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R.P Chapter 272: Tuka!

A strong wind carrying a fishy smell hit Su Xiao’s sensitive noise, suddenly, a variation of a mouse jumped out. This mouse had the size of a cat and a mouth full of sharp teeth. All its hair was missing, and it had gray skin.

Due to the nuclear radiation, many species evolved, and the Kara native’s place was full of such radiation.

The animals that survived the Nuclear bombs evolved, you can see a frog in the size of a house, and a Rhinoceros several stories tall.

The lifeforms were fierce and could cause disasters.

The most precious thing for them is water and food.

Su Xiao rode on Bob’s back as he saw the unusual lifeforms in his way.

A lifeform with a head of a lizard, two meters high body full of silver scales, and a big mouth and yellow pupil was seen. This was a Tuka. Most of the people of Kara talked in the Tuka language, and 99% of them had black scales, the ones with silver scales are like aristocrats.

“Gu It Gaa Ku Hi… (unknown language.)”

The Tuka shouted loudly, and Su Xiao didn’t understand a word it said. He asked the Reincarnation Paradise, but it seemed the Reincarnation Paradise didn’t provide any translation.

“This is the Kara Native.”

The Tuka couldn’t understand Su Xiao as well, so he started to use gestures.

Su Xiao was stunned. What is this?

Since the exchange failed, he can only use plan be, Kill him. Simple and crude.

Although violence isn’t the best option, it’s the quickest.

Jumping down from Bob’s back, Su Xiao walked toward the Tuka slowly.

“Ta Du Du, Tuka!”

The Tuka angry roared as he raised the antenna-like things on his head.

Su Xiao’s footsteps halted.

[You were attacked by a Kinetic Attack, judging the Intelligence attribute. If the judgment fails, you will faint.]

[Judgment passed, you’re immune to Mental Manipulation.]

Although he was immune, he still felt muddleheaded. He drew Dragon flash from his waist.

Discovering that Su Xiao wasn’t affected by the attack, the Tuka opened his mouth widely.

Su Xiao’s footsteps moved quickly. It didn’t take long for him to be 3 meters away from him.

The Tuka opened his eyes wide, blood-like threads moved inside them without him moving at all, Su Xiao felt like he was hit by a hammer in the face as blood gushed out of his nose.

This was another attack, Su Xiao’s HP was almost emptied.

The Lizard Headed lifeform didn’t want Su Xiao beside its body, so it directly jumped away.


Deep Footprints were left where it stood before.

Su Xiao staggered, as blood gushed out from ten tiny wounds on his body.


A loud cry was released from the Tuka.

Su Xiao dropped to the ground as he tried to suppress the pain while coldly staring at the Tuka.

“Spirit attribute is unlocked when the intelligence reaches 30, no wonder I was made the Arbiter.”

Su Xiao clenched his fist, and the armguard’s special feature was used.

He released the hook-like thread toward the Tuka, directly impaling it in its body, leaving pale green bloodstains.

Su Xiao was ruthless. He held firmly on the thread because in the current situation if he didn’t kill that guy, he will die.

The Tuka Hissed It made an effort to move and shake off the threat. It didn’t want to fight Su Xiao in a close fight. Not while he was seriously injured like this.

Su Xiao coldly smiled, the Intelligence of the opposing party was high, very high.

Rushing directly wasn’t his style; he directly used Mikasa’s mind on his opponent, so he can’t be caught by surprise.

Su Xiao grabbed Dragon Flash and directly moved toward the entangled lizard man.

The blade passed by the Tuka’s throat.

As it passed, Su Xiao’s movement didn’t stop, and he saw the Tuka struggle as it seemed not enough to kill it; its Stamina (Vitality) wasn’t low.

Pressing Dragon Flash, Su Xiao tried directly to cut open its throat.


Su Xiao stepped back twice, he was attacked by a Psychic attack again, and Dragon Flash’s newly obtainability, ‘Fight a Bloody Battle’ was activated.

Supreme Cutting Edge Effect 2: Fight a Bloody battle (passive): When user’s Hp drop below 50%, Stamina (vitality) increase by 4 (+6 increases the effect by 1), when Hp drop below 30%, Stamina (vitality) increase by 6 (+6 increases the effect by 1), when Hp drop below 20%, Stamina (vitality) increase by 12 (+6 increases the effect by 2). (the effect can’t be imposed, and it lasts for 5 minutes.)

Su Xiao’s Vitality increased by 12 points; in other words, his Hp was lower than 20%.

The sudden rise in vitality made his body fell full of it, He felt clear once again, and the buzzing stopped.

Vitality was a good thing, and he will strengthen it as soon as he returns to the Reincarnation paradise.

Taking advantage of this time, The Tuka withdrew, his eyes were stretching open to the limit, he was trying to use another attack on Su Xiao.

The spot where the Dragon Flash stabbed made it shiver and its silver scales were rising up.

The Tuka was strong, but Su Xiao was stronger.

As soon as it wanted to release its attack, it found two eyes looking coldly at it.

Su Xiao stood in the same place, his hand tightened on the thread as they made weird noises, and smoke rose from them.

The sudden tightening of the wires interrupted the Tuka’s attack, and a long blade appeared in front of it.


Dragon flash passed through the Tuka’s neck into its chest cavity, blood flew in the air, but surprisingly, it wasn’t cut in half.

Under the Qing Gang Yan’s effect, the Tuka’s face was full of pain. But there is something else in its eyes.

The Tuka knew it was dying.

“Strong… respect…”

He talked in human language and only said these two words.

Su Xiao suddenly knew that this wasn’t right, from its eyes, he knew that it wanted to perish together with him.

The Tuka’s pupil started to expand, and finally, it’s entire eyes were yellow.

Su Xiao felt danger. He directly put a leg on Dragon Flash and ruthlessly stepped on it.


Pale Green blood spurted on Su Xiao, he cut it in two, and the threat disappeared.

Su Xiao and the enemies Arbiter were fighting for so long, but the Reincarnation Paradise didn’t give any warning, which means that the Arbiters can fight, and it’s not against the rule.

The Tuka’s died, and a silver crystal stone fell down from its corpse.

Su Xiao picked it and knew that this was similar to a treasure chest.

The Tuka was strong. Moreover, Su Xiao was curious about this unusual Treasure Chest.

[You Obtained, the Tuka’s Holding.}

[Your talent is activated, increase 15 Mana points permanently, you have 628 Mana points]

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