Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 268: World’s coordinate

The space cabin was not small, after all, the entire space ship was several hundred meters, and there were two big rows of seats that Su Xiao chose one and chose in.

The Seat had a metal structure and many functions, for example, there was the urgent oxygen supply and other functions.

The number of chairs was sufficient, and all contractors sat down.

There were several groups inside the cabin, the first one would be God King’s guild, with 70-80 people, 20 of them should be healers, the front-liners had the saint knight’s occupation.

The second group is the brother’s society, their captain was a magician, and he wasn’t weak at all.

The third-party was unknown to him, it’s captain was a woman with a black hood, the hood has some golden line and only her chin was revealed.

This group had more than 60 people, with them was a man at least two meter’s high who was eating metals and in his hand was a large shield.

The fourth group was the wanderer’s, which had all kind of people.

[The cabin’s door has been closed. Contractors, please tie your seat belt as the Space Ship will move in three minutes]

Bang, the cabin’s door closed, the heart of the contractors tightened.

Several green safely belt appeared behind the seats, after firmly tying his belt, Su Xiao just waited.

“This broken Space ship…”

Scowled someone by Su Xiao’s side. The latter looked back and gawked.

“Five fireballs?”

The magician with the yellow robe recognized Su Xiao.

“Are you?”

“We have met at the Arena.”

Su Xiao actually met this guy several days ago.

“Strange, how do you know my code name in the Reincarnation Paradise?”

Su Xiao was speechless, and this guy actually called himself Five fireballs.

He wasn’t weak, but his appearance didn’t give the same feeling. His face was that of a 60 years old man, it you carefully look, he is no more than 30 years old.

Su Xiao looked at the five fireballs, and he felt that he looked just like One Piece’s Admiral, Kizaru.

“Friend, are you also a wanderer.”

Five fireballs looked at him with a smile, Su Xiao felt that he really looked like Kizaru.


Five fireballs chatted with Su Xiao, and this was the first time in a war for both of them.

The Spaceship under them seemed to vibrate slightly, Su Xiao felt the space ship takes off.

[The space ship is accelerating, the speed is 673, Preparing the Spaceship to enter a wormhole…]

[Contractors, please sit tight on your chair.]

Su Xiao didn’t care about the hint, as the seat under him kept vibrating. Some of the contractors started to shout.

After half an hour, the vibration was reduced. Finally, it returned to normal.

[Announcement: We’ll reach our destination in about 8 hours and 35 minutes.]

[The battlefield is level D, the maximum time to stay there are 8 days]

[Contractors may act freely inside the Cabin, entering the cockpit is forbidden.]

Su Xiao untied his seat belt, 8 hours wasn’t a short time. Some of the groups gathered together as they started playing and gambling Paradise coins.

“Everybody, We are opening a gambling house, anyone is welcome to join.”

The contractor in the group of the huge man said the guild was named, Flash gold.

The God kings and Brother Society avoided the Flash Gold guild.

Being able to join the war meant no one here was weak.

Su Xiao sat on his chair, cross-legged with, and looked at his tablet. He was relaxed because what will come will come anyway. If one was afraid or anxious, it would hurt the spirit.

Among the people here, not all of them are suited to become contractors.

Bang, the Space ship shook, all contractors raised their heads.

[The space ship is entering the Derivative World’s barrier…]

The familiar transmission feeling appeared again, Su Xiao sobered up as the space ship teleported a short distance.

The space ship shook as it seemed to land.

[Entering the Derivative world: Parasite!]

Timeline: 30 Years after than the plot time. (this world didn’t have space coordinate, unable to set up world coordinate, unable to carry on the timeline reset)

World difficulty: Lv10 (extremely difficult)

World’s source: 0% (After the Space war end, the world’s source would be the reward)

World introduction: the Year 2013, a meteorite hit the earth, and many small life forms came out.

These life forms are thumb-sized, their bodies are like snakes; they survive in the sea, some lucky enough to wander on land.

After arriving at the land, they instinctively enter the body of the nearest life form and travel to the brain to completely assimilate it while destroying the host’s identity in the process.

The lively metropolis became their hunting field, and no one can realize the difference between.

After a while, some Parasites completely controlled the government.

The Parasites aren’t strong, and they could be killed by normal weapons.

After 90% of the parasites died, some researchers said that if they studied them, the average human lifespan would extend to 200 to 350 years.

Seven years later, the parasite became the world’s most precious space, and each one has valued over 50 million dollars.

Ten years later, a disaster arrived at the earth, a huge spaceship arrived, and millions of aliens started invading earth.

The meteorite was launched by them, and the goal was to find a world with oxygen.

Some of the countries tried to resist the invasion, but the Kara star’s people wanted to kill all earthlings and three years later, 60% of humanity died, Europe was seized by them, and the majority of humans migrated to Asia. In seven years, humans were expected to perish.

This time, humans were angry, and they all stood up in front of the aliens. The alliance was founded.

The time-consuming war started, but humans were helpless, and finally, they decided to use nuclear bombs.

Humans decided that even if they destroy Earth, they won’t let these aliens take it.

The nuclear was started; they almost became conventional weapons; this was also the only strong enough weapon against the aliens.

The Nuclear bombs made the aliens dread, and stopped invading as some lands became full with radiation.

With the technology the human snatched, 17 years later, human started to fight back against the Kara people.

The war continued, the huge population of human was rising again.

After the Kara people wanted to surrender their territory, the humans refused their treaties, and they expected that ten years from now, the kara people would disappear from the earth. And they did, the kara clan perished.

[warning: Space battlefield is about to start.]

[the time now is the mainland of Asia, a radiation zone, the Kara army will soon raid this place, Contractors should prepare in advance and secure the spaceship]

[The world coordinate will be produced in 12 hours, there should be three coordinates produced; after that, the parasite’s world would be reset.]

After a series of prompts, Su Xiao was shocked by this strange Derivative world, but, he found a metallic pipe in his inventory, as he looked at it, this appeared.

[world coordinate production installment]

This meant that after the coordinate was produced, the world would belong to the reincarnation Paradise, and for each one, they should defend it until 12 hours passed.

The coordinate production needs to end for the world to reset and Reincarnation Paradise would be able to teleport contractors here without the need of spaceship directly.

Su Xiao was happy, although the mission was somewhat dangerous, his gains would be much greater, he cannot directly participate in the war directly, but he can set up the coordinates.

The other contractors stepped out of the spaceship, some received mission and directly hurried to complete them, after one minute, only Su Xiao was left in the Spaceship, as he started to change clothes.