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R.P Chapter 275: War Behemoth!

Six red dots appear on the translucent screen, which means that the contractor is close to the edge of the battlefield.

“Bubu, southwest.”

Su Xiao pointed out the location, and Bobtney quickly went to the designated location. After a few seconds, six contractors appeared in sight.

The six contractors are divided into three kinds of clothing, representing three guilds, and each of the Guilds, it seems that these Guilds are very disciplined.

The God-king Guild’s members were a combination of a man and a woman. The Brotherhood sent two men, one of whom is gentle, and the other is as muscular as a bodybuilder. The Gold Flash sent a pair of sinister little sisters.

The god-king sent out a husband and wife group. The charming specialty is a woman. At about age 30, it is as attractive as a ripe peach. Her husband looks cold.

The two of the Brotherhood had some spicy eyes, and Su Xiao temporarily referred to these two as the ‘Kiyu duo.’

It’s not that Su Xiao is guessing wildly. These two foundations are showing love, and the scene can’t be described, spicy eyes!

The Flash Gold Guild sent a pair of sister flowers, very eye-catching, the two sisters are about fourteen or fifteen years old, the older sister has short pink hair, the younger sister has short blue hair, and the two bangs block one eye in different directions.

The two sisters showed one eye to each other, which is clearly the eyes of two people, but Su Xiao felt someone looking at him.

“Is this the arbiter, so handsome~.”

The two sisters spoke at the same time, the voice was the same, the tone was the same, and the voice was very sweet.

The couple at the side of the group had a sigh of relief, and they only felt that the Arbiter was terrible.

The wife of the husband and wife group said: “Knowing that we are cooperating, I will tell telling you a message, the arbiter will basically not communicate with us.”

The two couples are talking together and kissing each other.

“Hey, heresy.” The two-person group opened the mouth, and the two looked at the husband and wife group.

“The Two gays.” The husband in the husband and wife group spoke, the elements of the body overflowed; this is the name of the three masters.

“The opposite sex is only for the sake of reproduction. The love between the same gender is true love. You two know nothing.”

The muscular man opened his mouth and said that he also smiled softly at the ‘lover’ around him.

“Good… so spicy.”

The two sisters spoke at the same time, and each closed her sister’s eyes.

“Don’t say it, and I feel that the arbiter’s eyes are not correct. Let’s go quickly.”

The young woman in the couple spoke, pulling her husband to walk quickly outside the battlefield, and the other two groups quickly followed.

The six people gradually approached Su Xiao, and Bobtney looked at the two sisters. His eyes were eager to try. It smelled sweet on the two sisters. It was the habit of the two sisters to eat sweets. Bubu might want to rob two sisters.

“That… that is the Hell three-headed dog, it seems to be eyeing me, my sister, I am a little scared.”

The blue-haired sisters of the two sisters opened their mouths alone, and the two sisters’ white hands clenched each other, and the palms of the hands ooze sweat.

The group at the side of the group said in a slang: “Don’t talk, go down.”

The two lowered their heads and walked forward quickly, and their faces were full of cold sweat.

Imagine a man wearing a black and white mask, riding a Hell three-headed dog, and floating a black sickle behind him. Whoever sees this dress is not illusory, and Su Xiao himself kills a lot of people, although he usually does not show murderousness. The momentum is never friendly.

[Warning: The contractor has a cross-border behavior, and the arbitrator needs to stop it immediately. 】

Su Xiao was unmoved but turned to look at the backs of the few contractors.

[Warning: The arbitrator of this party has not done a blocking action and will dispatch the enemy adjudicator to clean up. 】

[Contact the enemy arbitrators… The contact failed, and the enemy arbitrator has been killed. 】

After getting this news, Su Xiao chuckled. It seems that his previous choice was correct. If the enemy arbiter is not killed, it would’ve been trouble.

Waiting for a long time, the reincarnation paradise did not appear again.

“The identity of the arbiter is unexpectedly good.”

On the edge of the battlefield, Su Xiao observed the battlefield through the screen.

It has been more than an hour, but the Kara people have no movement. There are only two possibilities. One is that the Kara people have given up, which is obviously not big.

Second, the Kara Xing people are gathering strength and preparing to break the defense line of the contractor in one fell swoop. The Kara Xing people want to enlarge the trick or risk using some kind of weapon.

One of the three world coordinates can not be destroyed, one defense fails, and all lose.

The long wait began, and the world coordinates were gradually established.

[The coordinate arrangement succeeds in the remaining time of 2 hours and 05 minutes. 】

In the last two hours, success or failure will take a look at this.


The dull vibrations came from afar. There were no overwhelming parasites, and there was only one enemy.

Through a bird’s eye view, Su Xiao knows what the enemy looks like.

The enemy is human, about ten meters high, and the whole body is gray, the body has traces of being stitched and welded to the steel, the muscles of the body are deformed somewhat, the stomach is very large, the two arms are long and thick, and the knees are lowered. The two arms are three meters in diameter, the palm of its hand is a bone sphere, and its two legs are somewhat like a piling hammer, and the upper muscles are raised.

The contractors also saw huge creatures coming slowly.

“This is a trough, and I want to go home.”

The weapon in the hands of a scattered contractor fell to the ground, and he had no interest in fighting against this behemoth.

The speed of the behemoth is not fast, and every time it walks, the ground will roar, the dust will rise to the top, and a row of big footprints will be left behind.

“Hey, hey.”

The huge creature stood in the distance, and the belly gradually bulged, making a strange sound.

The huge creatures sighed and spat three times, highlighting the three groups of dark green balls.

The dark green ball is like a cannonball. It is crossed by three arcs in the air and squats on top of the spacecraft.

Boom, bomb, and bomb.

Three deafening explosions sounded in succession, green juice splashed, and the metal layer on the top of the spacecraft was blown out of three shallow pits. The splashed green juice rusted the top of the spacecraft, and the sour smell spread.

“Block it.” The King of God screamed and led the members of the Guild to rush to the huge creatures.

Other Guilds also know that things are not good, following the god-king Guild.

The scattered people hesitated.

“People who retreat will die, idiots, look over there.”

Silver Flash pointed to the edge of the battlefield, Su Xiao stared coldly at the scattered people.

“It is the Arbiter who kills or fights with the monster. You choose it yourself. By the way, I remind you that the Arbiter can only be described as horrifying even in my perception…”

Silver Flash left this sentence and rushed to the behemoth. Those people hesitated for a few seconds and finally chose to follow her to meet the enemy.

Su Xiao found that all the contractors rushed to the monster and stopped approaching the battlefield.

Taking out the eye of Hawa, and Su Xiao preyed at the data of the huge creature.

[Hawa’s Eye] floats in the air and begins scanning large creatures.

[Comparing the intellectual property of both sides…, the comparison is completed, your intelligence is 2.8 times that of the enemy, and 100% of the enemy’s information is obtained.]

The information is as follows:

Name: War Behemoth

Type: Parasitic animal type IV.

Health: 100%

Mana value: 100

Strength: 39

Agility: 12

Vitality: 40

Intelligence: 10

Charm: -7

Skill 1: War creatures (passive): Health increased by 20,000 points, no pain.

Skill 2: Biological bomb (active): The war behemoth can use the special organs in the abdominal cavity to form a biological bomb. Three biological bomb forms every 5 minutes, and the explosion range is 8 meters, causing 270 damages with a strong corrosion effect.

Skill 3: Bone hammer (active), the war giants smashed their arms and slammed the ground in front of them four times in a row, each time causing damage of strength x8, with the effect of broken armor and broken bone.

Skill 4: Poisonous (passive); the blood of the beasts contains acidic components and is highly corrosive.

Skill 5: Parasitic will (passive). The war monsters combine four parasitic beasts that help the war behemoths control the powerful and unstable body; destroying these parasites will cause a lot of true damage.


Seeing the information of the war behemoth, Su Xiao’s eyes jumped, this thing… seems to be a bit strong.