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R.P Chapter 280: Unlucky contractors

Su Xiao grips the handle and uses the dragon to flash in the chest of the giant crocodile to stir up the various organs of the giant crocodile.

The giant crocodile suffered from pain on his side, as his tail turned to Su Xiao.


This tail was slammed at Su Xiao’s waist, and he directly flew sideways.

Su Xiao slanted to the ground.


A large mouthful of blood was coughed up. Su Xiao ignored the pain in his body, and the pupils showed red light. his hand held dragon flash as he rushed forward and stabbed it into the mouth of the giant crocodile. His arm did not enter the throat of the giant crocodile.

Su Xiao held the head of the giant crocodile in one hand, and the other hand held the sword in the chest of the giant crocodile. If there were other people present, he would be scared to death by his fierceness.

Su Xiao, in battle, is desperate, not afraid of death, and all enemies have to die!

The extent of the struggle was reduced, and eventually, the body of the giant crocodile went soft.

[You killed the mutant giant crocodile. 】

Upon receiving this prompt, Su Xiao released the head of the giant crocodile, and he slammed into the ground.

Just now, Bubutney used the ability to protect the Su Xiao. Otherwise, Su Xiao would have died.

Loyal Guardian (active): Bobtney consumes 50% of the mana, and restores 50% of the health of the master in three seconds. The cooldown is 48 hours.

Sitting on the ground and breathing for a while, Su Xiao looked up at the body of the giant crocodile, and there was no such thing as a treasure chest, but the back of the giant crocodile glowed purple.

[This is a warlord level creature, Hunter can take the reward himself.]

This is the first time Su Xiao encountered this kind of situation. He took the sword to the back of the giant crocodile and touched it.

Su Xiao’s eyes turned strange.

“… This is a good thing.”

In spite of the physical pain, Su Xiao used the dragon to cut off the back of the giant crocodile and began to dismember it.

Two minutes later, Su Xiao, who was covered in crocodile blood, held a large piece of crocodile meat in his hand. The piece of meat had at least 20 pounds.

The crocodile meat has a clear stripe and a pale pink glow. Su Xiao looks at the properties of the piece of meat.

[variant giant crocodile meat]

Quality: purple

Type: Consumables.

Effect: After eating this piece of fine meat, the Vitality is permanently increased by +6, and the health value is permanently increased by 100 points.

Tip: This item cannot be sold, only the killer can eat it.

Grading: 150 (Note: Purple items are rated from 71 to 150.)

Description: The mutant giant crocodile is inedible in other places. Only this piece of fine meat is edible. In the human alliance, the meat of the mutant giant crocodile is the top luxury.

Note: The consumption of this meat is perfect and does not cause genetic side effects.

Tip: The gastrointestinal function of the consumer must be excellent.


Looking at the big piece of crocodile meat in his hand, Su Xiao is a bit stunned, and happiness came suddenly, which is more valuable than getting a piece of 150-point purple equipment.

Let’s not talk about the 6 points of physical attributes; the 100 points of life alone is mouth-watering.

Su Xiao’s attack ability is strong, but his bare body has only 12 Vitality attributes, which means his resistance and endurance are not strong.

A detailed look at the properties of the “variant giant crocodile meat”, and repeatedly confirmed that no problem, Su Xiao couldn’t help smiling.

At the end of the battle, Bobtney ran to Su Xiao and squatted on the ground, indicating that Su Xiao was riding on its back. Bob found that Su Xiao could not hold on.

Bubtney is wearing a small saddle behind him. This was custom made in the reincarnation paradise. It is very tiring to ride on Bubtni’s back for a long time without this thing.

Su Xiao put the [variation giant crocodile meat] into the inventory, he needed to leave quickly as the smell of blood was too strong, he directly jumped on Bob’s back

Bob directly run into the Crocodile’s cave, it was the safest place, and other beasts won’t go there.

Su Xiao was very weak. Although his health has recovered a lot, the injury is still serious, and this fight with the giant crocodile made him consume a lot of Stamina.

Coming to the semi-open cave, Su Xiao took off the blood-stained clothes and Stored them. He took out a few buckets of water and began to wash the blood.

When Su Xiao flushed his body, Bobtney also came over and rinsed Su Xiao’s waist with water.

Handling the wound, wrapping some medical bandages, Su Xiao put on a new piece of clothing.

The wound is still faint, but with the halo from Bob, he would recover fast.

Su Xiao took out [variant giant crocodile meat], how to eat this thing? Eat raw meat?

After asking about the reincarnation park, Su Xiao dispelled this barbaric thought and could eat it with a little baking, but could not add any spices.

Raising a pile of fire, Su Xiao baked crocodile meat near the giant crocodile nest.

The fleshy fragrance drifted away, and Su Xiao’s vigilant observations were around.

After roasting the giant crocodile meat, Su Xiao treated the traces he had come and took the barbecue to the giant crocodile nest in the distance. The taste of the barbecue would soon lead to the mutant beast, or it would not be wonderful.

When he came to the nest of the giant crocodile, Su Xiao sat on the rock wall and cut off the meat in his hand. After eating it, he could achieve the best effect, and he could not eat more.

Throw the remaining ten pounds to Bobtney, and I don’t know if it will increase the property if it is eaten.

In the introduction, the killer is effective, and Bubtni is his follower. It also played a role in the battle and should have an effect.

Su Xiao ate the crocodile meat. This thing has no taste. The meat is too thick, not cooked well, and the taste isn’t good.

After eating a large piece of meat in his hand, Su Xiao closed his eyes and laid against the rock wall, his stomach heated a little, and the warmth gradually spread around his body.

Su Xiao is like a bubble in the hot spring, his whole body is warm and warm, he is even a little sleepy, and Bobtney is at the foot of Su Xiao, and he is also a happy expression.

In this comfortable and strong, the time passed quickly, and it took more than forty minutes.

The feeling of warmth disappeared, Su Xiao’s eyes opened, and a bunch of unchecked tips appeared.

[Your Vitality increased permanently by 1. 】

[Your Hp is increased permanently by 16. 】

[Your Vitality increased permanently by 2. 】

[Your Hp increased permanently by 29. 】



A dense line of tips, Su Xiao, calculated a bit, he had increased the physical strength of 6 points and 102 points of life, slightly different from the introduction, after all, each person’s physique is different.

Deeply took a breath, Su Xiao clearly felt the increase in lung capacity, the previous feeling of general weakness was gone, it was refreshing.

The feeling of increasing physical strength is far better than that when the attributes such as strength increase. After all, Vitality attributes represent Stamina, endurance, and health.

Su Xiao looks at the Vitality attributes, and now it has become 20 points.

Although the Vitality attributes are lower than other attributes, Su Xiao’s survivability is greatly improved.

He suddenly found one thing, except for the charm attribute, all his attributes are very high.

Although it is a balanced development, his development speed is not slow, this is a good thing, as for the charm attribute, He will not consider it for the time being, and the simultaneous development of the four attributes is his limit.

Su Xiao got up and prepared to arrange the world coordinates, but his stomach suddenly came with colic, and his face was black.


Su Xiao bent over the cave and rushed out of the cave. Bubtney looked at Su Xiao inexplicably.

After two seconds…

Bubtny’s dog’s face was tight, and he ran to the cave with his tail.

After he hadn’t run far, Su Xiao couldn’t hold on. After choosing ‘internal emissions’ and looked for a location nearby.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao returned to the cave, and his face was a little blue. He remembered the sentence on the introduction of the variant giant crocodile meat: ‘The gastrointestinal function of the consumer must be excellent. ‘

Fortunately, it is only diarrhea once, and it is a detoxification phenomenon, which is very beneficial to the body.

Su Xiao came inside the cave and took out the arrangement of world coordinates from the savings space.

This is an iron column with a long arm. The bowl is thick and covered with blue stripes. It is very technical.

Putting the ‘World Coordinate Layout Device’ on the ground, the thing gradually sinks into the ground and disappears, and the countdown appears.

[The coordinate arrangement succeeds in 12 hours remaining. 】

[The contractor has completed the first coordinate guard, they are already on the way to the second coordinate, is expected to arrive in 10 minutes later. 】

Su Xiao left the cave and waited at the top of the mountain where the cave was.

About ten minutes later, more than 200 contractors arrived, aiming at the cave, but at this moment, an angry and roar came.

“I am jealous, and I stepped on the vomit, who did it, damn mutant beast!”

After a dozen seconds, it was another roar.

“Hey, I also stepped on it. It’s a big pool of vomit ~.”

The big one is Bob’s~.