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R.P Chapter 276: Poor Bob!

The war behemoth is about to fight with the contractor, and the forefront is the main squad of each Guild.

In the face of this behemoth, several of the masters, with the shield, rushed forward.

Seeing this scene through the screen, Su Xiao was interested. The way the Guild fights is very different from him. It seems that these Guilds are going to start a war of attrition, and they will drag the war monsters to death.

But this has a premise, depending on whether these main tanks survive the attack of the war behemoth.

The war behemoth looked down at the human beings at its foot. These little things recognized that in the past, these little things were desperately running away from a distance after seeing it. Today it was somewhat unexpected.

The unwise head of the war behemoth cannot understand this situation, but it does not affect it to kill the enemy.

An arm like a piling hammer was lifted to the old high, and the war giants his strength. This horrible weapon, which was consisting of flesh and bones, hammered down.


At the same time, a loud noise spread out, the bone of the war beast clung to the ground, and the master who was hammered by it had disappeared.

The contractors screamed.

The hammered person is the golden ghost of Gold Flash Guild, the brawny who eats iron.

The arms of the war behemoth were lifted up, and a shield is deeply embedded in the ground.


The shield flew up, and the golden ghost had only the head and an arm exposed to the ground, and the whole body was in the soil.

At this time, he was completely metalized. Although he was metalized, he had a big bag on his head.

“Fast heal, I am dying.”

The golden ghost did not die, which made everyone stunned. Everyone thought that he was hammered into a cookie.

The light of healing flashed in the golden ghost, and the blood of the golden ghost quickly recovered and struggled out of the soil.

“After the others retreat, I will come by myself, and you will be after me.”

The metalized golden ghost smashed the shield, and the other main squads retired and stood behind the golden ghost. They looked like support at any time. It seems that these masters are clear about the strength of the golden ghost.

Flash silver rushed to the battlefield, sticking out his tongue and rubbing his lips.

“Stupid, don’t try to take it head-on, or you will die.”

Flashing silver stood behind the golden ghost, controlling the mass of mercury-like material covering the golden ghost. The golden ghost’s body was quickly pulled up, and the eye-shaped shield grew to four meters. The door-sized shield was more like an arm shield.

The golden ghost of the incarnation of the steel man is laughing.

“Hot chest? I almost got hammered out.”

The golden ghost looked to God king’s leader and Adam.

“Two, this time, we are blocked by the gold Flash, and the two subsequent coordinates are not hidden.”

God-King did not speak, and it seems to be the default, Adam nodded.

“Agree, just go.”

The golden ghost took off and jumped directly to the war behemoth. He was beaten with the war behemoth. The attacks of other contractors also arrived. Bullets and spells came together. The war monsters were like fireworks.

The war behemoth is ten meters high, and the golden ghost is four meters high. Although the two people’s body shape is still somewhat disparate, the golden ghost is extremely resistant to fight, and the three or four hammers are continuously smashed. This guy is still alive and alive and bites the war behemoth…

The milk of the three Guild nurses add up, and the golden ghost will not die if it is not seconds.

Before these contractors did not do their best, they all have their own cards.

Su Xiao looked far away from the golden ghosts who were beaten by the war behemoths. As long as Gold Flash did not die, the firepower of more than two hundred contractors was enough to destroy the war behemoth.

In fact, Su Xiao, the first two world coordinates, isn’t that worrisome. The third world coordinate is a problem. The position of that coordinate is on the edge of the Asian continent and will be attacked more violently.

The position of the world coordinates cannot be chosen casually. It is only arranged in a certain area. If you can choose whatever you want, the reincarnation Paradise will set the world coordinates in the human camp instead of this scorched earth.

The reason for that Su Xiao is not clear. What he needs to do is to set the world coordinates. It is not a good thing to know too much before his strength reaches a certain level.

It’s more than an hour before the first world coordinate is completed.

Su Xiao sank for a while and decided to leave first to set up a second world coordinate.
The defense here is basically stable. If there is no way to confront the enemy Su Xiao, the screen can watch the contractor’s movement at any time. Any accident can be discovered in time.

“Bubu, let’s go.”

Bunny screamed twice and ran in the direction with Su Xiao.

Su Xiao is going to arrange the second world coordinates. When these contractors are successfully guarded, they will rush to the second world coordinates, unless they want to stay in the parasitic world forever.

A strong wind blew across his cheek, Su Xiao switched the screen to a map.

There is a green dot flashing on the map, which is where the second world coordinates are set.

Thirty kilometers away, Bobtney quickly reached the destination.

There is a mountain in front, and the second coordinate arrangement is surrounded by mountains.

Su Xiao stood on a mountain and looked around. The entrance was dark, and he didn’t care about it. He was observing the tactical terrain here.

I have to say that the choice of the Reincarnation Paradise to set up the coordinate points here is due to the fact that it is easy to defend and difficult to attack, surrounded by mountains.

The coordinate point is two kilometers away, and when Su Xiao is ready to rush to the coordinate point, a black shadow runs through in the distance.

“This is… yak?”

Su Xiao fixed his eyes, where is the yak, it is a mutant rabbit, the hair of the mutant rabbit is very long, just like a yak. The ears on the head are upright, like a pair of horns.

This mutant rabbit is not small, running very fast, and ran out of sight in the blink of an eye.

Su Xiao continued to march into the valley. Su Xiao met hundreds of mutant beasts along the way, but he avoided it by feeling.

Time is life now, and he has no time to pay attention to those mutant beasts.

Although this road seems to be calm, Su Xiao has experienced several life and death situations.

This piece of waste soil is completely murderous invisible, and the radiation intensity of some locations is very good.

Not only that but also a variety of poisonous insects are hidden in the scorched earth. These poisonous insects are more terrifying after the mutation.

On the way to the mountain, Su Xiao saw a slap-up mutant mosquito sucking a house-sized tiger.

The mutant mosquito expanded from the original palm-size to the size of the house. In just one minute, the mutant mosquito digested the energy in the body and changed it into a palm shape.

Su Xiao just glanced at it. The mutant mosquito found him and chased him for more than ten kilometers before giving up. Bubtney was so scared that he could not stretch his tongue.

At the arrival point of the coordinates, the reminder of the reincarnation scene appears.

[The hunter has arrived at the coordinate setting point and can set coordinates within half a kilometer. 】

Free choice of location within half a kilometer? Su Xiao looked around.

The terrain here is flat, and there is not even a covering. Although it is convenient to set up coordinates here, the difficulty of defense is not small.

In order to make the defense fail for a moment, it is almost impossible to break through the sky.

Su Xiao patrolled within half a kilometer, and soon, a terrain that was very suitable for defense appeared.

This is a mountain with a height of several hundred meters. The front of the mountain is a vertical rock wall. A position of the rock wall is recessed into the mountain to form a U shape.

This is a semi-open cave, about tens of meters high, six meters wide and ten meters deep.

If the world coordinates are set here, the contractor only needs to hold the hole.

As for the retreat, Su Xiao certainly does not leave the contractor, and the defense fails, there is no second choice.

Although the terrain here is good, there is a problem.

This good terrain is very suitable for sheltering from wind and rain, and even blocking the power of some nuclear bombs. It has become a nest of mutant beasts, more than a dozen crocodile-like creatures, is in the cave, the smallest of these crocodiles are seven meters long, the largest one is ten meters long, the mouth is full of jagged teeth, the thick body of the whole body, it is not easy to deal with at first glance.

Although it is not clear why the crocodile became a land creature, these guys gave Su Xiao a very dangerous feeling.

You must first clean up these mutant crocodiles, and he can’t give up this good terrain.

Su Xiao jumped from the back of Bobtney and looked at Bubtney. Bubtney’s tail shrank.

“Go and bring out the crocodiles.”

Bobtney looked at the crocodiles, and it also noticed how dangerous the crocodiles were, and the owner’s order, Boubutny, would obey.

Bobtney rushed to the cave and stopped a few tens of meters away.

“Wang Wang Wang…”

Bobtney succeeded in attracting the attention of the crocodiles, and a pair of cruel beasts looked at Bobtney.

The hair behind Bobtney was standing up as he turned and wanted to run, but suddenly he found that the crocodiles did not move.

The pair of cruel eyes seemed to say, ‘where did this stupid dog come from? ‘

Bubu Wang was angry and began to shake his head and taunt, but the crocodiles were like acrobatics, and they were more interested in Bobtney.

Bobtney ridiculed for more than ten minutes, but the crocodile did not move, which made Bubbao very disappointed.

After ridiculing for so long, Bobtney felt a sense of urinary rush, and it directly lifted his legs in this wilderness.

When the urine was half out, Bubtney found something wrong. The eyes of the crocodiles changed. More than a dozen crocodiles were fierce. They slowly climbed out of the hole and suddenly rushed to it. The four claws ran fast, and the ground cracked.

Bub was halfway through and was scared by this scene. He was scared and even urinated as he ran off.

Bubu’s heart was bitter, as he was splashed by the urine while escaping …

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