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R.P Chapter 255: Horrible Creatures!

Su Xiao was riding Bob when he felt the power of the Explosion behind him.

The fireball on his back was burning like a sun, but fortunately for Su Xiao, he left the half Kilometer range already.

Sherlock has been calculating, and Su Xiao was wary of him.

Su Xiao felt that something was wrong when he met him.

Sherlock didn’t hate just the alchemist and the Royal family, but also the humans. Su Xiao noticed this when he interacted with him.

He saw the notification of Sherlock dying, so he no longer cared.

Bob was still running toward the coordinates for the last mission in this world, which was a dozen Kilometers away.

It’s important to complete the return mission as soon as possible, or the thing that woke up just before would be dangerous.

Within a few kilometers from the capital, there was a slight vibration as the war stopped. Everyone thought that an earthquake was about to erupt.

Inside a military camp, dozens of contractors gathered together.

“Let’s talk about it, how do we leave, the main mission was finished, and we are surrounded by armies, the return mission actually has 5% world source as a reward, which isn’t low.”

A female contractor with a shotgun said, her face wasn’t good looking as she failed the main mission and her attributes would go down by 3.

“I don’t know how to complete the returned task. All I want is to leave this place; it seems like an earthquake is about to happen.”

A well-received contractor said. Although he was also punished by the -3 of all attributes, he completed several other missions and barely made up for his loss.

This is the benefits of joining a group because there are many side tasks.

“We will die, all of us will.”

Everyone looked at the one talking only to see a young wizard wailing.


The contractors were a little dumbfounded. This mage was usually arrogant, but now he was sobbing like a little girl.

“Below… There is something coming out, and I never thought that there is a creature with such a terrible power here.”

The mage’s voice trembled as his legs turned soft.

“What do you mean?”

The appearance of the young mage made everyone scared.

Boom! Boom!

Cracks started to appear on the ground as the contractors started to go flee.


The ground was split open, a red palm broke out from the ground, and the joints seemed to be metallic.

The palm pressed on the ground, and a ten meters high body broke out.

The creature had a deep red skin, and his joints were metallic as well as his neck.

The creature looked close to a human being if you ignored the cow head and the sharp fangs it had.

This was a super creature created by alchemy.

“Since the owner disappeared, it has been hundreds of years, the world on the ground… So nostalgic.”

The semi-metallic monster shouted loudly.

Although his figure was mighty, his voice sounded a bit sad, because hundreds of years have passed and his owner is no longer here.

“Master, I have been obeying your order and didn’t kill any Royal family member, where are you?”

The bull-headed monster looked around at the people and didn’t seem interested in killing.

“Help me do a few things, and you will be completely free in the future.”

The little emperor looked at the monster and said.

The little guy was in a bad situation this time, his body below the waist was on the monster’s head; it was like he was fused with it.

This was the price of the Royal family pay when they want to use this monster.

This is why it was abandoned there, the monster had its own consciousness, and every time it was used, there is always a chance that it can break from the control.

“Hey, little guy, you have the blood of the royal family, I have accepted your blood, I will do three things for you and nothing more.”

The monster slapped the ground slightly, and a crater appeared in the ground.

“Three requests… Ok.”

The little emperor was suffering from unimaginable pain because his body was being integrated into the brain of the monster.

“The first request is to kill the Minister, Esdeath, and Byakuya.”



The little emperor screamed as he really wanted to kill these three.

“One request is to kill one person, so what you asked are three things.”

The monster answered, and the little emperor’s head looked down.

“Then… kill the minister and Byakuya, Esdeath is fine.”

“Yes, these would be two requests, tell me your last one.”

Every time the monster eat a Royal Family member, he can help them do three things, this was the promise he made with his creator.

The monster was only loyal to his creator; for this reason, the royal family executed all alchemists.

“My last request, I want you to destroy the empire, whether it is the revolutionary army or the empire army, they all can go to hell.”

The little guy made a perverted smile. The betrayal of the minister and everything that happened made him hate everything.

“Yes, I will kill Byakuya, the Minister, and destroy the empire. I won’t swallow you entirely before I complete these three things.”

“I will destroy this place first, and then we will go and kill Byakuya.”

The revolutionary army looked at the monster with blank faces, for it wasn’t clear what it wanted to do.

They knew his purpose a few seconds later.

This monster was a demon, a destroyer.

The monster walked slowly as red mist gradually drifted around him, the most were very light, and its effect was unknown.

After a few steps, the monster started to run, and he became faster with each step, and finally, only a blur could be seen.


The monster smashed the wall like a piece of paper and started fighting the revolutionary army and the empire army.

“Humans still like to fight in closed spaces.”

The monster didn’t attack, and it just stood there.

The pale red mist drifted and quickly around the people near.

Everyone fell down, and their faces were gray.

These people were dead, and there was no scream or sound as they all fell.

“What the hell is this?!”

The distant Empire army and the revolutionary army were horrified, and the ice blue-haired beauty also saw this scene.

Esdeath looked at the monster in the distance and turned around and walked for three seconds before someone stopped her.

“General Esdeath, where are you going?”

The minister shouted loudly.

Esdeath looked at him and shook her head.

“Although I’m passionate about fighting, I’m not interested in going to my death.”

Esdeath didn’t want to fight the monster because she knew she would die if she did.

That was the wisdom of a thousand alchemist combined.

An hour later, the empire was razed to the ground, and no living creature could be seen, the ground was burned down.

The monster was holding a person in his hand, which was the fat minister.

“Your Highness, I’m…”

“Kill him.”

The little emperor gave him a sick smile.


The minister was squeezed into a pile of rotten meat by the monster like a tomato.

“I helped you destroy the empire, killed the Minister, there is only one request left, which is to Kill Byakuya, who is in a nearby town.”

The monster seemed to have the ability to perceive Byakuya as he looked far away.