Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 264: Son of Heaven’s Medal.

After half an hour, the old man’s angry roar turned somewhat hoarse.

“What, 6,000 Paradise coins is good.”

The eyeglasses man smiled as he looked at the old man, no matter how much the old man scolded him, he still smiled.

“You… Good, 1,000 Paradise coins are cheap to get you to stop.”

The old man sighed and looked at Su Xiao.

“I still have things to do, wait for a bit.”

The bald old man moved toward the store. The eyeglasses guy looked at Su Xiao.

“Hello Friend, I’m called eyeglasses.”

Su Xiao didn’t speak. This fellow speaks too much. Moreover, it seems like he can take scolding very well, with his chatterbox ability, ten Su Xiao won’t be his match.

“You shouldn’t ignore people and stay alone, you know, friends are always good in this world.”

Su Xiao didn’t respond.

“Lone fellow.”

The Eyeglasses guy gave up and left the store with his friend.

Shortly after, the bald old man came out.

“Look, I helped you repair it and added a hook-like option which can help you in climbing walls.”

Su Xiao received the Bull head collar, and examined it, he was satisfied by what he saw.


Su Xiao attempted to use the hood, and directly a small hook straight shot out of his arm and was attached to the wall.

This was a really good option.

He tried to have the hook back and directly, the hood de-attached from the wall and returned to his hand with a ding sound.

“There are two types installed in it, the first one as you tried now, it is to climb walls and the like, the second shoot the hook at an opponent and it isn’t easily dodged.”

The bald old mand instructed Su Xiao about the usage of the new options which amazed Su Xiao, and the old man was very creative.

“Are you satisfied?”

“Very satisfied.”

The old man smiled as he was happy, although his temperament wasn’t good, praises made him happy.

“Then make sure to come to me next time again.”

After Su Xiao studied the transformation of the bull head collar which he had to say was very good.

“You’re always welcome here.”

After greeting the old man, Su Xiao left, and his goal is the Arena.

Su Xiao wanted to get in the top 20 before he returns to the real world.

After entering the arena, Su Xiao waited in the rest cabinet.

[There is no match found currently, please wait.]

Su Xiao was waiting while playing puzzle games.

The difficulty of the puzzle games he’s playing was really too hard.

[Match successfully found, Because of the 84 winning streak, the next opponent’s rank is 13]

Su Xiao felt himself getting teleported and heard the cheers from all around the arena.

“Finally, a fight of the top-ranked, I have waited for three hours.”

“A close fighter and a ranged one, and I’m cheering for the close one.”

“I’m cheering for the ranged fighter.”

In the audience, people started talking.

“Half mechanical transformation?”

A scarlet red mask and metal arms, which did indeed seem like half mechanical.

“Use a bow and arrow.”

Su Xiao heads a mechanical sound as if it was a special effect of the mask the person was wearing.

His match was against a young girl using Bow and Arrow, an emerald green hair, with pointy ears, Su Xiao guessed that this should be a girl who had an elf sort of occupation or race.

“If I defeat you, I rise to the top 10, and I already have a 21 winning streak.”

The young elf girl said she seemed delicate and not older than 18.

“21 winning streaks?”

“What’s wrong, are you surprised? This is a symbol of strength.”

The elf girl raised her fair chin as she spoke.

“What a coincidence, I also have a winning streak.”

Su Xiao was extremely happy, and he finally met someone with a winning streak that he could end now, which will help him rising his rank very much.

Now, this elf girl had a 21-winning streak. Perhaps if he defeats her, he can get to the top 10 directly.

With his strength, getting in the top ten was somewhat impossible, it required two to three derivative worlds before he could do it.

But now, this was his opportunity.

[Three… Two… One… Fight starts!]

As the fight started, the shield around Su Xiao vanished, and he can now act as he wants.

Su Xiao didn’t choose to summon Bob, and he didn’t have that kind of time.

He directly rushed toward her while Dragon Flash appeared in his hand while opening Qing Gang Yin directly.

The young elf directly drew her bow and quickly fired a few arrows at Su Xiao.

The speed of arrow was something he can’t dodge at a close distance. The maximum distance he can dodge is 3 meters, more than that he won’t be able to dodge.

When he was about five meters away from his enemy, the elf girl wasn’t flustered as her index finger and thumb were placed on her mouth.

A whistling sound could be heard, and a black leopard appeared by her side.

“Little black, constrain him.”

The black leopard was at a tiger’s size, but he was intelligent as well. He directly plunges toward Su Xiao as the Elf girl directly withdrew.

The black leopard attacked Su Xiao, but the latter didn’t dodge as a shield directly formed around him. Su Xiao actually used Mikasa’s mind skill.

As the leopard’s claw reached Su Xiao, the shield absorbed the attack, but the leopard continued his attack, and the shield was about to break.

Su Xiao didn’t stand. Still, he held his sword and directly slashed, after Dragon Flash’s upgrade, the sharpness was up to the roof, and this time he wanted to know how sharp it was.

The sword cut into the leopard without any resistance at all, as if he was cutting through tofu.

The black leopard directly fell down as his body was cut in half and twitched for a few times and vanished.

The audience screamed at how formidable Su Xiao’s slash was.

The sword radiated a dangerous feeling.

After slashing the leopard, Su Xiao didn’t stop as he rushed toward the elf girl.

The young elf jumped as she drew her bow and aimed at Su Xiao’s chest, she directly shot.

The arrow moved at an insane speed as it directly passed through Su Xiao’s chest, but although injured, he still slashed.

Dragon flash cut the bow along with the elf’s hand as a small arm fell to the ground.

Su Xiao staggered two steps before he firmly stood in his place.

The fight was only 10 seconds long till now, but it so breathtaking.

Screams were heard from all over the audience as the fight was just too exciting.

“You lost.”

Su Xiao breathed steadily as he looked at the elf.

The elf girl stubbornly raised her head.

“I didn’t lose, and you just cut an arm, I have…”


A metallic cutting sound was heard, and the elf’s complexion changed.

“You’re… Ruthless.”

A line appeared on the girl’s neck.

After a bit, her head was cut.

[85 winning streaks!]

The audience was in silence, and they didn’t know what happened.

[You won!”

[You ended a 21 winning streak, your rank rose to 9.]

[Since you reach the top ten, you were rewarded with Son of heaven medal.]