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R.P Chapter 258: Bomb!

Opening the skill list, he found another list of skills besides the Shadow of the Low skill list.

Su Xiao opened that list and looked at the skills which were as follows:

[Alchemy (complete)]

Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing: Lv.1

1: Primary Force bomb (consuming 20 mana points on each bomb, user need black powder and second rate energy circuit and common metal.)

Alchemy Medicine Manufacturing (Unlocked. Needs Lv.10 to unlock)

Alchemy Bio-manufacturing (Unlocked. Needs Lv.10 to unlock)

The one that follows was also unlocked.

He could only see three skills for now, and two of which needed him to be level 10 to be unlocked.

Su Xiao was really interested in Alchemy Bomb and Alchemy Medicine.

Now, he could only use the alchemy bomb, which was very good. Al least, now he won’t need to buy bombs again, and when he makes more than necessary, he can sell them as well.

Su Xiao started studying this skill, and if he wanted to promote it to another level, he needed 500 Paradise Coins as well as experience in it.

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing: Lv.1 (Experience: 0/10)]
[1: Primary Force bomb (consuming 20 mana points on each bomb, user need black powder and second-rate energy circuit and common metal.)]

10 Experience points are needed, Su Xiao’s mana was sufficient to make the bomb, but he didn’t have the materials beside the black powder and common metal.

Su Xiao’s heart sunk, as he didn’t know where to look for the materials.

He just attempted to make the bomb, and to his surprise, a hint from the Reincarnation paradise appeared.

[insufficient materials, you can pay 50 Paradise Coins to get the Materials {Yes} {No}]

Su Xiao was happy about this; he directly paid the coins and got the Materials needed.

Suddenly an object appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, and it was very small.

[Primary Alchemy force Bomb]

Quality: White

Effect: Consume 1 Mana point to activate, the range is half a Kilometer. After the explosion, the bomb caused 40 damage in three meters radius. It’s portable and can stick on objects.

Rating: 3 (White items rating is between 1 and 10.)

Price: 40 Paradise Coins.

The bomb in Su Xiao’s hand was soft with a length of a thumb.

He was thinking that he can add some flavor to it and give it to the ones he wanted to kill while saying it was chewing gum.

Chuckling, Su Xiao held the bomb in his hand, and suddenly, Bob ran to him and bit it.

Su Xiao’s face darkened at Bob.

“That thing is very dangerous, don’t come close to it again.”

Bob’s neck shrunk as he seemed to understand.

Su Xiao knew that it wouldn’t kill him, but if Bob does this on a stronger bomb, it would be bad.

Su Xiao listed the bomb on the booth for 100 Paradise Coins, after all, it cost him 50 Paradise Coins to be made.

Unexpectedly, a contractor bought it after only five minutes, without any bargain.

This made Su Xiao pleasantly surprised.

He all together had 573 Mana points, and he can make 28 Bomb as it is.

After a flash of light, quickly, nine other bombs were made and directly placed on the booth.

After this, Su Xiao looked at the skill list again, and to his surprise, the Experience points were 10/10, and he could directly promote the skill.

He didn’t need to go to the strengthening hall to upgrade it to Lv.2.

After initiating the upgrade, his head was filled with Alchemy knowledge about the bomb, and suddenly a new ability was added after recovered from the muddleheaded state from the excess knowledge.

[Alchemy Bomb Manufacturing Lv.2 (Experience: 0/20)]

1: Primary Force bomb (consuming 20 mana points on each bomb, user need black powder and second rate energy circuit and common metal.)

2: Intermediate Force bomb (consuming 30 mana points on each bomb, user need black powder and Inferior energy circuit and Ma terry metal and explosive Frog Skin.)

Su Xiao attempted to make the intermediate bomb, and the Reincarnation Paradise’s hint appeared again, this time the materials needed costs 100 Paradise Coins.

The Mana cost wasn’t high, and the price was low, so Su Xiao directly started making the Intermediate Bomb one after another.

When he had only 15 mana left, he stopped as he already made 12 Intermediate bombs.

Looking down, he found out that the 9 Primary bombs were sold, which made it seem like a popular product.

Su Xiao hesitated a bit before leaving behind 5 Intermediate Bombs for himself and adding the rest at a price of 400 Paradise Coins for one.

12 Intermediate bombs cost 1,200 Paradise coins, and the Mana can slowly be restored.

Twelve bombs cost 1,200 Coins, which means selling three can recover all the cost, this business is lucrative, not in the short term but the long one.

400 Paradise coins made the contractors hesitate to buy it.

The intermediate Bomb’s explosion radius was 5 meters, and it can cause 90 damage with a rating of 7, if it wasn’t as such, he wouldn’t sell it with such a price.

“Can these bombs be cheaper?”

A male wearing a whole-body armor stood before the stall and said.

“350 Lowest Price.”

Actually, even 200 Paradise Coins are enough, but Su Xiao was probing the Contractor.

“350… This…”

The armored guy was hesitating.

“Did you make them?”

“Right, this type of bomb is small and has good power.”

Su Xiao was happy; the bombs he made seemed to be more popular than he imagined.

“I can sell all of them for 2,200 Paradise Coins, and this is the lowest price I can give.”

The armored guy laughed foolishly as he agreed. When he was about to leave, he saw the Green Quality ring and spoke.

“Can you also sell this ring for 7,000 Paradise coins?”

“10,000 Paradise Coins and that’s not negotiable.”

The armored guy shook his head as he wanted to bargain more but, in the end, he sighed and bought the ring for 10,000 Paradise coins.

Now, the only thing remaining was the Ice prince Token.

Su Xiao sat down and waited in his place as he used Bob as a pillow to sleep.

Bob, who was sleeping, didn’t even make a sound when Su Xiao did this, and he just continued to lay down there.

This made Su Xiao very satisfied with Bob’s loyalty. And he can enjoy the company since he was a lone wanderer in The Reincarnation Paradise. Having a loyal partner is good.

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