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R.P Chapter 262: Gratitude and Grudge.

In the rest cabin, Su Xiao sat on the chair wearily.

[First order, Rank: 21. 84 Winning Streak.]

As he continued fighting, he faced someone who was hart to deal with. It was a magician who uses just a small fireball technique.

Primary skills like fireball shouldn’t be that strong, but his fireball was a bit special, sometimes it’s small, sometimes it big and sometimes, he releases two at the same time or five.

If Su Xiao wasn’t good at dealing with magicians, he would’ve lost.

In the Reincarnation Paradise, there is no lack of powerful people.

After fighting several times, his control over his strength after the upgrade improved.

[Next match is in Queue, please wait.]

This happened most of the times now because his rank was close to the top; there are fewer matches for him. It would take at least half an hour to find a match now.

He suspected that if he was in the top ten, he would at least wait an hour if not two.

After beating dozens of competitors, Su Xiao noticed some rules for the arena. It’s not how fast you defeat your opponent that promotes your rank; it’s the strategy and all aspect for a fight.

After waiting for an hour, Su Xiao canceled the match queue, but suddenly a prompt appeared in front of him.

[Prompt: Rank 163333 Competitor initiating a challenge to you.]

Su Xiao directly declined the challenge as the rank of his opponent was in the six figures which didn’t interest Su Xiao.

The challenge appeared again.

[Prompt: Rank 163333 Competitor initiating a challenge to you.]

Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled as he once again declined.

[Prompt: Rank 163333 Competitor initiating a challenge to you.]

And again, he declined.

[Prompt: Rank 163333 Competitor initiating a challenge to you.]

Su Xiao’s eyes were cold as he accepted and directly teleported to the arena.

The stage was without many audiences as the challenger seemed to forbid an audience.

Su Xiao looked in the arena, and he found a woman with an exposed attire standing in front of him.

“Hello, I’m…”

Without waiting for the woman to talk, he directly flashed toward her.

Without even pulling out his sword, his hands were placed on her neck, cutting the supply of oxygen to her brain.


Su Xiao directly snapped her neck.


The Body of the woman directly turned into light.

“Challenging me three times which I declined them all, and you still want to continue, if this was a derivative world, I would’ve fed you to the dog.”

Her body dissipated with only a few words remaining, Guild’s president: Mei Ji.

In the rest cabin, Mei Ji appeared and was panting, and her body was shaking.

Although she knew she wouldn’t die in the arena, the aura of that man was terrifying.

“He dares to treat me like this.”

Mei Ji gritted her teeth as her appearance turned fierce.

“The code Name of that Guy is Byakuya, his name in the derivate world is also Byakuya.”

Mei Ji contacted her old friend as her fierce aura vanished as she started wearing makeup.

A man wearing a full golden body armor appeared in the video call.

This guy was one of the few that held his position in the top ten of the Arena.

“God-King Boss, Someone bullied me.”

Mei Ji charmingly said to the man while complaining about the injustice.

“Mei Ji, who was it?”

The man’s voice was loud and clear.

“A fellow named Byakuya.”

“Byakuya? I heard about him.”

The man pondered for a long time before he remembered that this person. He was the one who was invited to the Phantom Troupe which was sworn enemy with the God-King adventure Group (guild).

After pondering a little, then he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything to one that interested that crazy group.

“I will see what I can do later, and I have things to do.”

The boss closed the call, and Mei Ji stood in her place, shocked.

“This… What’s the meaning of this?”

Mei Ji gripped her fist tightly.

“He slept with me, and now he doesn’t want to help me?”

Mei Ji knew that she couldn’t offend the God-King.

“This matter didn’t end.”

Mei Ji contacted her friends one after the other, but when they heard he was ranked 21, all of them tactfully rejected.

After ten minutes, Mei Ji didn’t have anyone else to contact. She was clear that only the God-King can help her vent her anger.

Mei Ji was dead set on making Su Xiao suffer and wanted to teach him a lesson.

At first, her goal was to make Su Xiao join some group so she could take some benefits. If he joined successfully, she would at least receive 10,000 Paradise Coins.

“It seems like I can only as that person…”

Mei Ji didn’t really want to do this, because, she once accompanied this person for an evening, and the injuries she received were healed by over 1,000 Paradise Coins.

Mei Ji hesitated a little before clenching her fist and contacted him.

Su Xiao knew that if he doesn’t provoke people, people won’t provoke him, at least when he is strong enough that is.

But it seems that most Gratitude and Grudges from other people in the reincarnation paradise didn’t exist at all, it’s all about the benefits.

In the rest cabin, Su Xiao just sat down many people were still competing against each other.

After a bit, he left the Arena and checked the Paradise coins he had. He was left with 11947 Paradise coins.

His first choice was to power up his equipment, and the second is the trial field with Mirror images.

Su Xiao thought a little and decided to directly go for the Trial Field as he didn’t want to lose money if the upgrade failed.

It has been a long time since he last summoned a Mirror Image.

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