Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 274: Does she wants to die

[Montilla ore]

Quality: Special

Type: Rare consumables ore.

Effect: If used while strengthening equipment, the chance of failure is greatly reduced below +10, and in case of failure, nothing will happen to the equipment that failed to upgrade. One use only.

Grading: N/A

Synopsis: A Kara star unique ore, Kara natives have joined this ore in the spaceship core, the core is durable and sturdy, it can survive over 1,500 Years.

Su Xiao threw the Blackstone-like ore into his inventory.

This harvest is not small. Su Xiao already experienced how scares the soul crystals can be. If you have to use them and you don’t have them, you will need to buy them at a high price from the market.

Soul Crystal(small) the price in 20,000 to 50,000 thousand Paradise Coins, and they aren’t available all the time.

Soul Crystal (Middle) won’t be sold by the contractors. If one was fortunate enough to have one, they would use them themselves instead of selling them. Nobody will sell, only if it has needed Paradise Coins for a life and death matter.

As for Montella ore, it’s unique to this place, as only this Parasites world has it, and even if this world was to be captured, the Reincarnation Paradise will reset the world and prevent the Kara from appearing here.

Su Xiao did not dare enhance Dragon Flash, and if the + 7 failed, then it will revert back to normal, the strengthening needs 3000 Paradise Coins each time, which meant that the loss is 21000 Paradise Coins, the loss is serious.

Once the + 8 enhancement fails, Dragon Flash shatter…… That type loses Su Xiao unable to withstand, will cause his strength to wane quickly.

‘Montella ore’ can solve this situation, can guarantee after Dragon Flash + 8 fails, it won’t break. Montella ore can only be used one time. After that, it will vanishes, regardless of strengthens successful or failure.

Su Xiao’s harvest was sumptuous, but the Contractors are struggling hard.

The tangled warfare has continued for several hours, and the Contractor often had a casualty, the parasitic beast offensive actually hasn’t weakened.

[Coordinate arrangements is successful, surplus time: 6 hours 03 minutes.]

In battlefield

God-king leader swung his sword, and the sword chopped the next parasitic beast head, the blood has splashed his whole body, he became full of blood. He has forgotten how many parasitic beasts he killed, his surrounding area was filled with corpse.

The corpse mountain appears to cause the Contractors to withdraw.

Even though the parasitic beast was really persistent and attacked without care, the contractors were mentally exhausted from the battle, after the baptism in the derivative worlds, they had a high mental fortitude.

The place was full of parasitic beasts, no matter how many they killed, there doesn’t seem to be an end to them.

“These wild animals of Ahh! this crowd of no- brains. ”

God-king guild main tank erupted, his eye red as he attacked nearby parasitic beast with the shield, the parasitic beast attacked him immediately.


A strange weapon moved toward the main tank, this strike, if it hit an ordinary Contractor, he would be severely wounded, but this tank had only a minor wound.

“Calm down!”

God king’s leader shouted at once, rear Healer healed the main tank and stabilized the fluctuation of the main tank’s mind.

after the tank calmed down, his eyes reverted back to normal.

This frequently appeared on the battlefield, and Contractors are vivid humans; they aren’t slaughter machines.

After Contractor tenaciously defends for one hour, he discovered that the parasitic beast offensive is clearly weakened.

“Ha, it seemed we’re winning.”

“Kills them off!”

Laughter and curses rained down as the Contractors were getting happy.

Compared to these parasitic beasts, god-king and Adam and the others are worried about a matter.

If only then the parasitic beast attack is good, once there is a stronger lifeform to raid, that defense line will be in imminent danger.

This was considered thoroughly, the mainland of Asia is the domain of human alliance, Kara natives are weak here.

At the end of a war that lasted for two years, the kara natives were damaged by the weapons which were developed by humans; they were regaining strength and didn’t dare come to Asia.

I have to say that the time when reincarnation Paradise chose to start the war is very sinister. It is the period when the Kara Star people are weak, and the humans are getting stronger

Kara native knows the existence of Reincarnation Paradise, but the human alliance didn’t, this is the difference.

Once Kara natives are defeated, it is not so easy to layout the world coordinates. The Human Alliance will develop at a rapid pace, and the difficulty of capturing this derivative world will be greatly increased.

After half an hour of fighting, the parasites left thousands of bodies and retreated. The contractors ignored the blood on the ground and lay down to gasp their breath.

Some contractors trembled and took out bloody cigarettes to ignite, and smoked.

[The remaining time of the coordinate arrangement is 4 hours and 37 minutes, the Contractor casualty: 259 / 289.】

Almost one-tenth of the deaths and injuries have not been obvious from the figures, but if you visit the battlefield, you will find that it is bloody.

War is not a child’s play. This is to put all the creatures in a meat grinder, and the last one to survive is the winner.

The god-king stood up hard, and he had already seen the tips in the war channel.

“Our god-king Guild can send out two people.”

“Brother’s Society as well can send two.”

“Flash doesn’t agree!”

Seeing the warnings of the war channel, Silver Flash seemed to disagree.

Su Xiao has a preliminary understanding of the character of the three heads. The character of the god-king leader is stable, and he can give up someone for the big picture.

Adam is very loyal, and the group is his brothers. Even so, he was willing to give some members.

Silver Flash was a female that used emotion more than thoughts.

When she accepted the last command, Su Xiao thought of that as a riddle.

This type of ‚sexually harassing’ the Arbiter almost frightened the god-king and Adam, the god-king and Adam.

Silver flash and even her vice-captain are like that, hey tried to bribe Su Xiao before and directly got banned by the Reincarnation paradise from the channel.

Still, having such a beautiful girl on the battlefield was helpful.

“Flash girl, you…”

God’s king’s leader was helpless.
“This is good for us, and I suggested that sister silver flash consider again.”

Adam’s tone is also very helpless.

“No, I am not refusing completely, but have other ideas.” Silver flash spoke.

“Sir. Arbitrator. The situation in our regiment is somewhat special. The specific reasons are not easy to disclose. But I want to send to girls. Their charms are above 25 points. They are twin sisters, and they have their own Fighting power, no need for anyone to protect them.

Therefore, our Gold Flash guild wants to send two charm type. So, can, Sir. Arbiter, agree?”

This is an unexpected joy. God king’s leader or Adam knew that Su Xiao would accept it without thinking,


u Xiao replied with a blank in the war channel and did not make any statement. He did not want to waste precious opportunities because of this kind of thing.

Not saying anything is the same as accepting.

“Many thanks, Sir Arbiter.”

The fourth war zone, silver flash chuckled, while looking pensive.

“This Sir Arbiter… Probably is not fair, but I like this type not being unfair.”

Silver Flash nip the nail of her thumb, and continued saying in a low voice:

“It’s a riddle why the God-King guild was scared, and this can mean that the Arbiter can’t be provoked. Now he released information that in our interest… If that’s true, then we can win.”

Flash silver is not the same as her outer appearance may tell. She has been experimenting with Su Xiao’s attitude in a seemingly innocent way.

Su Xiao had discovered this early, and Silver Flash could try to find what she wants. He couldn’t make the words ‘I will help you win’ in the war channel. If he did, his arbiter status would be stripped, and he will also be punished.