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R.P Chapter 253: The Way out!

Sherlock was a crypt man transformed by an alchemist, and most of his organs were swapped with machines.

According to him, it required the minimum amount of energy for his daily activities. The main source of energy being the refined ore that can sustain him for half a year.

“Do you understand everything about this place?”

Su Xiao wanted to judge Sherlock’s intelligence as much as he can.

“Except for some secret location, I know all the other ones, in short, there is no problem if we want to leave. Wait…”

Sherlock moved and took a yellow sheet of paper from the drawer.

“This is a map of the alchemy site, and this is our current location.”

Sherlock pointed to the middle rear of the map, and Su Xiao moved forward to look.

He was moving forward toward the core of the alchemy site.

Su Xiao noticed a specially marked position which was the emergency passage.

“We are in the seventh research room, which is mainly responsible for creating alchemy creatures. The emergency exit isn’t that far from here, as long as we can make it there. There are several alchemy creatures here same as me, our fighting abilities are close to none existing because we were specially made to help with alchemy ingredients and the sort, but there are ones that were made for battle. If you went to the second room, you wouldn’t be alive now.”

Sherlock held the map and allowed Su Xiao only to look, and he kept his guard up against him.

“The Sanctuary of birth? What is born there?”

“Monsters, monsters with the ability to destroy the empire. But in the end, the royalty didn’t approve of this due to their jealousy, so they disposed of them and the one left is to be disposed of as well.”

Su Xiao felt a headache now, because this unknown monster may be strong.

“How strong is this monster compared to the crypt guard?”

Sherlock looked at Su Xiao, very surprised.

“Those guards? Are you kidding? The purpose of these guards is not to fight, and you should know the supreme one.”

Su Xiao nodded, and Sherlock continued:

“The Supreme emperor is vulnerable to the monster we are talking about, for up to fight minutes, the monster could turn him into a pile of iron.”

Su Xiao had a headache now.

“It has a powerful perception, and we can’t safely pass around it.”

“Don’t about it, the thing is asleep, it hasn’t been moving for four hundred years.”

“Is that reliable?”

“Of course, I’m a crypt man who has lived for six hundred years.”

Sherlock stood up and looked at himself.

“Go ahead and let’s leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Wait, I have to clean up my home.”

Sherlock took out a gray cloth bag and started to pack his things from the room. He put a piece of parchment was put in the bag, and Su Xiao saw a purple flash on the sheepskin.

Putting the bag on his back, Sherlock walked in sizable steps.

“You can follow me, the guards here only patrol three times a day.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything, but he didn’t relax.

Sherlock moved in front while looking good.

The seventh room didn’t have any other alchemy creature.

It was once a good place a thousand years ago, but now it’s ruined.

Once there was an alchemist living in every compartment and experimented on living being here and dying here.

The Royal family poisoned the food of alchemists, and more than 95% were poisoned.

After that, the alchemy site became a restricted area for human beings. Except for members of the Royal family, anyone who enters here is attached to an alchemy creature.

After the monsters were created, the Royal family began to avoid the Alchemist’s ability. The end of the alchemist soon arrived, and all of them were chased out by the army of the empire, and only some alchemists survived.

Without the Alchemists, the site was generally forgotten by the royal family.

The royal family destroyed the royal family couldn’t bear the power of the monsters. Of course, there should be other reasons.

After a passage full of test tubes, Su Xiao came to the sanctuary of birth.

Unlike what he imagined, there were no experiments here, no powerful alchemy creatures, it was just a cold metal room that was several thousand square meters. The entire room was empty.

“This is the sanctuary of birth, where is the monster?”

Su Xiao looked around and didn’t see the monster.

Sherlock pointed at the ground.

“It’s just under our feet, don’t make too much noise, although it’s asleep for 400 years, no one is sure when it would wake up. If we’re not lucky, it will wake up soon.”

Hearing the keyword ‘bad luck’, Su Xiao’s heart tightened, because his luck was not good at all.

It turns out that the monster wasn’t easy to wake up, as they moved, they arrived in front of a diamond-shaped metal door.

There is a face in the lower part of the door with a largemouth.

“This is the emergency exit, little boy, come here.”

Sherlock signaled to the little emperor to come forward.

“Me?” The little emperor pointed at himself.

“What… What do you want me to do?”

The little emperor didn’t cooperate very much as he noticed the hostility of Sherlock.

“Hands in there.”

Sherlock pointed at the big mouth in the metal door, and the little emperor shook his head immediately.

Su Xiao didn’t ask for the little emperor’s consent in this, and he directly looked at him while he was retreating.

“If you don’t do it yourself, I will make you, and you won’t like it.”

The little emperor didn’t move, Su Xiao directly moved toward him.

“Don’t kill him, and he must be alive.”

Sherlock said in a hurry.

Five seconds later, Su Xiao grabbed the little guy’s hands and directly shoved them into the mouth in the door while the latter was screaming.

The little guy struggled, but there was no use.


The eyes on the face that was stuck in the door opened, and scale-like things started to Rotate.

“Let me handle the rest, and I will solve it in thirty seconds.”

Sherlock’s hands were shaking; the door for freedom was open in front of him.”

The little emperor found that there was no danger for him and stopped struggling. Su Xiao directly let him go as there was no use to him anymore.


Suddenly, the ground vibrated, and Su Xiao felt his feet turn numb, and Sherlock stumbled.

“What happened.”

“The, the monster must be awake.”

Sherlock was shaking.

“Hurry up and open the door.”

“Yes, we need to escape.”

Sherlock quickly turned the eyeball that was on the door.


The metal door opened slowly, but there wasn’t any sound of the metal door opening, the sound of cracking came from under their feet, something was coming out.