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R.P Chapter 271: Brutal War!

Seeing this, the tow contractors were terrified by the instant kill.

“Return. Otherwise, this will be your fate.”

They didn’t realize the current situation, and if the world coordinate were destroyed, then all contractors would stay int his world.

This isn’t something pleasant, without the protection of the Reincarnation paradise, they won’t survive the world, no one could live, and possibly, they will find a nuclear bomb on their heads.

But some contractors didn’t seem to understand this.

The two contractors directly went back.

Seeing the undisciplined wanderers on the screen, Su Xiao had a headache. He cannot let them do as they please.

If it was another world, he wouldn’t care, but he can’t directly participate in the war, and he must depend on the contractors.

Su Xiao hesitated a little before directly ordering in the chat channel.

“God-king, Brother’s society, Silver Flash, each of you send your vice-captain toward the fourth was zone.”

Once these words appeared, the three people hesitated, and finally, they decided to comply.

God king’s leader sent a female contractor, Adam sent his vice-captain, and Silver Flash went herself, which surprised Su Xiao.

“Sir Arbiter, I will go personally toward the fourth zone. You can add my vice-captain into the war chat channel for anything in the third war zone.”

Su Xiao hesitated a little before nodding.


He directly added the vice-captain; it was the one who was eating the metal bar from before.

“Ha, now I’m like a captain, you can be relieved Captain.”

“Stupid person.”

Silver Flash directly moved toward the fourth war zone. After several minutes, she convinced the Contractors to work with her, as this was a life and death situation. Her being strong and famous in the Reincarnation Paradise helped.

The front line stabilized, and the first wave of parasites was repelled, Leaving behind corpses all over the place.

The burning scent was all over the place as the earth was scorched with red plastered all over it from the blood.

Seeing this, Su Xiao relaxed.

[Arbiter can’t interfere with the battlefield, this is the first warning, after the fifth, the Arbiter status will be stripped from the Hunter and a penalty. (Rule number 1578)]

Su Xiao smiled at this, after five times, he would no longer be the Arbiter and can participate in the war as well.

Although he can’t enter the war directly, he still can provide critical information using the loophole in the rule.

[the First wave successfully ended, Because of the Arbiter’s help, rewarding Soul Crystal (small) x 2]

Su Xiao’s eyes brightened; the reward was good.

He suspected that Reincarnation Paradise was encouraging his behavior.

It must be known that the Reincarnation Paradise wants to capture this world, and this would bring many benefits.

“This is getting more and more interesting.”

Su Xiao looked at the time left for the first coordinate to be captured, and it seems an hour has passed, and now there was still 10 hours 53 minutes left.

Su Xiao was thinking about the next world coordinate. The danger he would face would be at least ten times the current contractors are facing in his mission.

The contractors were resting, and after ten minutes, the earth vibrated once more.

“Don’t make a mistake!”

God-king’s leader wasn’t as calm as before, and the spaceship was being raided again.

The first attack was only to prob, and this one was a true attack.

“We must win brothers; our development depends on this battlefield.”

God-king’s leader angrily roared as he drew out his sword and stood in front of the rest.

All of the guilds were the same, and although the fourth war zone was filled with wanderers, they didn’t dare to backdown.

The parasite shouted as they plunged on the contractors; they didn’t fear death. The contractors continued to fight, and defended firmly, more and more parasites fell.

The war was continuing, the shouts, the blood, the sounds of the metal, everything was there.

The main tank of the god-king stood there motionless, and he was called Jork, a Russian fighter who grew up in a cold area.

Jork didn’t move at all, no matter how many parasites attacked, he stood firmly without wavering.

Rays of light surrounded him as he roared, and sound waves moved throughout the battlefield. The parasite gone wild and didn’t attack anyone other than him.

Most tanks had a crowd control skill that makes them guardians on the battlefield, and they hold everyone who threatens their teammates.

Jork faces many more parasites, while the pressure was reduced from his guild’s members.

Similar scenes appeared in the other two war zones, but the fourth one was different.

Solo contractors don’t develop toward the Tank direction, because they need good attack to complete missions and good skills as well. But the front line was still holding on as Silver Flash kept the front lines safe.

She was doing the job of the attacker and defender at the same time. She changes between a shield and a long blade as she held her ground.

Su Xiao saw this and felt relieved, and there shouldn’t be another issue again for the next few hours.

But this won’t be that smooth, and this was the space battlefield.

Su Xiao watched this and felt disappointed, if he could participate in the war, these Parasites would be like chicken under his sword.

“It seems like it was because of that.”

Su Xiao guessed correctly. Most likely, he was the Arbiter because he didn’t complete the hunting mission in the last Derivative world.

The offender of the previous world hid really too well, and Su Xiao didn’t find him. He went to practically all over the places, but he didn’t encounter him.

Shaking his head, Su Xiao no longer thought about these things, he had to find a way to win the war now.

When he was still observing everything, he sensed a lifeform approaching him.

[The Enemy’s Arbiter is Approaching]

Su Xiao’s mouth cracked as a full smile bloomed on his face, he can’t participate in the war, but what will happen if he kills the Arbiter of the enemy?

Perhaps the other party wanted to kill him as well, although the Arbiter must not break the rules, if the rules permit it, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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