Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 266: Didn’t ask you to buy!

(New Arc)

[The hunter’s time in the Reincarnation Paradise had ended.]

[Hunter will soon be teleported to the real world, please don’t break any rules set by the Reincarnation Paradise]

[The Reincarnation Paradise will send a warning if these rules were broken if the warning was ignored, then the hunter would directly be executed.]

[Transmission starts. Destination: Real World]

Su Xiao’s eyes were unfocused for a second before he found himself in his villa.

As he returned to the real world, Su Xiao relaxed as he went out to the garden.

He was always law-abiding in the real world, and that’s until he started his revenge.

“Hide, don’t let me catch your track.”

He was enjoying the sea breeze and the warm sunlight, an old woman passed by in front of his house as it directly opens toward the beach.

This woman was carrying a plastic bag in her hand as she was cleaning the beach.

The pollution to the Marine environment was getting more and more serious these days, and it was getting harder for fishers to catch some seafood.

Time passed in a flash as four days passed, Su Xiao adjusted his spirit as he was about to greet his next derivative world, which still had some time to come.

But a red prompt suddenly appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[Hunter, please note, Reincarnation Paradise will carry on the urgent mission.]

[The time for rest from the derivative world didn’t end, this is an urgent mission that Hunter can’t reject]

[Warning: Don’t disclose your identity as a Hunter of the Reincarnation Paradise anywhere.]

[Warning: Don’t disclose your identity as a Hunter of the Reincarnation Paradise anywhere.]

[Warning: Don’t disclose your identity as a Hunter of the Reincarnation Paradise anywhere.]

Three consecutive red warnings appeared which made Su Xiao vigilant.

[In samsara Era year 4576249, March, 5. The Reincarnation Paradise declared war (some tribe of hostile forces in the void), and because of the initial rule 31st, the Reincarnation Paradise can’t execute them forcefully. The Reincarnation Paradise will dispatch contractors to go in battle.]

[Space battlefield opened!]

[This is a D level battlefield (extremely difficult), Hunter should be vigilant]

[In this battlefield, the hunter won’t receive any main missions, the mission would change in the battlefield accordingly, and the contractor’s missions would be different.]

[Prompt: Hunter, please don’t injure other contractors, as contractors won’t be able to provoke or threaten the hunter.]

[Issuing Hunting Mission ahead of time, there is no offender in the Battlefield, hunting mission changed.]

[Hunting mission (special): Suppress the Riot!]

Mission Introduction: After entering the Battlefield, the Hunter would have neutral status in space warfare and will sweep all Offenders.

Mission status: The hunter is neutral, because of the particularity of the void Battlefield, Reincarnation Paradise will execute functions to consume resources forcefully, Hunter will be responsible for peacekeeping, adjusting the battlefield, and killing both sides of offenders.

[Neutral status will activate when Hunter enters the Void battlefield.]

[Ding, The Reincarnation Paradise, and hostile forces made the treaty, maximum jurisdiction of a neutral party in the battlefield.]

[Entrusting the neutral status…]

On the back of Su Xiao’s hand, flames appeared suddenly, and when they vanished, a black sickle suddenly appeared above a balancer design, this meant keeping the balance and being Fair.

Su Xiao examined the imprint, and this should be the symbol of the neutral party. He sneered, the jurisdiction was a little big, certain special mission on the battlefield. Only a fool would believe that the Reincarnation Paradise would be fair to an enemy.

Perhaps the meaning of being a hunter will manifest this time.

Su Xiao had long since he discovered the great strength of the Reincarnation Paradise, but there are certain rules of conduct and rules were omnipotent.

[The neutral status was given]

[Tip: The Space transmission would take some time, the hunter can prepare ahead of time.]

[Hunter will return to the Reincarnation paradise in one minute]

[00:59,00. 00:58…]

Su Xiao was thinking deeply about this. It was a mission that he couldn’t refuse, moreover, his role was to kill offending parties who violet the rules…

The time he will spend this time shouldn’t belong; after all, it was a war.

The prompts before made Su Xiao understand that the Void is really dangerous. With the last words from the reincarnation Paradise, he could tell that it’s not that it couldn’t kill them directly, it’s just that it had its own rules. But there is another possibility that the Reincarnation Paradise was like a system with no individual controlling it, which is why it can’t bypass the rules.

Su Xiao was partial to the latter theory, and if it was a person controlling it, the Reincarnation Paradise wouldn’t send contactors to the war, although contractors aren’t weak, they would be weaker than Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was clear that he will be busy in this world, very busy.

What may hinder him a little is the rule of the war if it didn’t allow a wide-area attack.

Which is unlikely, because the Reincarnation Paradise could have a method that absorbed energy from dying people, and killing them off with a nuclear bomb won’t leave anything.

He didn’t enter the battlefield yet, so all of these are just theories.

After the transmission was done, Su Xiao’s consciousness returned to his body as he sat in his exclusive room. A hint from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[The battle will start in three hours, The hunter needs to buy supplies as soon as possible]

Three hours to prepare, after Su Xiao left the room, he immediately noticed the changes in the Reincarnation Paradise.

The white sky was now Red which means war is near.

Su Xiao directly went to the market and was shocked by the number of people and stalls. As he moved, he suddenly saw a strange title in front of a stall.

“Potions! Initial price, nobody asked you to buy!”

“Bullets, bombs, lower than the market price by 20%, nobody asked you to buy, my neighbor is cheaper.”

“Five blue equipment! nobody asked you to buy it!”

In the market, many contractors gathered, but most of them were still in the real world, which means those here are the ones who will participate in the war.

Su Xiao examined various stalls, and the prices were lowered by at least 30% than usual.

Are the workers really that generous? It shouldn’t be, nobody asked you to buy is clearly written everywhere. It seems like the Reincarnation Paradise ordered the workers not to raise prices in a time of war.

So the workers didn’t dare do it, or their worker status would be stripped.

Even the choice of not selling items isn’t possible, and this was forced Quest to the workers.