Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 256: Regression.

Dozens of Kilometers away from the empire, next to a small river.

Su Xiao took the coordinate locator. He felt space fluctuations in the vicinity as the locator was transmitting a certain signal frequency.

[Space coordinate positioning… 10%… 30%… 70%… 100%. Positioning complete.]

[The Hunter completed Main task 2: Coordinate Positioning. The hunter can return to this place at any time, and the time remaining in this world is ten minutes.]

[The coordinate has been reclaimed, and this place will be the one where contractors enter this world.]

Su Xiao suddenly realized that he was helping the Reincarnation Paradise get the transfer coordinate so that other contractors would appear here when they enter this world and not the extreme north as he did.

An accurate transfer can be done, but the price would be high.

Therefore, the Reincarnation paradise made Su Xiao locate the coordinate and reclaim it so the other contractors that enter this world will appear here without any price to be paid. The locator should be very precious, and the Reincarnation paradise probably won’t give it to ordinary Contractors.

Which is why it was given to Su Xiao, who is a Hunter.

The attitude of the Reincarnation Paradise toward Su Xiao wasn’t clear. His original purpose of being in the Reincarnation paradise was to get stronger, and now his strength was enough for him to get his revenge. But for the sake of certainty, he decided to wait longer.

Moreover, Su Xiao found out that it would better to take risks in the Reincarnation paradise than to live dully in the real world.

The Return task is completed, and now, Su Xiao was waiting to return to the Reincarnation paradise.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground started to vibrate. Bob’s hair stood while he was in front of Su Xiao.

“This is…”

Su Xiao looked at the distance only to see a giant bull-headed monster rushing toward him.

“That thing… It’s really fast.”

Su Xiao immediately decided to return, the bull here monster was hard to fight.

But when Su Xiao looked closer, he could vaguely see someone on the head of the monster, and he saw a small-headed looking in his direction with a gaze filled with hate.

“The little emperor? Is this the monster Sherlock talked about?”

Su Xiao was hesitant, he won’t be able to fight this monster, but the little Emperor on his head was the key.

Su Xiao took out a detonator. He placed a small egg-sized bomb on the little emperor that was hard to detect. That bomb was a white item from the Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao directly pushed the button, and an explosion sounded, and a notification appeared as the monster was planted to the ground.

[You destroyed the core of the bull Lord (1/5)]

[The bull-headed monster is the strongest creature in this world; you can choose one of the following rewards.]

Option 1: 21,000 Paradise Coins.

Option 2: Soul Crystal (Medium).

Option 3: Bullhead collar (purple).

Bull headcollar

Origin: Akame Ga Kill!

Quality: purple

Category: Armguards

Durability: 72/72

Requirement: strength 23, agility 17.

Equipment effect: the wrath of the bullhead lord (active), after turning on this skill, the strength goes up by +15 for 10 seconds.

Tip: The wrath of the bullhead lord (active)’s cooldown is 10 natural days.

Tip: Turning on the wrath of the bullhead lord (active) requires 30% health.

Rating: 138 (Note: Purple equipment scores between 71 to 150.)

Introduction: Turn blood into strength and crush everything.

Price: 37,000 Paradise Coins.

The soul Crystal (Medium) was tempting, but the armguard would be more of help to him.

With the +15 strength, along with his current 20 points, he would reach an astonishing strength of 39. Although it can only last for 10 seconds, in a fight, even a second could be a deciding factor.

Imagine at a point, he was fighting someone, and suddenly at a critical moment, his attribute raises suddenly to 39 points.

Su Xiao chose the armguard while at the same time, the space around him started to fluctuate. He chose to return to the Reincarnation paradise.

The monster in the distance got up, and his bloody red eyes were staring at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s head started hurting, but he wasn’t worried at all, he was even thinking about how to enhance his strength even more now.


The roar of anger came to his ear, as the monster rushed toward Su Xiao, the ground under him shattered but Su Xiao was missing.

“This human dared to destroy one of my cores.”

The sounds of roars continued, but the monster has no way to locate Su Xiao anymore.

[Transfer completed. the hunter had returned to the exclusive room.]

[The hunter successfully returned to the Reincarnation Paradise. Calculating the award from the Derivative world.]

Derivative World: Akame Ga Kill!

Difficulty: LV.8 (very difficult)

Source Of the world Gained: 27.2%

Number of Mission completed: 2 (Main task 1 and 2.)

Evaluation: A. (Note: The evaluation score can go from E- to S+. The evaluation is based on the source of the world gained and the difficulty of the world as well as the number of mission completed.)

Collecting source of the world…

Collecting completed, start initiating the rewards.

Earned reward: 13 attribute points (including the attribute points gained in the other world) and 10,000 Paradise Coins.

The overall score is A. The hunter gained +2 levels and now is level 9.

The hunter level reached level 9, and the inventory increased to nine cubic meters.

The reward will be directly placed inside the hunter’s inventory.

[Checking the items that can’t be brought to the Reincarnation Paradise… The products are only 1/15 of the finished ones. They can be registered in the Reincarnation Paradise with 5,000 Paradise Coins.]

Su Xiao immediately chose to register them into the Reincarnation Paradise.

The source of the world acquired from the Akame Ga Kill world wasn’t that much, but the reward from the Main mission was good.

It’s not surprising that many were after the key.

Sitting on the bed in the exclusive room, Su Xiao started checking the Attributes available and the Paradise coins he had now. He has 13 Attribute points as well as 31,057 Paradise Coins.

He gained a lot from this world; he now had a lot of good equipment.

[Mystery Silver Ring (Purple)], [Bull head collar (purple)], [Iceland Prince Token (Blue)]. Three Pieces of equipment were obtained from there, and two of them are suitable for his use. Not to mention the Soul Crystal.

Su Xiao didn’t want to do anything now, and he only wanted to sleep.

Bob looked at Su Xiao and at the bed, he seemed to want to hop on the bed as well but was afraid that Su Xiao would be angry. Then he jumped onto the bed, and he was curious about Su Xiao’s personal space.

“If you’re hungry, eat something from the fridge, thirsty, go to the faucet over there… Not the toilet! Don’t drink water from there! Take you to head out and don’t mess with any furniture, or else you will be grounded for three days…”

After getting the common sense into Bob’s head, Su Xiao fell asleep without even taking his clothes off, and snoring sound could be heard coming from him. This just shows how tired he was.

Bob wanted to mess around but was afraid that Su Xiao would really ground him.

After sleeping for 17 hours, Su Xiao woke up, and he was woken up by the smell of Urine. Otherwise, he would’ve slept for more.

After taking a cold shower, Su Xiao’s head was clearer.

Checking the furniture for damage, he didn’t found any, just a large dumbbell smashed and discs full of teeth marks.

Su Xiao looked at Bob while the dog was looking at the dumbbell, it had a fight with it.

After dressing up, Su Xiao took Bob out of the room and directly went to the strengthening hall, which was his personal habit.

Su Xiao used this place many times and was already used to it. He paid the 100 paradise coins to enter while Bob was guarding the door.

[Welcome to the strengthening hall, your current personal attributes are as follow.]

Strength: 24

Agility: 24

Vitality: 12

Intelligence: 24

Charm: 3

[Hunter can freely assign his attribute points, hunter current has: 13 points]

[Ding, the main attributes of the hunter is detected to be strength, agility, intelligence, please upgrade these three attributes first.]

The 3 charm points will stay the same, and he didn’t want to waste his points on such a useless attribute.

He didn’t like to be friendly with the characters in the other worlds, and he was used to using his sword to persuade them, which was more effective.

And this method requires strength, vitality, agility, and intelligence.

The 13 points were allocated as follows: strength +5, agility +4, and intelligence +4.

[The attribute distribution is completed, the reinforcement starts and the reinforcement will be accompanied by a huge pain. use the anesthesia function, and this function is free: Yes/No]


The process started as Su Xiao closed his eyes and sat on the ground. His muscle started twitching, and his skin turned red.

No matter how many times he experienced this, he couldn’t get used to the pain, and the pain was increasing each time.

The starting point of a normal human body was low, but it has unlimited potential. Attribute enhancement is developing that potential. If you want to achieve the effect of ten years or more in just a few hours, you need to endure the pain.

When the enhancement was completed, Su Xiao’s clothes were soaked in sweat.

Feeling the power in his body, Su Xiao smiled. The feeling of becoming stronger is wonderful.

Now his attributes were:

Strength: 29

Agility: 28

Vitality: 12

Intelligence: 28

Charm: 3

Su Xiao left the strengthening hall and went toward the market. He needed the Paradise coins urgently.

Dragon Flash was now 86% from turning into a purple quality weapon.

This will be the last blue weapon Dragon flash will consume, and the next ones need to be purple. And that would be very expensive. Su Xiao wanted to upgrade his weapon now.

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