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R.P Chapter 270: Escaping Contractors!

The spaceship was protected by the God-king guild, and they were the main force. Only 8 minutes have elapsed and still 11 hours 52 minutes to go.

The earth suddenly started to vibrate, and shadows clashed in the distance.


The god-king leader shouted loudly as he saw the shadow.

“Human? Humans want to match us.”

The main tank spoke.

“No, these are parasites, the parasites are the best cannon fodders of the kara natives, read the hint next time.”

The leader of the god-king guild directly announced the information, and the rest held their breaths.

[Parasite Beast]

HP: 100%

Mana: 30

Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Stamina: 12

Intelligence: 3

Charm: 2

Skill: Fighting Machine (passive): Don’t feel pain, HP +50.

Finally, they were about to crash against the cannon fodders of the kara natives.

Although the Parasites aren’t strong, there were many of them, and they raided from four sides.

The Parasites can change shape as they use their bodies as a weapon; their strength is also nothing to laugh at.

“Hold Firm in the front!”

The god-king guild leader directly ordered.


The parasite clashed against the first line of defense.


The long-distance fighter of God king’s guild directly attacked.

They didn’t move as the parasites fell one after the other on the battlefield.


The leader waved.


Dust flew as the cannons fired at the parasite, and mage opened fire.

Mana filled the place as the parasites were blown to pieces as blood sprinkled all over the place.

Su Xiao saw this through the screen and was somewhat surprised. The development of guilds was different from a solo fighter.

The brother’s society situation was similar, this was the first attack, and if they couldn’t do as much, they won’t be able to defend in this war.

What gave him a headache were the wanderers, they were strong individually, but they weren’t working together with the others.

[The war system is opening…]

[The system is now open.]

Su Xiao saw a list of people that he could speak freely along with his title.

Arbiter! (Black Font)

God-king (White Font)

Adam (White Font)

Silver Flash (White Font)

Other Than Su Xiao, each person had the number of kills the guild made.

In the war system, there were Su Xiao and the three guild’s leaders.

“God-King, how is your side.” Adam talked.

“Good, we don’t have any issue, but defending for 12 hours won’t be easy.”

God’s king’s leader chuckled as his guild killed the enemies.

“Young sister Silver flash, what about you?”

Adam sighed as he knew that in this war, God-king would be the most guild getting benefits out of them all.


A voice sounded, that voice belonged to a woman, and it held a hint of seduction from the tone.

“What is Arbiter?”

Adam looked at the name curiously. The head of that person was covered with a mask, and just looking at it made Adam feel fear.

“Adam, Silver Flash, both of you shouldn’t provoke the Arbiter in the battlefield, he came to me before and directly warned me.”

The voice of the god-king leader was serious, before he could continue, something happened.

“Defend, you can live. If the defensive line is broken, you die.”

Su Xiao opened his mouth and transmitted, and it was not voiced, it was just a line in black that was written in the channel.

“Well, this Arbiter is something else, when we lose, we’re unable to run.”

Silver Flash chuckled with a probing tone.

“Young Sister Silver Flash don’t say that Sir Arbiter, sorry, Silver Flash doesn’t understand the rules of the battlefield.”

God king’s cold sweat flowed.

Silver Flash was a leader of a guild, but she didn’t seem to have any moral integrity.

“Arbiter, Ruling… We won’t be able to escape.”

Adam guessed right; the Arbiter will prevent them from escaping.

Su Xiao rod on Bob and wandered the battlefield, contractors can’t attack him, but he wasn’t sure about the parasites. When he passed some of them, they seemed hesitant before running away.

Su Xiao fixed his eyes on the screen and held Dragon Flash in his hand.

“Bob, pursue.”

On the screen, there were three red points that run away, and three contractors tried to run.

Bob directly used his acceleration skill and quickly moved.

Su Xiao was wearing a black windproof coat and a black and white mask on his face.

“Entering the war, drawback.”

Su Xiao’s voice was ice-cold; he changed his voice as a protective measure, as he must protect himself when he enters another world.

“You… Who are you?”

The contractor stood in his place as he held the sniper rifle in his hand and aimed at Su Xiao.

As he aimed at Su Xiao, his face changed as he looked at his companions and asked.

“Arbiter? What is that?”

Su Xiao rode on Bob, as he approached the three contractors. The three contractors directly received massive red warnings.

“Wait, Drawback immediately.”

It seems like the contractors received the Reincarnation Paradise’s hint; they knew what the Arbiter is.

“Sir Arbiter, we can’t return back like this.”

The contractors looked at the battlefield and swallowed their saliva.

“That direction.”

Su Xiao pointed at God’s king’s direction, the parasites were cleaned, and the three of them can return there easily.

“Yes, yes, we will go now.”

Two of the contractors directly went back, while the other didn’t move as he was seeking an escape route.

Su Xiao knew that the contractor didn’t want to go back, even after seeing the warning.

He directly jumped down from bob’s back and charged at him. The contractor directly aimed his gun at Su Xiao.

The ruling ability was directly activated, the earth scorched as the other two were directly far away.


The gun was shot, and at the same time, with a flash, Su Xiao’s sword directly met the contractor.

With a sweep, he returned the sword back into the sheath slowly.


As soon as the sword returned, the contractor fell to the ground.

One strike one kill, the purple weapon along with sword mastery Lv.14, were terrifying.

7/7!!! and 15/15!!!