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R.P Chapter 279: Crocodile’s Boss

The crocodile’s tail can only sway from side to side and cannot swing up and down.

This kind of opportunity, Su Xiao, will certainly not miss it. His right hand held the knife as he slashed. He even took out Broken Elf and shouted at it.

Just as Su Xiao was attacking all the time, he suddenly felt black in front of him, and a huge force came under him. The power hedging caused his whole body to be numb, and he felt like he was in the clouds.

Su Xiao flew up and glided over a dozen meters in the air.

Su Xiao looked up, and there was a ghost in front of him. The skeleton of the whole body seemed to be scattered at any time. The soreness and numbness came from all over the body.

‘Combat experience seventy-eight: crocodile can not ride, especially the huge crocodile. ‘

Remembering this in his heart, Su Xiao climbed up from the ground and took out a bottle of medicine that quickly restored 18% of his Hp. The pain in his body subsided.

Su Xiao was uncomfortable, and the giant crocodile was also uncomfortable. On the back, there were more than a dozen wounds, and the flesh was rolled over. The scales at the torso were dyed red.

Suddenly flying, Su Xiao was dazed for a bit. He hit his head when he fell, and that caused some blood to flow out.


The blood of the brilliant red dripped on the scorched earth, and a mountain breeze blew. Su Xiao and the giant crocodile did not move, and both sides were adjusting their state.

The haze in front of the eyes gradually disappeared, and Su Xiao clearly felt that there was a big bag on his head that was gradually rising, and there was a growing trend.

This giant crocodile is stronger than he thought, and he must not take it lightly, or he will die here today.

Take out [Hawa’s Eye (Green)], Su Xiao looked at the information of the giant crocodile.

[Comparing the intellectual property of both sides…, the comparison is completed, our intelligence is 2.33 times that of the enemy, and 100% of the enemy’s information is obtained. 】

The information is as follows:

Name: Mutant Giant Crocodile (Headman Bio)

Health: 65%

Mana: 0/120

Strength: 37

Agility: 26

Vitality: 39

Intelligence: 12

Charm: 3

Skill 1: Ancient creatures (passive): Health increased by 3000 points.

Skill 2: Hunting (passive): After the mutant giant crocodile enters the hunting state, there is a 90% chance to block the intellectual perception below 40 points.

Skill 3: Whiptail (active), the mutant giant crocodile picks up the tail and beats, causing damage to the enemy by x5 (the skill power is reduced by 40% due to tail damage)

Skill 4: Death rotation (active), the mutant giant crocodile will bite the prey and will rotate its body, causing power × 2 damage per second, and have a 30% chance to make a bite determination, such as the bite assessment passed, the mutation giant The crocodile will bite off the prey.


Su Xiao slowly approached the giant crocodile. The comprehensive ability of this giant crocodile is directly chasing the war behemoth. The two are different in size, and the giant crocodile is even more difficult.

If Su Xiao chooses, he must choose to deal with the war behemoth, instead of dealing with this giant crocodile.

The arbiter is not so good, the war behemoth has more than 200 contractors to deal with, and this giant crocodile, Su Xiao has to be singled out.

For this incident, Su Xiao has no complaints, high risks, and high returns. This is fair.

The benefits that the contractor has to get rid of the war behemoths are absolutely many, but that is more than 200 points, even those heads can not take up too much.

If Su Xiao kills this mutant giant crocodile, the benefits are his own, and the two are not comparable.

Su Xiao and the giant crocodile squatted for a minute or so, spit a few mouthfuls of blood, and the feeling of sorrow in the chest disappeared.

The giant crocodile also recovered almost, and the two sides approached each other in unison.

Only one side can leave alive from this basin today.

Ten meters, five meters.

Rushed to the front of the giant crocodile, the latter tried to bite Su Xiao.

At this time, Su Xiao came directly to a sudden stop, stopping in front of the giant crocodile, its bloody mouth is in front of him.

In the palm of his hand, a thumb-sized white ‘bubble gum’ appeared in his left hand.

Su Xiao throws it into the big crocodile mouth Without the need to aim.

After doing all this, Su Xiao escaped the bite of the giant crocodile, and stepped back, the mouth of the giant crocodile was big, it seemed a bit strange why Su Xiao did not continue fighting with it.

“Important business is really bad, burst!”


A muffled sound came from the chest and abdomen of the giant crocodile. The belly of the giant crocodile suddenly swelled, and blood was sprayed from the nose and mouth.

The giant crocodile was standing in the same place, and the black blood was found in the mouth, and the fragments of the internal organs could be seen.

With a bang, the giant crocodile squatted on the ground, and the two sides of the line were intertwined, and the appearance was a bit funny.

Su Xiao did not take it seriously, did not receive a killing prompt; this low-level mistake he would not commit.

Take out the broken elf, Su Xiao is a few shots at the head of the giant crocodile.

Although his shooting is not very good, now it is five meters away, and it is a still target that was dying. If he didn’t hit it, it would be too much, even for him.

Several blood flowers burst on the head of the giant crocodile, and the giant crocodile laid motionless on the ground, and the two vertical pupils began to lose the light they had.

With six shots in a row, the giant crocodile still didn’t die.

Su Xiao was still not close, and took out the last alchemy bomb and threw it over.

Just as the alchemy bomb was thrown in the air, the pupils of the giant crocodile suddenly condensed, and the sloping upper and lower jaws re-arranged into a row. The giant crocodile was pretending to be dead.


The explosion rang through the basin, and several mutant beasts that smelled bloody smells ran away. They were very afraid of the explosion, which was bombarded by nuclear bombs.

A large piece of fire envelops the giant crocodile, and the impact of the explosion spreads around.

Su Xiao left his hand in front of him, and his eyes fixed on the fire in front of him.

Call ~.

When the wind broke, some of the scorching large bodies rushed out of the fire and were mutant giants.

At this time, the crocodile’s jaw was blown up, the eyes were blown up, and the bones were exposed in many parts of the body.

Even so, this giant crocodile is still not dead, the physical attributes of 39 points is not a display.

The giant crocodile rushed to his face, and Su Xiao immediately wanted to retreat.

He just got ready to jump, and there was a sting in the calf. The previous injury recurred.

When the pain subsided, Su Xiao thought that the withdrawal was too late, and the giant crocodile had already rushed to Su Xiao, and he was a bite to his head.

This is the habitual action of the giant crocodile, but it seems to have forgotten what it is, its jaw has blown up, it has forever lost the ability to bite.

Su Xiao smiled coldly, and the accident just scared him.

The left hand wrapped around the red-red metal arm guards, directly grasping the upper scorpion of the giant crocodile.

Su Xiao directly attacked with Dragon Flash as he thrust it into its throat

The body of the giant crocodile was spasming as if it was ready to die, but it still didn’t. He at most had 3,000 Hitpoints at most.