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R.P Chapter 273: Negotiation.

Su Xiao looked at the examination screen. Contractors were still fighting a bloody battle. On the corner, there was a number, which was 285/289.

289 represents the number of all the contractors who came here, and 285 represent the number of the ones who are alive, which means, in two hours, four contractors died.

This wasn’t good news, if 4 died in two hours, then it could become 50 when this end and the protection of the next two places won’t be any better.

The contractor’s strength would be reduced as the number decrease, and if only 100 stayed alive, they would only be able to defend one side.

Su Xiao was worried about this, because the Tuka or the Kara Native didn’t make an appearance yet, as well as the humans who are still alive, the Kara Natives were very advanced as they operate a space ship…

The possibility wasn’t strong because there are still humans in this world.

Su Xiao directly asked Reincarnation Paradise about whether the Humans in this world are allies or enemies.

The answer he received was, ‘Humans don’t know about the Reincarnation Paradise Existence. Only the Kara Native are the enemies.’

Su Xiao started thinking about the situation.

First, only the Kara Natives are the enemies, they realized the existence of the Reincarnation Paradise, and they wanted to revolt.

If the Reincarnation Paradise captures this world, then the Kara Natives would drift in space.

The Reincarnation Paradise won’t allow the time of this world to develop until the Kara Natives arrive, and the Kara Natives would only be able to do what the Reincarnation Paradise organize.

Perhaps, the Otherworlds are just means for the Contractors to get stronger and help the Reincarnation paradise capture more worlds.

Why must the Reincarnation Paradise capture other worlds, this was unknown for now.

As the matter was cleared, the Kara Native are the enemies, but humans from this world aren’t if they could ally with them, they could help. After all, the contractors are Humans, after all.

In this world, there are three big influences, and one is the Reincarnation Paradise’s representatives, the second is the Kara Natives, the third are the Humans.

Su Xiao started to make plans.

He must defend the world coordinates first. Next, he will contact the Humans for an alliance. Lucky for him, the place they were in right now was Asia, which is the domain of humans.

However, this was a radiation zone, so Humans won’t appear here.

But can he contact the human alliance? Su Xiao hesitated whether he should go there himself or not, there weren’t any contractors who are running right now, even if they wanted, they can’t as they were encircled by the Parasites.

Su Xiao looked at the Charm attribute, which now was 5 points. It won’t be easy to talk to them with a measly 5 points in charm, should he make Bob act cute?

Su Xiao’s charm attribute is very low, and there should be someone who has a charm related special skill within the contractors.

The contractors escaping can be dealt with by the Arbiter, which meant him or the enemy’s arbiter.

Looking at the far away corpse, Su Xiao smiled. The enemies don’t have an Arbiter, because he just killed him, leaving him as the only Arbiter.

“That… if used correctly, can be an opportunity.”

Su Xiao can still use three indirect interferences without losing his right as an Arbiter. So he directly wrote on the channel.

‘Battlefield command: Get three Contractors with charm above 20 from any guild; three people are needed, the guilds may send out strong people to protect them.

A maximum number of people: 6.

Time: 2 Days.

Goal: Contact the Human alliance and obtain their support.

Note: The ones who will leave for the mission aren’t considered as deserters by the Arbiter alliance. This is proven by Reincarnation Paradise.

The person Speaking: The Arbiter!

After getting what he wanted, he nodded and sent it out. Only people from the guild can take the mission because if wanderers were to take it, they might escape. The three captains won’t be silly as to send untrusty people for this, so the guild members are best for this mission.

Three people with charm skills to convince the human alliance and the other three to ensure the safety of the first three.

The two days are just considering that it would be a long journey and the time needed for the negotiation.

As for the Arbiter alliance, he was the lone member who just made the name.

No one can question it as he was the Arbiter, and if an alliance was made by the Arbiter, then it is easy to call it Arbiter Alliance.

Su Xiao directly issued the mission.

The three leaders won’t be able to send the contractors yet as they were still fighting and barely could cope up.

At this time, the war was stable, Su Xiao held the Tuka holding in his hand.

[Open the Tuka Holding {Yes} {No}]

Su Xiao grabbed the Destiny Redemption and lit a cigarette. The Destiny Redemption was 60% full.

The cooldown time for the Destiny Redemption was five days, the same time for the war.

Su Xiao directly opened the Tuka Holding, and as it broke, several items appeared in front of him.

[You obtained Soul Crystal (Medium] x 1]

[You obtained Spiritual Impact (Skill scroll)]

[You obtained Montella Ore x 1]

[Soul Crystal (medium)]

Quality: N/A

Type: Soul Concentration essence.

Grade: N/A.

Introduction: Soul crystal is rare; it can be used to enhance an ability or be traded with plot characters.

[Spiritual Impact]

Quality: Purple

Type: Skill Scroll.

Learning condition: Intelligence 30 points, stamina 10 points (Because of the Devil’s physic, this skill can’t be learned by the hunter.)

Effect: After three seconds of spiritual condensation, release a great spiritual impact. The one receiving this attack will have fear status if he was within ten meters, and it causes damage equal to Intelligence x 5.

Note: This skill cooldown time is one hour.

Note: Each use will consume 200 Mana Points.

Grade: 120 (Note: Purple items are graded from 71 to 150.)

Introduction: This is a secret skill of the Kara Natives when used, it will cause great damage, and if it used improperly, it would cause great damage to the brain.

Su Xiao looked at the last item in his hand in shock.

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