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R.P Chapter 259: Transformation!

After several hours of waiting, finally, someone wanted to by the Ice Prince Token.

The item was very hard to sell, as it seemed like summoners weren’t powerful in here.

But finally, a girl with a child-like appearance wanted to buy it, but she only had 26,000 paradise coins and didn’t have anymore.

Su Xiao agreed and directly gave it to her.

The girl thanked Su Xiao, but in reality, Su Xiao was the one happy to sell the item. After waking Bob up, Su Xiao prepared to leave, but the look on Bob’s face seemed to convey ‘Master, I’m quite Hungry, when do we eat’.

Su Xiao now had 72,947 paradise Coins, this sum of money can help him buy a good blue quality Sword.

After strolling in the market searching for blue quality sword type weapons, Su Xiao finally found some.

The sword had a skill named Full moon slash, it was quite good, but the cooldown time was long, and it needed to consume Paradise Coins to be used.

Finally, Su Xiao directly contacted the black chamber of commerce. And luckily these guys are fearful of the phantom troupe which he can use this to his advantage.

They decided on the place where they were meeting, and when Su Xiao got there, a guy with a black hood appeared.

“Guest, we meet again.”

This was the same guy that Su Xiao did business with the last time.

“This time, you want to purchase a blue quality sword, a top-grade one at that, we actually have three that meets your request.”

The guy didn’t inquire what Su Xiao wanted to do with the sword as it was his personal privacy.

“Three? Let me look.”

Su Xiao was somewhat startled of the resource the black chamber of commerce held. They actually have three top-quality blue swords.

“Wait a bit, and I wanted to ask about the matter from before…”

The Guy asked about the Phantom Troupe.

Although Su Xiao killed Carl, he didn’t want to announce this for all to know, he knows that the Phantom Troupe were a loose group, but he didn’t know if Carl had any friend there or not.

“I was considering, and they sent me an invitation.”

The Black Chamber of Commerce has the ability to confirm anything.

The black market guy urgently said: “Did you accept?”

“I was considering, if I join, I will decide on your matter according to the situation.”

“Good, here, these are the three weapons, you may choose.”

The guy was obviously disappointed, but he didn’t say anything else, as he knew the power of that group.

Three different models of long swords were placed in front of Su Xiao with different supplementary attributes.

Seeing the attributes, Su Xiao decided to buy this one.

[Solomon Beheading Blade]

Origin: Sword art Online

Quality: Blue color

Category: Weapon

durability: 61 / 61

Attack Power: 11 ~ 29

Equipment requirements: Strength 18, Agility 13.

Equipment effect: Beheads (Active): Wields a full blade power when the slash strikes the enemy nape of the neck position, and it attaches an extra injury.

Additional Attributes: Fights a bloody battle (passive): When HP is lower than 50% stamina values + 3, when HP is lower than 30% stamina + 5, when HP is lower than 20% stamina + 10. (This effect is unable to superimpose; effect continues for 5 minutes.)

Rating: 70( note: Blue Equipment rating is between 31 and 70, when the rating is 70, the Blue Equipment gain a special attribute.)

Synopsis: Takes the aggressive weapon and sever heads.

Price: 15,600 Paradise coins.

This blade’s attributes were normal, but the additional effect was good.

It was good for him since he was working alone and he needed the Stamina, or vitality to be able to fight more.

He also needed to get his main attributes to 30 to get the new skill from the Shadow of the Low.

The stamina skill solves the problem greatly, and he won’t be as much in danger as before now.

Su Xiao felt that if he focused only on the three main attributes, then his body won’t get stronger and he will be destroyed in the end.

Now, his Vitality was as low as before, and with the new skill, he will be able to preserve more than before.

In the next derivative world, Su Xiao was thinking of putting some points in stamina.

Taking the sword, Su Xiao looked at the guy from the black chamber of commerce and asked.


“This blade is 70,000 Paradise coins.”

Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled at a price, and it seemed to guess that Su Xiao won’t be joining the Phantom Troupe.

“50,000 Paradise Coins.”

The negotiation starts now.

“Guest, these weapons attributes are obviously…”

“This is a weapon that no one would buy.”


The guy stared at Su Xiao and secretly thought that this is troublesome.

“I’m a close combat fighter, therefore I understand what a close-ranged weapon needed to be, what is most important is sharpness, and this sword is obviously not sharp, and it lacks attack power that even some Green Weapon is better than it. It’s suitable for a tank, but a tank’s sword is single-handed as he uses a shield, but with this sword, he won’t live much without his shield.”

Su Xiao happily looked at the businessman.

The businessman was thoughtful before he said: “60,000 Paradise coins.”

“That’s it then.”

Su Xiao turned around to leave, he needed the sword, but it won’t add much to Dragon Flash, it’s attributes aren’t good, and it isn’t sharp, other than the stamina skill, it has nothing, and the price is too high.

“Wait wait, Guest, how about we discuss this, how about 55,000 Paradise Coins, this is my bottom line.”

Su Xiao stopped and looked at him and said.

“50,000 Paradise Coins and that all I will give, otherwise, you can keep it with you.”

The guy didn’t speak as he was thinking.

“If you don’t sell, then I’m out of here.”

Su Xiao turned around again and stepped away.

“This sword, you can have it for 50,000 Paradise Coins.”

The Black chamber of commerce member was desperate, and he probably gained about 1,000 Paradise coins like this.

He took this sword when he just started with the black chamber of commerce and wasn’t experienced then. He took a loss when he obtained it, as it’s price shouldn’t be above 20,000 Paradise Coins for a member to take it.

Finally, the transaction went smoothly as Su Xiao paid 50,000 Paradise Coins and obtained Solomon’s blade.

This sword’s ability was insurance in the derivate world.

Returning to his exclusive room, he made Dragon Flash consumes Solomon beheading blade.

After the metallic light receded, few blue light crystals merged with Dragon flash.

Dragon flash exuded a very dark blue light.

It took Dragon Flash a long time actually to absorb the crystals unlike usually.

Su Xiao was observing the changes with total concentration.

The Blue light around Dragon Flash dimmed slightly as it started to change to Purple. Dragon Flash was transforming from a blue to a purple weapon.

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