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R.P Chapter 261: Redemption!

Su Xiao started playing puzzle games while waiting for Lucky Flame’s upgrade to end.

Bob was sitting peacefully. They sat there waiting for about half an hour.

After half an hour, Su Xiao noticed that the Lucky Flame changed shape.

[You obtained destiny redemption + 7]

destiny redemption + 7

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: Blue

Category: Jewelry

Durability: 56/56

Requirement: Luck Attribute lower than 5

Equipment effect 1: destiny captures (passive). Capturing or defeating a Destiny lifeform will activate the Destiny Redemption.

Note: Currently 0%, no lifeform was redeemed.

Equipment effect 2: The strength of destiny (Active), emits the destiny that the destiny redemption’ in skill took, the holder luck attribute + 3 (+ 7 effect increases 1 point), the effect continues for 2 minutes(+7 effect increases 1 minute of duration), if no lifeform is redeemed, you will pay 800 Paradise Coins to replace the destiny, achieves the same use effect.

Tip: Cooldown time of Strength of Destiny (Active) is 5 natural days. (+7 effect reduced 2 days)

Rating: 70

Introduction: Luck goddess is smiling.

Price: 15,200 Paradise Coins.

Lucky flame turned into Destiny Redemption. It’s good that its nature didn’t change, only the quality, as lucky flames add +2 to luck while Destiny redemption adds 3 and also the time of the effect is 2 minutes.

Compared to the 15-second Lucky flames provided, 2 minutes was a lot better.

The requirement changed, as he needed to capture or kill someone for him to be able to activate it for free, but he still can use 800 Paradise coins, and he will get the same effect.

Now, with the change, he can open more than one treasure chest at once.

“Here, the seafood you ordered.”

The gentle cook was standing in the dining hall while looking at Su Xiao.

“This puzzle game is good. I went through half already.”

The cook, Xià lüè, was surprised.

“I played that puzzle for half a year, and I didn’t get where you are now, do you have any advice.”

“I just occasionally play.”

Su Xiao told the truth, and he played when he had time away from fights.

“Really, maybe that’s why I’m not a contractor, my IQ may be too low.”

Xià lüè went back to the kitchen, looking somewhat angry at herself.

After eating, Su Xiao went to the Arena to fight.

After four hours, Su Xiao was fighting the ranked 50th fighter, who wasn’t weak, but he still lost to Su Xiao in the end.

[79 Winning streaks]

When the notification sounded, and appeared on top of Su Xiao’s head, the surrounding spectators were in an uproar.

“How is it possible to win 79 times without losing any, does anyone knows the background of this guy?”

“No one could defeat him; it’s one-sided.”

The audience cheered as Su Xiao disappeared from the stage.

[The fight had finished, you won!]

[You were promoted to rank 32]

[Continue to the next match {Yes} {No}]

The winning streak caused his rank to jump fast to rank 32.
His opponent now sent him a message.

“I lost fair and square, what is your advice about my close combat? Do I increase strength and agility?”

This time, he fought against a close combat fighter using hummers.

The reply, Su Xiao send two words: “Opportunity assurance.”

Su Xiao chose to continue the match as he wanted to get to the top ten, which wasn’t easy.

“The president told me to pay attention to this person who is getting higher on the rank with quickly.”

Many people were wearing a uniform as with swords with overlapping design.

“If I remember correctly, this guy was rank 163, and now he is already in the top 100?”

“It’s impossible to be this quick.”

Several people whispered.

“I heard that a moment ago he won his 79th match and directly gotten to rank 32…”


Several people were in disbelief.

“We must inform the president.”

Several people started contacting the president of their group’s president.

The groups seek the high ranked competitors to join their group, and if one of the top 50 ranked competitors joined their group, they would have special treatment.

However, not all competitors would actually join as they are always solo.

Many guild leaders rushed to the arena quickly wearing their duty outfit. One of them was a beautiful woman wearing high heels. She was famous in the Reincarnation Paradise with the name Mei Ji.

“Attractiveness should take this done.”

Mei Ji walked as she spoke sexily; several people swallowed their saliva as their lower abdomens felt hot.

“President, the price of this information is…”

“200 Paradise Coins.”

Mei Ji traded with the one who gave her the information. The guy’s mouth opened and closed.

“Are you unsatisfied? You aren’t the who first discovered this guy.”

“How is that possible.”

The president gave him a smile.

It was said that Mei Ji was in many relations with large scale group captains. That’s why most of them fear her.

“That’s right, and you aren’t the first.”

Mei Ji moved her slender waist as she walked toward the Arena.

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