Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 269: Arbiter

Su Xiao was originally wearing white-style clothing, which is a scattered costume and is now changing rapidly.

The color of white clothing began to change, gradually turning black, and the hem grew into a black trench coat.

A mask that covers his entire face appeared. This mask is half black and white, with a black scythe pattern in the white part on the left and a white balance in the black part on the right. There is white on black and black in the white.

The black sickle represents the ruling, and the white balance represents justice.

The space battlefield is opened, and the role of the hunters is truly reflected.

[The neutral rank has been activated, and the hunter will act as the arbiter (Ruler)!]

[The view of the battlefield is open, this function is exclusive to the world.]

A translucent screen floats around Su Xiao, and the screen is neatly divided into four pieces, which are the four directions of the spacecraft. Su Xiao can enlarge these pictures.

[Check that the hunters carry biological emperors, can be used as vehicles, whether to carry out camouflage, this feature is free.]

Su Xiao, immediately choose camouflage.

Bubtney was summoned, and his appearance began to change. From the original black and white color, it became dark, and two heads were born on both sides of the neck.

Hell dogs!

Bubtney’s appearance is just disguise, and his ability has not changed. In Su Xiao’s perspective, Bobtney is still the original appearance. Only in the perspective of the contractor is the Hell three-headed dog. This is a sultry one.

Su Xiao’s dress is also the same. It’s not a casual dress, but his original clothes. In the eyes of the contractor, he is a ruler wearing a black trench coat with a mask.

Su Xiao rides on the back of Bobtney and appears on the arbiter of the Hell three-headed dog.

Su Xiao brows a pick, this is completely a flower shelf, no additional ability, or use his original ability to fight.


The back door of the spacecraft was opened, and Su Xiao walked out of the spaceship with Bobtney.

Underneath is a piece of blackened waste soil. The grass is not born within a hundred miles. The ground is full of charred plants. This is a spectacle that often appears when bombed by nuclear bombs.

Su Xiao can’t help but feel a little afraid. He won’t suddenly fly a nuclear bomb on his head.

A malicious appearance from the world of derivation, looking at it, Su Xiao suddenly felt that everything in the eyes was very clear.

The scorched plant branches on the ground seem to be pointing at him, and the entire derivative world is ruled out.

Hey! Go out! Go out!

This is the will of the entire derivative world, Su Xiao became an outsider, an unwelcome outsider.

If there is no repression of the reincarnation, it is possible to stage a realistic version of the death, and anything wants to kill him.

Su Xiao understood the purpose of this visit and arranged the ‘world coordinates’ to seize the ownership of this derivative world. This is also his purpose given to him by reincarnation Paradise!

Viewing the task list, two tasks appear.

War mission: world coordinates (0/2)

Difficulty level: Lv.10.

Mission Description: Set up two world coordinates, the contractor will protect the coordinates within 12 hours of security.

Mission information: There are three world coordinates, one for the spacecraft, and the other two coordinates to be placed by the hunter to the specified location.

Mission period: 5 natural days.

Mission reward: 8 attribute points.

Mission Punishment: World coordinates are destroyed, hunters will stay in the ‘parasitic beast’ world forever, and will be expelled from this derivative world.


Hunting mission (special): Suppressing the riots.

Difficulty level: Lv.9

Mission Description: Avoid contractors who want to fight you. If they didn’t heed the warning, the hunter could kill the contractor.

Mission Information: The ruling is a high-level capability in the world. The establishment of enchantment will be trapped by the arbitrators, and no one else may intervene to fight.

Mission period: 5 natural days.

Mission reward: 30% of the world’s source.

Mission penalty: if more than 50% of the contractors are retreating or dead, the hunter will have a full attribute -10.


Su Xiao began to sort out the task of this trip. The first is to set the coordinates. After he sets the coordinates, he will not have to take care of it. The contractor will protect the coordinates, and the contractor has the corresponding tasks.

The second is the supervision in the war to avoid deserters in the war.

Although these two tasks seem easy, they are actually dangerous.

Let me first set up the coordinates. The first coordinate is not set by him, and the second coordinate is 30 kilometers away from here, the third is farther.

The situation of this wasteland is unknown. The world is Lv.10. It is dangerous at any time, and he is one person. Without assistance, he has to rely on himself.

As for the identity of the arbiter, Su Xiao already understands that he should be cautious when deciding his contractors. These contractors must also keep the ‘world coordinates’. If too much die, it will be troublesome.

As for the enemy’s violations, then without asking, he can directly kill, no warning to be sent, his ultimate goal is the victory of the war.

Since Su Xiao’s arbitrator of the battlefield is also the superintendent of the contractor’s side, this must be the hands and feet of the reincarnation Paradise to ensure the victory of the war.

Reincarnation Paradise will act within the rules, and now the layout is within the rules, which may be one of the reasons for the reincarnation Paradise to train hunters.

Bubtney ran slowly on the waste soil, and the surrounding radiation made it very uncomfortable.

Su Xiao’s Stamina attributes had 14 points, which allows him to stay in the radiation zone for a long time.

There is a pungent, sour taste in the air, Su Xiao brows wrinkled. This is the taste of formaldehyde, Kara people release a large amount of formaldehyde, in order to create the air suitable for their survival.

The appearance of the Kara people makes Su Xiao very confused. There is no Kara Star in the original parasite world, and the reincarnation Paradise will not let the derivative world develop to such an extent.

Perhaps this time the enemy is the Kara people. Are they the original people of this derivative world, or are they a void creature? This is not good judgment.

Su Xiao is actually better at what the derivative world is. He has always believed that the derivative world is made by reincarnation Paradise.

But now it seems that this is not the case. The derivative world may be robbed by the reincarnation Paradise. The derivative world itself exists, and there will be no reset timeline. It will always be played normally. The reset timeline is the reincarnation Paradise’s Ability.

After capturing this derivative world and then receiving rewards, Su Xiao’s goal is simple.

The task cycle is too short, the time to set up the world coordinates is barely enough, he will be very busy all the time, there may be no time to sleep, let alone to develop the secrets of the derivative world.

Su Xiao is not depressed. If this task goes well, his strength will be improved a lot, and then he should enter some derivative worlds of medium-force.

Combing the thoughts, Su Xiao looks at the screen floating around, that is the picture of the spacecraft in four directions.

His position at this time is the edge of the battlefield. The battlefield has a small range. There are ten kilometers in the longitudinal direction and only half a kilometer in the horizontal direction. The shape is rectangular, and the spacecraft is docked at one end of the battlefield.

The contractor is not allowed to leave this range, but Su Xiao can leave, and he will have to make the world coordinates in one step.

The spacecraft is surrounded by contractors and divided into four groups of defensive spaceships. The god-kings, the brother’s society, and the flash gold are guarded by each other. The rear of the spacecraft is guarded by dozens of scattered people, and the intensity of the attack is minimal.