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R.P Chapter 277: Killing the Crocodiles

Bubtney turned and ran wildly in the distance. Its purpose was clear. Su Xiao was waiting for it in a certain position. More than a dozen giant crocodiles were chasing after him.

Bobtney is like a wild dog running, and the giant crocodile is far behind.

After a few minutes of escape, Bobtney ran to a valley. The valley was very narrow, with towering rock walls on both sides, and the gap was only about three meters. In ancient times, this terrain was called a Col, an extremely dangerous place.

Bubtney broke into the col, and its figure disappeared. After a few seconds, the group of giant crocodiles chased after him.

The threshold of the giant crocodile was col, as they didn’t rush into the narrow gap. This is the instinct of the beast.

Su Xiao stood above the valley and looked down at the dozen or so giant crocodiles.

“Unexpectedly smart.”

In the col, he buried alchemy bombs, a total of four. In this narrow terrain, the power of the explosion will rise linearly.

Bubtney quickly ran to the mountain and came to Su Xiao.

A breeze blew, Su Xiao’s brows were wrinkled.

“What is this smell?” Su Xiao looked at Bobtney, as the smell reached his nose.

Bubtney’s head was low, and he dare not see Su Xiao.

“You were… scared while peeing?”

Su Xiao looked at Bobtney without words. The courage of this dog…

Bubtney turned his back and squatted on the rock, covering his face with his front paws.

“Go on and bait them again.” The crocodile IQ is not low.

At this time, those giant crocodiles are still squatting in the col, wondering if they have to chase in.

Bobtney stared at the crocodiles in an angry way.

A few minutes later, Bobtney ran to the other side of the col and shouted a few times.

The enemy meets his eyes with extraordinarily red eyes. For the beast, another beast that urinates in its territory, leaving their smell, was equal to a human catching his wife with another man.

The giant crocodile no longer hesitated and went into the col.

The bombs are arranged in the middle of the col. These giant crocodiles didn’t sense danger. The territory represents food and mating rights for the beasts. The four-strong short legs of the giant crocodile were about to reach the bombs.

Su Xiao stared at the bottom of the Col as the giant crocodile was quickly approaching the bomb.

Ten meters, five meters, one meter!

When the giant crocodile stepped on the bomb, Su Xiao consumed four mana, and the alchemy bomb was detonated.


The deafening explosion rang through the valley, and a few echoes came.

At the moment of the explosion, Su Xiao clearly saw that three giant crocodiles had just stepped on the top of the bomb and were blown up on the way.

The impact of the explosion spread to the surrounding area. A large crack appeared on the mountain walls on both sides of col. The gravel rolled over, and there was a slight landslide in the col. More than a dozen giant crocodiles were buried in the gravel. The black and red blood was scattered above the gravel as it gushed out.

On one side of the mountain wall, a piece of white paste liquid slowly slipped, which is the brain of a certain crocodile.

The brain is blown out, showing the power of the alchemy bomb.

If it is in the open space, the alchemy bombs are not so terrible, but the power of the explosion is concentrated in the col.

Su Xiao’s arm guard popped a thread, which was nailed into the rock wall by a hook. He jumped from the peak several meters down.

The wire on his wrist came with a violent friction sound. When the distance was a few meters from the ground, Su Xiao tightened the reel, and the left arm slammed hard. The hook that was nailed into the rock wall was caught, and the thread quickly contracted back. He landed smoothly.

The whole set of movements was synthesized, and Su Xiao was very satisfied with this guard arm.

Standing in front of the gravel pile, Dragon Flash appeared in his hand, and he walked slowly toward the stone pile.

It seems that someone is approaching, and the body of the giant crocodile in the gravel swings.

The gravel rolled down, a vulgarized giant crocodile appeared, and one of its eyes was blown up.

Those sharp fangs were blown from its right side as if it was hit by the train.

Although the eyes of this giant crocodile are ferocious, Su Xiao knows.

Raising the Sword slowly forward, he directly stabbed through the brain of the giant crocodile.

Piercing the head is not enough, Su Xiao forced Dragon flash to move sideways.

[You killed the mutant Malay crocodile. 】

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 10 mana, the current mana is 638. 】


Su Xiaolu was surprised. The strength of the giant crocodile was unexpected, and it increased his mana by 10 points.

It should be known that the ability of the Devouring to increase the mana is based on the strength of Su Xiao, killing the creatures whose strengths are very low will not increase his mana.

There were 16 of these crocodiles. If they are all killed, he can increase 100 mana, which is the limit for each world.

Suddenly killing a giant crocodile, Su Xiao did not relax his vigilance, but he was more cautious and inspired to the limit.

In the face of these giant crocodiles, he can not be careless, more than five giant crocodiles can kill him.

If it weren’t for the power of four alchemy bombs, plus the special terrain of the col to magnify the power of the bomb, Su Xiao would have to fight hard.

Walking on the gravel pile, Su Xiao suddenly stabbed the knife.

The weapon stabbed into flesh, and a few seconds later, the blood rushes out of the gravel.

Pull out the dragon and flash, and there was blood on the blade, two down.

Three were buried on the left and five on the right. The others were killed.

Su Xiao quietly walked on the gravel pile, and occasionally stabbed a sword into the gravel.

These giant crocodiles were stunned, and Su Xiao quickly harvested their lives.

[You killed the mutant Malay crocodile. 】

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 12 mana, the current mana is 650. 】

[You killed the mutant Malay crocodile. 】

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 9 mana, the current mana is 659. 】


[You killed the mutant Malay crocodile. 】

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently increasing the mana by 11, and the current mana is 713. 】

Su Xiao killed the last giant crocodile, and his phasing talent has reached the upper limit.

Su Xiao’s energy has skyrocketed. Recently he discovered that his mana is different from mages. When mages cast spells, the Mana will more or less contain elements.

Su Xiao’s talent made his mana extremely pure.

Whatever you lose, you will get something. Su Xiao can’t learn the spell skills, but he got the pure mana.

This mana has many benefits, such as the power of the alchemy bombs that are made.

For this reason, Su Xiao’s alchemy bombs are so popular, with great explosion damage and a wide range.

If it is made by others, the power will drop by a third.

Not only the Mages, but the mana of other people is more or less doped with various elements. Su Xiao’s demon physique is a natural filter that filters out any elements.