and occasionally, you can see a few humans.

Some species had two heads, and some had dozen of hands.

The extra ones seemed to have stitches. Some were joined by metal.

The species didn’t seem to be alive as they were soaked in some solution in the tubes.

“Which direction should we go next.”

Su Xiao walked into the factory and asked the little emperor to be the guide.

“Probably, that direction.”

The little emperor pointed to the right.


“My instinct disappeared here.”

Su Xiao looked at the emperor with a glare and the little guy too a few steps back.

“I didn’t lie this time.”


Hesitating a little, Su Xiao walked in the direction the little emperor pointed at without another choice.

After a while, Su Xiao heard the sound of footsteps in the distance but didn’t feel any creature close by. Still, the footsteps were getting closer and closer.

Su Xiao directly moved around, there were many doors like things around, and Su Xiao just chose one and entered.

In fact, not only did the instinct of the little emperor disappeared, but also Su Xiao’s perception was greatly weakened. Something was suppressing his perception, which made his perception range only two meters.

After entering the door, Su Xiao found a large number of equipment and test tubes, which should be the work of an alchemist.

The people he head walking entered and Su Xiao’s grip tightened around Dragon Flash ready to attack.

But something was strange because they were crypt man wearing a yellowish-white coat with one arm made of metal.

The crypt men looked at Su Xiao as he looked at them, but the strange thing is, they looked at him with surprise, and without yelling, they said.

“Human from the ground?”

Strangely, they spoke the normal language but with a strange tone.


Su Xiao didn’t know what their origin is or if there were enemies in this place, but if they shouted, it would be a problem.

The situation was somewhat unexpected, and the crypt man was surprised as he looked with a happy face.

“Human… Finally, there are human beings coming here. Great.”

Strangely, the crypt man put down the test tube as he looked at Su Xiao and the others.

The footsteps from outside were heard again, and the crypt man’s face changed.

“Oh, don’t say anything.”

Su Xiao could tell that this guy was afraid of the creature outside.

“The ones outside are the inspection force; you’re not their opponent, believe me.”

Su Xiao hid around as the crypt man went, but he was still on guard.

The footsteps gradually went away, and the strange man sighed.

“Human… The human on the ground. Hahaha. Great. Finally, we have the opportunity to leave this place. It has been six hundred years. I was trapped in this ghostly place for a total of 631 years, one month and seven days.

The strange man started to cry.

“You’re a nobleman, my name Sherlock, made by a sinner alchemist, to help him complete his stupid study.”

Sherlock’s attitude was very warm. It seemed it was good for him to meet Su Xiao and the others, but his eyes turned around, his IQ wasn’t low, and this meant that there is a plot here.

“Oh Noble Human, can I ask you where are you going? Is it the temple? Or is it the room of alchemy?”

Sherlock’s eyes were full of expectation.

Su Xiao thought that this guy should be very willing to leave this place, the origin of the other party was already obvious, this was an alchemy creature.

If sherlock’s words were true, then that means he is a few hundred years old, and the life of the crypt man was only 30 years long, and only alchemy could make him live so long.

One of his arms was made of metal, and there was a metal present on his neck.

He was trapped here for so long, and he should be eager to leave, maybe the little emperor didn’t matter anymore.

“We want to go to the temple.”

“&éé”’é,” é”(‘é”’é… (Unknown Language)”

Sherlock’s flame of hope seemed to extinguish.

“Is there an emergency passage here, why didn’t you leave?”

Su Xiao put down Dragon Flash into the sheath, Sherlock wasn’t strong, and he can deal with him.

“The emergency passage can only be used by the royal family. I’m an alchemy creature… we’ll be abandoned after being used, the damn alchemist and the royal family.”

The sound of metal creaked out from Sherlock.

“Sherlock, come over.”

Su Xiao said to him, although he didn’t know what Sherlock wanted, him wanting to leave was true.

Coming to the corner, Su Xiao whispered: “My name is Byakuya, we work together to leave.”

Sherlock rubbed his chin and looked at Su Xiao before whispering:

“Then we have the same goal, the big hole in the temple is at least a few hundred meters high, it’s no easy to come down here, and there are hundreds of tools but none to fly.”

Sherlock said with a sigh.

“I have been trapped here for so long while I know how wonderful the world outside is, can you understand that pain?”

Su Xiao put his hand on Sherlock’s shoulder.

“It’s a tragic experience, and you said that only the royal family could use the emergency passage.”

“The emergency passage was originally made by alchemist by the orders of the royal family. The door checks the blood of the one opening it in a special way. The door is actually an unintelligent alchemy creature made by fine gold…”

Sherlock talked endlessly. This guy’s alchemy level wasn’t low, as he was trapped here for so long.

“Stop, I don’t understand. In general, the royal family can open the door?”

“Yes, but it isn’t right, the royal blood activates the door, we will know how to open it afterward, but so what?”

Su Xiao was happy.

“That kid, you see him?”

“Who is he?”

“A member of the royal family.”

Sherlock glanced, his eyes widened, his face showing ecstasy, but the hatred can also be seen.

“Friend, I must be your most reliable partner, let’s get out of here together.”

Sherlock was excited, as he trembled.

“Okay, let’s go out together.”

Su Xiao and sherlock looked sideways at the little emperor, and the little guy instinctively stepped back.