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R.P Chapter 263: Faith!

[Welcome to the Trial Field, Please Select a mode.]

[Auxiliary Mode / Actual Combat Mode]

Su Xiao chose the Auxiliary Mode.

[You chose the Auxiliary Mode, please select the rank of the Mirror Image]

[Preliminary Mirror Image] 100 Paradise Coins every hour.

[Intermediate mirror image] 1,000 Paradise Coins Every hour.

[High-level mirror image] 10,000 Paradise Coins every hour.

Su Xiao hesitated a little, the Intermediate Mirror Image. He only had 11,947 Paradise coins, and if he used the high level one, only 1,947 Paradise coins would remain.

However, Su Xiao can probably get 4,700 Paradise coins from the remaining 1,947 if he sells bombs.

Finally, he chose the High-level Mirror Image.

He already felt his swordsmanship facing a bottleneck, and he urgently needed to breakthrough.

“Summon… High-level Mirror Image.”

[You have chosen summon high-level mirror image, in random summon…]

[Mirror Image Chosen, Summoning Dracule Mihawk!]

Su Xiao looked dumbly in his place, and he accidentally summoned Mihawk, the High-level mirror image is really outstanding.

Light gathered as Mihawk’s figure appeared clearer and clearer.

On his back, there was a very long black sword, and it was One Piece’s strongest sword.

As he opened his eyes, you can see the deep yellow color with an eagle’s pupil. No wonder he is named Eagle eye.

“Your foundations are solid; you need sword skills.”

Mihawk opened his mouth as he examined Su Xiao.

“Do you have a hobby of Meditation?”

Su Xiao was astonished by how Mihawk knew everything about him with a look.

“I meditate every day.”

“Then this will be easier.”

Mihawk drew his sword.

“I’m very familiar with the theory, but I can make your body remember the things I want to teach.”

Mihawk’s voice fell as he moved so fast that Su Xiao couldn’t react and his chest was slashed open.

Blood splashed.

Su Xiao’s body fell down.

He was very depressed, and he spent 10,000 Paradise coins to summon Mihawk not to be cut like a vegetable.

Su Xiao fell down, and after a few seconds, his wound healed as he stood again.

“Did you feel anything?”

Su Xiao hesitated, compared to Mihawks speed, strength, and everything, he seemed like a baby.


Su Xiao felt some words on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t get his hand on it. As if there was something stopping him.

“Is it the condition?”

Su Xiao looked at Mihawk.

“No, it’s your own understanding, why did you take the sword for the first time?”

“I… For revenge.”

Mihawk arrived in front of Su Xiao’s body.

“Revenge is good, but you need faith, you shouldn’t wave your sword with only your muscles, you won’t achieve anything like that…”

One hour isn’t long, Mihawk didn’t train Su Xiao in any style or technique, but he kept emphasizing that he shouldn’t swing his sword just with pure brute force.

As Mohawks Mirror Image vanished, Su Xiao fell to the ground.

“Faith… The rhythm of all things… The sword can do what you feel…”

Su Xiao grasped Dragon flash in his hand and unconsciously slashed.

“It’s not right, in a fight, I can’t always use brute force.”

Su Xiao once again swung his sword as he sat on the ground. He tried to duplicate the movement of Mihawks blade.

Time moved unknowingly until an alarm clock sounded.

“It’s already 2:00 Am.”

Su Xiao was about to leave the Trial Field when a few hints appeared.

[Sword Mastery has been upgraded to lv.12]

[Sword Mastery has been upgraded to lv.13]

[Sword Mastery has been upgraded to lv.14]

His sword mastery directly rose by three levels.

“Is this the effect of summoning a high-level image mirror?”

Su Xiao was very puzzled. Although he spent 10,000 Paradise coins, it shouldn’t have that much effect.

It seems like his body was carving for Swordsmanship was awakened.

He gained three levels in sword mastery which was really a huge gain for him.

Su Xiao directly examined the change in the sword mastery skill.

Sword Mastery: lv.14.( 7Passive)

Skill Effects: increase Attack Power by 40%, and sword class skills.

Every 10 levels add a new ability.

The rhythm of all things (intermediate): This ability can’t be enhanced by the Reincarnation paradise, user can only increase it himself.

Not only did he gain 3 levels, but he also upgraded the rhythm of all things to the intermediate level.

Su Xiao’s swordsmanship previously depended on brute force, and now he was different.

After Dragon Flash’s upgrade to Purple Quality, Su Xiao’s swordsmanship increased as well, which will prove a great help.

Su Xiao adjusted his condition and held Dragon Flashes hilt.


A silver thread formed in the air as he waved his sword for one second then disappeared.

“Is this feeling? Tobu Zangeki?”

Su Xiao was elated, and maybe when his sword mastery reaches level 20, he would be able to use Tobu Zankeki. That will make his mid-range skills increase by leaps and bounds.

And Su Xiao’s three main attributes will soon reach 30, which means he will be getting a new skill from the Shadow of the law occupation.

Although Su Xiao wanted to return to the Arena and try his skills, he was tired.

Su Xiao returned to his room to rest, as he sat down and slept. After a while, a message appeared in front of him.

“Request completed.”

He was clear what this meant, yes, the bullhead collar was repaired.

Su Xiao was really weirded out by the dream he just had, a moment ago he was holding a pan to fight, and this was a mission issued by the Reincarnation Paradise…

After wearing his clothes, Su Xiao left the room.

The bald old man was very effective, the agreement was for him to get the equipment tomorrow, but the old man finished early.

After 20 minutes, Su Xiao reached the store, and he still felt weird while looking at the old guy because he had no hair at all.

Entering the shop, he found the old man arguing with two contractors.

“7,000 Paradise coins are too much, I purchased the material for 30,000 Paradise coins, and at most I will pay 5,000 Paradise coins for the forging.”

Su Xiao stood by the side as the old man had his guests. As they say, first come first served.

The bald old man said: “7,000 Paradise coins, no bargain. Did you not understand that when I said it.”

The old man’s manners were good, and he threw back the material to the contractor.


The contractor’s lips trembled as he opened his mouth.

“Iron hammer, cursing at people is not good; communication is a must…”

A middle-aged man wearing eyeglasses started making a speech as he looked at the bald old man. On the old man’s forehead, blue veins appeared.

The bald old man couldn’t endure it as he angrily roared: “Shut it!!”

“Iron Hammer, you’re already old, don’t be angry or you will hurt your liver…(3,000 other words)”

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