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R.P Chapter 278: Sneak Attack!

Su Xiao stood on the gravel pile and felt that although these giant crocodiles were in a coma, they must have some ability to shield their perception. He felt that the position of the other side was a little difficult.

The crocodiles were originally a hunter in the swamp, and the occult ability has already penetrated into the blood.

After sensing for a while on the stone pile, Su Xiao did not feel the breath of life again.

“It seems…”

Su Xiao suddenly felt the rubble under his feet, as if a certain giant was rushing out of the gravel.


The gravel collapsed, and the old high, a ten-meter-long, two-meter-high giant crocodile pulled out from the gravel, was the biggest giant crocodile that Su Xiao saw before.

Su Xiao was jacked up by a giant crocodile, and his body flew in the air. At this time, his heart was very surprised. How did this giant crocodile escape his perception?

It is no longer meaningful to think about it now. There are many magical abilities. What is important is how to meet the enemy.

Compared with how to meet the enemy, Su Xiao should now consider how to escape the crocodile.

He has nowhere to borrow in the air, and the leader-level giant crocodile has leaped, like a big cut mouth open to 90 degrees, the jagged teeth are like a sharp dagger.

Su Xiao has already judged in the air that he must not be bitten, or he will die.

A rancid smell straight into his nose, the leader of the giant crocodile tried to bit Su Xiao.

A hook lock popped out of the red-red armor and was nailed to the side of the rock wall. Su Xiao contracted the thread, and his body was pulled aside.

At this time, the big crocodile’s mouth like blood basin was closed.

Just like two wooden boards shot together, the giant crocodile took a bite. Su Xiao was full of cold sweat.

It is even more horrible to be hit by this bite without breaking a few bones. The follow-up attack of the giant crocodile biting the enemy is even more terrifying.

A pair of animal eyes stared at Su Xiao, brown, yellow eyes, black erect, cold, and ferocious.

The giant crocodile was burned in a large area, and the heavy leather armor was blown up to reveal a bright red muscle tissue.

Su Xiao’s left hand clenched the thread and squatted on the rock wall, and his eyes stared at the giant crocodile.

From the attack of the giant crocodile to the present time, only five seconds passed. Su Xiao went to the gates of hell and back in these five seconds.

At the moment, Bobtney returned, and his head rushed to the giant crocodile.

The bulldog who really bites the enemy will not call, and the arrogant dogs are just…

“Go back, wait outside the valley.”

Although Bobtney ran fast, and the attributes were not low, the accompanying skills were doomed to be less powerful.

Bobtney turned his head and ran out of the valley without hesitation, looking for a pile of stones hidden, and its location just guaranteed that Su Xiao was covered by the Goddess Halo.

Su Xiao is seven meters away from the ground, and the giant crocodile is staring at him.

There are now two options to kill this giant crocodile or escape.

It is not difficult to kill this giant crocodile. This giant crocodile must belong to the big BOSS in the wild. It is conservatively estimated that the skills are more than three.

Su Xiao rejected the idea of escaping.

He is going to set the world coordinates in the nest of the giant crocodile. At that time, the giant crocodile will suddenly go back, just as the Kara Xing people are besieging the contractors…

Thinking of that result, Su Xiao began to look at the giant crocodile.

This giant crocodile is thick and fleshy and must be prepared for a protracted war.

Looking around, the width of this col is only three meters, and big scale techniques aren’t an option.

He decided to leave here first, and this giant crocodile will surely chase him.

Su Xiaoyi smashed the mountain wall and leaped to the distance. The moment of landing, he rushed to the front of the col.


The impact sound came from the rear. Su Xiao couldn’t look back and guess what the sound was. When the giant crocodile was running, the long tail swayed around the wall.

This road was not long. Su Xiao rushed out in a dozen seconds and ran straight into a basin.

Rushing to the center of the basin, Su Xiao quickly looked around, surrounded by a ring of short hills, the center is flat.

Su Xiao stood on the ground,

The reason why he chose to face the giant crocodile is to be on the safe side.

There are many variants on the waste soil, and the sound of the battle attracts other mutant beasts.

Su Xiao rushed to the open space, and the giant crocodile followed. There was no emotion of hatred in his eyes, and they were just cold, killing intent.

Killing Su Xiao and eating him, this is the thinking of the giant crocodile, which the common disease of cold-blooded animals. They were without feelings.

Su Xiao holds the dragon Flash, and Qing Gang Yan has already been activated. He stands with the giant crocodile.


The blood of the giant crocodile is angry and screaming like a dinosaur.

Su Xiao moved sideways and slowly circled around the giant crocodile. The flat and slender body of the other side made it difficult to make a turn in place.

Su Xiao’s footsteps are getting faster and faster, and the giant crocodile is turned to his dizzy head. Finally, after five turns, the giant crocodile begins to be impatient, four thick and powerful short legs on the muscles bulge, a foot on the ground, a cry Rush to Su Xiao.

The huge black shadows are coming in front of each other. The speed of the giant crocodile is not fast, but its bites were.

At the moment when the giant Crocodile came, Su Xiao’s body was low as he moved sideways.

A stench smell rushed into his nose, as the giant crocodile took a bite and missed Su Xiao.

Passively taking a beating was never Su Xiao’s style. The giant crocodile had just passed by with him. He had already clasped dragon Flash in his hands, and lifted the sword over his head and slashed.

The timing of this sword can be described as extremely accurate. Although it is not in the torso of the giant crocodile, it can be smashed on the tail of the giant crocodile.

This attack used Su Xiao’s full force. The sharpness of Dragon Flash and the high-level sword mastery directly cut down the Crocodile’s tail.

The giant crocodile made a pained groan as a third of its tail was cut.

The giant crocodile saw red and desperately rushed at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao lifted his foot and kicked the tail. The tail flew at the giant crocodile. Surprisingly, the giant crocodile bit its tail.

The blood splashed, the tail is bitten into two by the hard bite, and the fracture is uneven. It is not so much broken, and it is more like being cut off. what a terrible bite force.

With the giant crocodile biting the end of the gap, Su Xiao has rushed with his sword forward, the silver chain crossed in the air, and the long sword smashed on the carapace of the giant crocodile.


The blood spurted out, Su Xiao’s attack deeply cut into the flash of the giant crocodile, even if the giant crocodile is a BOSS-level creature, it cannot stop Su Xiao’s attack.

With a sword inside its body, the giant crocodile screamed pain.

Su Xiao can’t easily give up when he succeeds. He jumps up on the back of the giant crocodile. The long sword in his hand slashed continuously.


A large piece of blood spouted and sprinkled Su Xiao’s body.

In just a few seconds, Su Xiao attacked dozen of times and reached the Crocodile’s bones.

Su Xiao was riding the giant crocodile, and it was a bit aggressive at the time. It could not attack its own back.