Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 267: Precautionary Measure!

Strolling in the market, Su Xiao saw a familiar figure, and it was Xià lüè.

She was selling some food, like lobster, beef, cabbage, and other things.

Su Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Xià lüè was regarding this as a food market.

“What’s wrong, you didn’t open the restaurant and changed to opening a stall?”

Su Xiao went toward her stall and said.

“Well, Byakuya…”

Xià lüè sighed.

“Even if you want to participate in the war, the stall didn’t have anything worth it for the war, and the stall would cost much more than what you’re selling.”

Xià lüè’s face was helpless as she looked at Su Xiao with bitterness.

“I know, but the Reincarnation Paradise made it, so all workers will put all their items in the stall with a very low price.”

Su Xiao understood what was going on. The workers wouldn’t really agree to sell items for a low price, they didn’t care about the war as they won’t be participating, so the Reincarnation Paradise made it a rule.

“We’ll chat later, and I will go buy some Potions or things that restore health.”

After saying goodbye to Xià lüè, Su Xiao directly went to a stall nearby.

[Alchemy secret medicine] x 1, rapidly restore 18% HP.

[The chocolate of delicacy] x 3, slowly restores 60% HP.

[Imperial family secret medicine] x 1, rapidly restores 80% Hp, after drinking it, it adds +3 in strength, +2 Agility, +10 Stamina for 5 minutes.

Although there are many potions, Su Xiao decided to buy a bottle that could restore his health rapidly.

In the market right now, the prices were very low.

Su Xiao was a hunter. Naturally, he had the right to buy many items.

[Victory Potion]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise.

Quality: Blue

Type: Health Potion.

Effect: Restore 70% Hp instantly, recover the body from any poison or curse (the Highest abnormal state that can be removed is Lv.10)

Rating: 60

Introduction: Victory is in hand, Drink it and go to war.

A blue quality potion was only for 6,000 Paradise coins, Su Xiao thought he was seeing things.

The potion not only could instantly recover 70% of HP, but it also negates curses and poisons.

After buying it, he noticed another vendor.

In his stall, there was a blue quality firearm with a rating that reached 63, and it was being sold for 25,000 Paradise coins.

“This gun is good.”

Su Xiao said, and the vendor seemed desperate.

“What a pity, I don’t have that many coins right now.”

The vendor sighed in relief.

These type of prices are rarely seen, it would only appear maybe when there is a war.

Su Xiao suddenly realized that this battlefield would be purgatory for most people.

Su Xiao was somewhat curious about his Neutral status and duty.

Moving to the edge of the Reincarnation Paradise, there was a space ship.

Su Xiao met some contractors along the way, and the contractors were moving in a different direction, so he guessed that there was more than one space ship.

Arriving at the edge, saw a huge space ship, with at least a few hundred meters. It was covered with black iron, various types of weapon, and a big engine could be seen at the rear.

The space ship’s cabin opened, and a hundred contractor was inside.

These contractors had four different design in their attire, the badges of their respective Guild.

A badge that seemed like a samsara imprint, they were the wanderers.

Approaching the space ship, Su Xiao’s clothes directly change to the wanderer’s attire.

“Come, wanderer, We are the God kings.”

A middle-aged man wearing a golden armor said, he had a small beard, and if he was right, then this was the person was kept his rank at the top of the Arena several times.

“I don’t think so.”

A Caucasian opened his mouth, his eyes were blue, and after seeing Su Xiao, his eyes shook.


Hearing someone calling his name, Su Xiao looked around.


It was Adam, and it seems like the Brother’s society was recruited as well in this war.

The brother’s society had a dozen people who were inside the Space ship.

“You know each other?”

The Golden armored guy opened his mouth and asked, Adam, nodded.

“God-Kings, it seems like your luck has ended, this person is strong.”

Adam mentioned this and thought it was a bad idea afterward.


After this, the God-King returned to normal as he said: “Hello, I’m the boss of the God-King guild. I will be the boss in this space ship.”

Su Xiao gripped the God King’s hand that was extended.

“I’m called Byakuya.”

The situation was unknown, so maybe they would know something.

“Are you not interested in Joining the God King’s guild?”

Su Xiao understood why there were three guilds in here, and it seems like they want to invite people to their guilds.

The contractors participating in the war aren’t weak, so they can directly recruit them.

“I don’t want to join any guild for now.”

Su Xiao turned down the invitation, as God-King nodded with a smile and didn’t try again.

In the nearby space ship, many contractors were gathered as they chatted. Su Xiao was on the ladder to the Spaceship as he was playing a puzzle game trying to solve it, and Bob was beside him.

More and more contractors arrived, they went out to purchase some commodity, and after they returned, the space ship was already full.

After one hour, the hint from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[All contractors enter the space ship, the door will be closed after ten minutes, after 15 Minutes, the Space ship will move.]

[The space ship is a safe area for the Contractors, no one can be attacked inside.]


The Space Ship engine started with buzzes as contractors entered.

Su Xiao held a tablet as he went to enter the Cabin.