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R.P Chapter 257: Alchemy

Going to the market, the place was lively, and the sound of people bargaining was all over the place.

Without a doubt, the market holds the largest number of contractors as more than 70% of them are gathered here.

The contractors and workers formed the balance in reincarnation Paradise. The two are indispensable.

In fact, workers were like hunters, the exception is that the workers failed their first mission, which led to the Reincarnation Paradise giving them a choice to be workers and enter a derivative world every two months.

That is an opportunity for the workers to perform well and gain an identity as a contractor if they scored above B.

If the workers are the service personals of the Reincarnation Paradise, then the hunters are the cleaning staff, who are responsible for cleaning the contractors who make offenses.

Su Xiao went to the booth he often used, but he found someone there already, so he simply went to the booth on the side.

Paying for three hours, Su Xiao listed two equipment to be sold.

[Evil Roar (Green)]

Category: Ring.

Equipment effect: Roar (active), after activating this effect, it will disregard the sensation of pain for 20 seconds; during that time, any attack comes increases 5% attack speeds each time. ( Increased attack speed max value is 50%, after roar effect vanishes, this addition disappear.)

Rating: 21

Roar, This skill was useful, if he didn’t have the mysterious ring, he wouldn’t sell this ring.

After a bit, Su Xiao marked the ring price as 10,000 Paradise coins.

He wasn’t greedy, as the jewelry equipment are rare and moreover, the Roar skill was really useful.

The second one is [Ice prince Token]

[Ice prince Token (blue)]

Category: Accessory

Equipment requirements: Charm 15 points above.

Equipment effect: Prince law (Active), summon three to five extremely north army soldiers, the northern army soldier did not have individual consciousness, may carry out the tedious order.

Rating: 46

Seeing this, Su Xiao was hurt, this equipment was good, very good actually, summoning canon fodders is a good choice, and if he wasn’t in need for Paradise Coins, he wouldn’t sell it.

It looks like to Su Xiao, 15 charm points are more difficult to get than 50 strength points.

Considering the ability this piece of equipment has, Su Xiao decided that its price should be 30,000 Paradise Coins because it was also a jewelry type.

Labeling his booth as High-Quality Booth, Su Xiao sat there bored.

After a moment, Su Xiao looked at the things inside his inventory, which were nor organized and started reorganizing them.

After dozen of minutes, Su Xiao nodded in satisfaction as the items were neatly organized.

At this moment, he saw a gray cloth sack in his inventory which seemed familiar.

“This is… Sherlock’s cloth sack?”

Su Xiao took the cloth sack. He totally forgot about it when he took it as he still had to complete the mission.

The cloth sack was filled with Alchemy materials; some of these things were directly taken by the Reincarnation Paradise as he couldn’t bring them out from the derivative world.

[Cloth Sack (junk, unranked grade)]

Su Xiao stared at the cloth sack for a while.

He finally opened the sack, and his heart trembled as he saw a purple radiance inside, with a thought, a really soft item appeared in his hand.

He pulled out the soft item as his eyes fixed on it. It turned out to be a scroll.

[Alchemy (complete)]

Origin: Akame Ga Kill

Quality: Fifth Order Scroll (knowledge class skills divided from one to nine)

Category: Skill scroll

Effect: User grasp Alchemy (complete) after use

Requirement: Strength 10 points, stamina 10 points, intelligence 25 points

Introduction: Knowledge is Strength

Price: 39,000 Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao was surprised as he examined the scroll; he didn’t see this kind of thing before. After asking in the Reincarnation Paradise, he knew that this isn’t a combat-oriented skill, it is like sub occupation.

Su Xiao finally opened the scroll.

[Use Alchemy (complete) {Yes} {No}, this doesn’t have any influence on the Shadow of the Law occupation]

This was, without a doubt, good news for Su Xiao. He directly chose to use it.

The scroll in his hands shattered and a voice like thunder roared in his ears. He found himself in his sub-conscious staring at the sky unexpectedly while looked at the stars moving.

[Alchemy originated when Humans wanted to turn stone to Gold, after countless researches, alchemy masters discovered that it would take much more for stones to be turned to Gold as they found out the composition of Gold can’t be made directly from Stones.]

[After a thousand years of research, Alchemy touched the Human and transformation they can take as a lifeform.]

[Warning: After studying Alchemy, it will cause some plot character from derivative worlds to be hostile to you.]

[Tip: After grasping Alchemy, some scientific researches would be useful to you from the derivative world, which may influence you.]

Su Xiao didn’t pay attention to them, and he directly accepted the Alchemy Knowledge.

Biology, Forging, Mechanism manufacturing, and other bits of knowledge that were involved in Alchemy were present.

Su Xiao didn’t feel any interest in Biology, and he was happy with Mechanism Manufacturing.

After a long time, Su Xiao regained consciousness. He was still standing in the booth. He already grasped the knowledge given to him.

He didn’t grasp it completely as he only knew a few parts currently, as in the foundation of alchemy. Still, it was the knowledge that didn’t exist in his world.

Su Xiao still didn’t have a big interest in Biology, but he was interested in the other Alchemy skills, which were very interesting.

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