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R.P Chapter 260: Repair Store

After dozens of minutes, Dragon Flash’s transformation ended.

Glowing with a purple light, Dragon Flash seemed stronger than ever before.

Su Xiao gripped it in his hand, and a familiar feeling ran through his body, making him satisfied.

Dragon Flash +5 (Cutting Edge: 0%)

Origin: Shadow of the Law.

Quality: Purple

Durability: 75/75 (+5)

Attack Power: 43 ~ 84 (+10 ~ 15)

Equipment Requirement: Shadow of The Law Inheritor.

Supreme Cutting-Edge effect 1: Sharpness +7 (+3)

Supreme cutting edge effect 2: Fights a bloody battle( passive): When HP is lower than 50% stamina values + 4( needs to be + 6 to increase 1 point), when HP is lower than 30% stamina + 6( Needs to + 6 to increase 1 point), when HP is lower than 20% stamina + 12( Needs to be + 6 to increase 2 points),( stamina addition effect can’t be superimposed, effect lasts for 5 minutes.)

+5 attached effect: Ignore Defenses

Introduction: Loses, meets, war, newborn, growth, regain consciousness.

Price: Can’t be sold.

Dragon Flashes abilities grew explosively after the upgrade, and it was the difference between a Blue and a Purple Quality weapon.

Su Xiao took a hair and tried splitting it in half which was successfully done if the sword was to hit a head…

Su Xiao was satisfied with the sharpness of the now purple Quality Dragon Flash.

Su Xiao looked at his remaining Paradise coins and found 22,947 Coins.

It won’t be easy to upgrade Dragon Flash anymore. The price would rise by a very high degree.

Su Xiao’s face darkened at the thought of how much it would take him to increase the Quality of his sword.

He set that aside as he wanted to upgrade some of his skills first; for example, he wanted to promote Qing Gang Yin.

Sighing, Su Xiao consumed three soul Crystals + 3,000 Paradise coins to rise Qing Gang Yin by three levels.

[Qing Gang Yin has reached lv.5.]

[Qing Gang Yin has reached lv.6.]

[Qing Gang Yin has reached lv.7.]

After reaching level 5, no additional effect was added to the skill, which meant that the Qing Gang Yin’s limit wasn’t level 10.

Within his body, the energy of Qing Gang Yin increased, and the small stream was now more like a small river.

Qing Gang Yin Lv.7 (Active Skill)

Conditions of Use: After activating (Qing Gang Yin), Hunter consumes 4 Mana every minute, after the Mana value is lower than 1%, the skill would automatically deactivate

Skill Effects: After Activating (Qing Gang Yin), each successful attack will eliminate 28 Mana from attack and creates the same level of True Damage, the enemy will feel the pain of his Mana burning.

The Mana consumption increased by 1 every minute, but the effect of Qing Gang Yin got even more powerful, and the mana and true damage were close to 30 points for every attack.

If someone had for example 100 Mana with the help of equipment, Su Xiao would only need three hits for his enemy not to be able to use any skill anymore in the fight.

After upgrading Qing Gang Yin, Su Xiao took out the Lucky flame, which wanted to upgrade it so badly now.

Lucky Flame for him was better than purple Equipment, and opening Treasure chest depends on it.

[Child of Destiny’s care] appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, this equipment can upgrade a White or Green Equipment to the next level.

Su Xiao directly inquired in the Reincarnation Paradise about the +7 Effect, and the answer was the +7 wouldn’t disappear.

He finally put [Lucky Flame] with [Child of Destiny’s care] and directly the hint from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[Use [Child of Destiny’s care] on [Lucky Flame] {Yes} {No}]

Confirming that he wanted to use it, Su Xiao concentrated on the Lucky flame.


The sound made Su Xiao jump away. Bob really didn’t know when to make his appearance.

Su Xiao looked at the side and saw dumbbell filled with holes on the side.

“What, you want another Dumbbell?”

Bob’s ears moved as he woofed at Su Xiao tearfully.

“Were you hungry?”


“Endure it, when I finish here, I will take you to eat your fill.”

Bob was still tearful.


The two of them actually learned how to communicate.

Su Xiao smiled at him, which made Bob directly turn around and continue biting the Dumbbell…

Su Xiao’s gaze returned on the Lucky Flames, which now was changing gradually. It looked like it would take some time to finish.

Taking advantage of that time, Su Xiao took out the [Bull head collar (Purple)].

It was an armguard that wrapped the entire arm similar to a knight’s.

However, it was obviously more precise than that of an armguard of a knight. Su Xiao directly equipped it and it directly wrapped around his arm directly.

The armguard was scarlet red, and even though it wrapped around his hand, he felt as if his hand was still free.

His arms were the normal size as if he didn’t wear it at all, and it was perfect arm guard for speed.

The armguard was actually good as it provided good protection as well as speed.

The Armguard had some cracks in it the needs a master forger to repair, which is why Su Xiao wanted to head toward one.

Su Xiao didn’t wait for the Lucky flame to finish its evolution as he directly left the exclusive room he had and directly went to the store as Bob followed him thinking they were going to eat.

Su Xiao spends half an hour to locate the store. The store had an undistinguished appearance, as a wooden plate hangs in the air, written on it.

“If you don’t have 5,000 Paradise Coins, then you poor fellow don’t need to enter.”

Su Xiao was speechless, but he still entered the store only to meet an eccentric character.

“Today we don’t do business… You can still appreciate me.”

An old-man holding a hammer walked, his upper body was muscular. This old man wasn’t tall, and his skin was read, which meant that he was working at a high temperature for some time.

The old-man was bald, not only that, he didn’t have eyebrows, his entire head was hairless.

“So, you’re not working today.”

Su Xiao said with his sword in his waist.

“Let me appreciate that sword, and that may change.”

The bald man stared at Dragon Flash as he spoke.

“The sword can’t be given, this thing in the other hand…”

Su Xiao took off the Bull Head collar and gave it to the old man.

“Purple Grade Armguard, base attributes are good as well!”

The bald old man examined the armguard and was satisfied with what he saw.

“This armguard is perfect, and I can’t upgrade it again.”

“I don’t need you to upgrade it, there is a crack on it, and I want it repaired.”

The bald man understood this and nodded.


“Under the wrist, just above the sleeve.”

“This isn’t difficult, but the materials are somewhat expensive, the cost altogether is 8,000 Paradise Coins, no bargain.”

“Ok, let’s sign a contract.”

Su Xiao drew a contract from the Reincarnation paradise with the general content stating: If the Bull head Collar was to break after it was repaired, the bald old man would need to compensate him with the market price.

The Old man signed the contract as he didn’t find any loophole. He was very confident in his craftsmanship.

“Come take it the day after tomorrow.

The old man walked into his workshop with enthusiasm.

Su Xiao turned to leave toward the dining hall, and Bob was so hungry he was rolling his eyes.

Sitting there, he gave his order and waited patiently.

The lucky flame would be upgraded in about one hour, and Su Xiao was hopeful about the result.

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