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R.P Chapter 265: Huge Profit

A golden Medal appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, the medal was palm-sized and glittering the number nine.

[Arena’s son of heaven]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Category: Medal.

Durability: N/A

Equipment Requirement: DNA Binding, exclusive item

Equipment effect: Son of heaven (passive): Stamina +2, charm +2

Grade: N/A

Introduction: The ninth Medal, with every rank upgrade the medal will be upgraded as well.

Price: N/A

The attributes of this medal were good, and it added 2 points for each stamina and Charm.

His charm finally reached the value of a normal person.

[Equip the Arena’s Son of heaven {Yes} {No}]

After accepting to equip the medal, another hint appeared.

[Please choose where it should be equipped.]

Su Xiao stared at this as he wasn’t clear about where he can equip the medal. This was the first time he got a medal type equipment.

After asking the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao directly equipped it under his collar bone in his right chest position.

[The position was chosen…]

Now he had a number on his chest, that number was nine.

After obtained his first reward from the Arena, Su Xiao left the field as he decided that he will come here only to warm up from now on, as he would wait too much for the queue from now on.

Just as he left, Su Xiao saw some woman leisurely walking toward him.

“Handsome fellow, can we chat, the previous matter should be forgotten, I’m sorry I was somewhat offensive before.”

Mei Ji giggled at him, of course, the matter about forgetting what happened is a lie, as she didn’t contact that person who likes to hurt women to forget.

“No problem, I’m going for a meal, you can join me if you want.”

Su Xiao started walking toward the dining hall of Xià lüè. Su Xiao was struggling not to hit that person’s smiling face, but he was still wary of her.

The Arena had an unspoken rule, except for normal challenges, initiating challenges to harass other is not good. Although people in the Arena won’t die, the pain is real.

After arriving at the dining hall, Xià lüè knew that the guest was Su Xia, if not for him, she would go out for business as he was almost the only patron in this restaurant. Now that he had the glutton, Bob, she will be able to earn a good amount just from him alone.

“You like to eat in this place?”

Mei JI sat opposite to him as she braced her chin and revealed a bit of flesh.

Xià lüè carried two juice cups and looked at Mei Ji.

Xià lüè looked more attractive than her, but her charm was toward the professional type, not the one Mei Ji had.

Xià lüè charm was for the effort she makes for living, but Mei Ji is just asking a man for favor.

This place isn’t the civilized world; it’s a jungle where the strong eats the weak.

“Showing off the fox.”

Xià lüè said in a low voice.

“Always getting good people to eat here, yeah, the certain person deceived many before…”

Mei Ji and Xià lüè seemed to be acquainted, which was unexpected.

Xià lüè was red as she remembered the time she first entered the Reincarnation Paradise.


After that, Xià lüè returned to the kitchen.

“Handsome fellow, I apologize again for before, I didn’t think you were that ruthless in the arena, I just initiated the challenge to contact you, because it’s secure there.”

Su Xiao looked at Mei Ji.

“I don’t care about that matter anymore.”

She initiated the challenge many times which got him really angry, but mediating a grudge isn’t bad, he didn’t need to be calculating about minor matters. Otherwise, he would be set up by his enemies.

Mei Ji Smiled.

“That’s good, and I will take liberty asking, I didn’t hear of such a ruthless person in the major guilds, have you joined a small one? Or are you acting alone? Did any guild sent you an invitation?”

Mei Ji finally revealed her goal, and she wanted to introduce Su Xiao to a guild.

Mei Ji held the juice cup in her hand as she brought it to her lips.

“Temporarily I didn’t join any guild, as for invitations… Phantom Troupe did invite me.”

Actually, Su Xiao didn’t think that Phantom Troupe was a guild, it’s like an organization with members that are practically strong.

“Pu, cough…”

Mei Ji just spat her juice out and coughed.

“You… You are the one that was invited by carl and the person who rejected?”

Mei Ji’s forehead was full of cold sweat, and her face was red as coughed.


Obtaining Su Xiao’s reply, Mei Ji swallowed her saliva.

“Sorry for the disturbance, from now on, if you want anything, you can contact me through the Arena, I will go first, I still have things to do.”

Mei Ji hastily left while canceling anything she panned before.

Provoking the Phantom troupe is like courting death. The people in Phantom Troupe are monsters, lunatics, and mentally unstable people. Maniacs, homicidal and psychopaths, these are the people gathered in the Phantom Troupe.

Getting invited means you are like them, Looking at Mei Ji leaving in a hurry, Su Xiao felt that this person wouldn’t disturb him again.

After the items from the derivative world were processed, Su Xiao was passing the time leisurely in the Reincarnation Paradise. He was either practicing with the sword or strolling.

With his mana regeneration, he will gain 10 mana per hours, after he returned from the real world, his mana would be fully restored.

Opening a stall in the market, Su Xiao started making Intermediate Force bombs.

Each one costs 100 Paradise coins to make, with all his mana, Su Xiao was able to make 19 bombs.

He put a bomb for 350 Paradise coins, which wasn’t that high or low either.

After two hours, the 19 bombs were sold. Obviously, these bombs sell well.

After manufacturing 19 bombs one after the other, the experience for the skill was now 20/20.

Spending 500 Paradise coins, Su Xiao upgraded the Alchemy bomb manufacturing to lv.3. There was no change in skill, and the intermediate force bomb was the highest he could make now.

After 19 bombs were sold, he obtained 6,500 Paradise coins, now the net gain from the bombs was 4,750 Paradise coins, reducing the 500 from the upgrade, now he had 6,023 Paradise coins.

The bombs were a good way to make a profit it seems, but he had limited Mana regeneration . Probably, he can only make 20 Bombs in 3 days’ time.

Moreover, the bombs could only be made in the Reincarnation Paradise. Otherwise, he won’t have the materials to make them.

Somewhat, he was hoping to get materials in the world he is going to next.

(Akame Ga Kill Arc End!)