Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 254: The sun God!

Su Xiao got on Bob while the dog hurried into the door.

“Take me with you.”

Sherlock shouted, and Su Xiao hesitated, he chose to grab his collar while the little emperor didn’t understand what was happening.

Su Xiao didn’t pay attention to the little emperor, he rode on Bob and quickly entered the exit.

The exit was a straight upward slope.

Bob was already running at full speed, trying to get out of there.

Sherlock suddenly screamed: “Byakuya, you should’ve killed the little guy. Without him, the monster won’t be able to leave.”

“What do you mean.”

“The reason why the Royal family didn’t kill that monster is that they had some way to control it, but the cost was too much, that’s why they kept him there.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything, and he could handle the little emperor at any time.


A loud bang was heard from behind them, and a large cloud of dust emerged cracking the entire passage as it looked like it would collapse at any moment.


A large stone fell that almost blocked the passage.

Wouch! Wouch!

Crack’s spread around the passage, and the passage was about to collapse, it could hold a maximum of twenty seconds.

“Bob, Run Fast.”

Su Xiao shouted loudly, and Bob directly did so.

The front was dark, Su Xiao saw the large stone ahead.

Dead end? No, it’s a stone blocking the way out. At this time, Su Xiao’s perception return to its full power.

Bob rushed quickly, and when he was a few meters away from the stone, Su Xiao pulled his Dragon Flash.

Several white lines flashed in the dark passage breaking the stone apart with smooth cuts.

Light appeared in front of them, while they were in a dark environment for so long, seeing the sunlight caused their vision to blur as the light hurt their eyes.

Su Xiao’s vitality was 15 points, way more powerful than ordinary humans.

Although Bob’s eyes were affected, they returned to normal after a few seconds.

As soon as they exited, they breathed in the fresh air, and they were inside the forest about 1 Kilometer away from the empire.

With a bang, the passage collapsed. Now Su Xiao only needed to go to the coordinates the Reincarnation Paradise gave him to return.

Just as Su Xiao was in a good mood, Notifications from the reincarnation paradise appeared in front of him.

[The hunter has left the Birummark Alchemy Site, The V-type alchemy virus is no longer affecting the Hunter.]

[The hunter stayed in an environment full of V-type virus for 6 minutes, the V-type alchemy Virus is about to break out. Hunter, Please prepare in Advance.]

[Warning: V-type alchemy Virus Outbreak!]

[Warning: V-type alchemy Virus Outbreak!]

[Warning: V-type alchemy Virus Outbreak!]

[Checking the hunter for resistance toward V-type alchemy virus, the check is completed. The V-type alchemy virus will cause 20% damage to Hunter’s life value per minute. The hunter stayed more than five minutes which will trigger Death.]

[Initiating Judgement of Death… Checking the Hunter’s antibody for the V-Type alchemy virus. The judgment of Death failed.]

[The V-type alchemy Virus will cause 96% damage to the Hunter and will put the hunter in a sudden Death state.]

Reincarnation Paradise’s notification was present while he was escaping, but due to the situation, Su Xiao didn’t look at them until now. He suddenly spits out a large mouthful of black blood, and his vision turned black, and his ears started humming as he almost fell from Bob’s back.

[Honor Pharmacy Potion] Effect: Restore Health by 100% after use.

The potion didn’t have any taste, after drinking it, white light covered his body and organs that were eroded by the virus were quickly repaired, and gas visible to the naked eye escaped from his pores.

The virus was horrible, and it would directly trigger Death Judgement after being poisoned for some time.

Su Xiao didn’t die thanks having 20% resistance.

If Su Xiao stayed there for a little longer, he wouldn’t even have the opportunity to take the potion.

And this virus is out of the scope of magical damage, so the immunity to magic didn’t have any effect on it.

“Hey, are you okay? I take it you have a way to deal with the virus.”

Sherlock looked at Su Xiao with concern, but his eyes flashed with disappointment.

‘How didn’t he die?’ this was his real thoughts.

Su Xiao looked at Sherlock with a gentle smile and said.

“You seem rather disappointed that I didn’t die.”

“How could, how could I…”

Sherlock didn’t finish his words before he was in the air as Su Xiao grabbed him by his neck and lifted him up.

“Then what is that bottle in your hand, don’t say anything, I could feel danger, and only danger from it.”

Sherlock’s metal arm shrunk back into his sleeve with the bottle in it.

“This is a mean of self-defense, don’t get me wrong.”

Sherlock looked calm as if he wasn’t lying.

“Oh, the means of self-defense. You were separated from human society for years, and you had your eyes on Bobtney now.”

Sherlock took a fancy to Bob.

Su Xiao Grabbed the bottle from Sherlock and tried to see what the Reincarnation Paradise say about it.

Su Xiao threw the black bottle into the distance on a tree.


A green smoke emerged as the tree was eroded by the acid from the bottle.

“It seems you discovered it? Well, you can’t do anything about it, if you kill me, you die.”

Sherlock showed the bomb he had on his chest.

“This alchemy bomb is named the Sun God, and the explosion range spread over half a kilometer, when my body function ceases, it will explode.”

Su Xiao looked at the bomb. Sherlock didn’t lie, which was why he didn’t kill him yet.

He had a vague feeling that he can’t kill Sherlock.

Su Xiao just took the bag from Sherlock’s bag into his inventory. Then he took something out from it.

“This… What’s this strange thing…”

Sherlock could no longer keep calm as he struggled to get away from Su Xiao.

Su Xiao grabbed Sherlock’s jaw and forced his mouth open, and then he put the thing he grabbed from his inventory into his throat. That thing was shaped like a Sea Urchin.

“Oh, Oh, you… Bastard!!”

Sherlock’s face was full of pain, as the sea Urchin shaped object stuck in his throat.

Pip… Pip!

There was a regular electronic sound coming from his throat as if something was counting down.

“Do you like bombs? I will give you one.”

Su Xiao threw Sherlock aside and immediately rode on Bob and started running, after five minutes, Sherlock squatted down and tried to spit out something from his throat.


Sherlock tried with his hand as well, but the surface of the bomb was that of a sea Urchin which stuck in his throat.


The sound was getting more and more urgent, as sherlock tried to stuff his hand into his mouth.


The sound disappeared. Sherlock’s movement stopped as he pulled his hand from his mouth.

“Was that Human wrong? Are all humans stupid now?”

Sherlock took a deep breath of fresh air.

“Is this the feeling of freedom? I hate humans.”


Sherlock’s body directly shattered.

The alchemy bomb flew in the air as the circuit turned red and finally…


Flames appeared everywhere as it expanded. In just two seconds, it enveloped half a kilometer.

As if a sun was on the ground, everything in the vicinity started to evaporate.

This was the horror of the alchemy bomb named Sun God!