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R.P Chapter 281: Analysis of the enemies

The contractors were quickly in place, and this time only one direction required defense, and several leaders were obviously relieved.

After Adam and the god king’s leader and others observed the terrain of the cave, the three gathered together to open a strategy meeting.

“I have sent people to the nearby places to inspect, and there are no parasitic animals nearby.”

The golden armor of the God-king leader was full of cracks, and it seems that the people who deal with the war behemoth paid the price.

“How are these world coordinates set up? Where is the specific location?”

Flash silver didn’t care if there were parasitic animals coming in, but looking for it in the cave.

The world coordinates have been deepened to the bottom of a dozen meters, and the contractor can not find, if they dare to dig out the world coordinates, Su Xiao will not sit idly by.

The strategy after the discussion of several heads is mainly to guess the situation of the third world coordinates.

The position of the second world coordinate is really good. As long as the hole is defended, the Kara natives won’t be able to attack, and the difficulty between defending from four directions and from one direction is too far apart.

Su Xiao observed the actions of the contractor through the screen, and he was waiting for the parasite to attack.

As long as the parasitic animal hits, his second coordinate work is basically over. At that time, the contractor has no possibility of fleeing.

Moreover, the war has reached this level, and some contractors were eliminated, and the rest are smart people.

The contractor has already suffered one-fifth of the death and injury, and some of the surviving contractors have been seriously injured. The worst one is only the upper body surviving, and the wounds are uneven. It seems they have been wounded by the war behemoth.

Su Xiao waited for about half an hour on the mountain peak. There was a roar in the distance.

The parasitic beast that came in this time is different from the previous one. The surface of the body is dark, and the skin is rough. It has no human appearance.

Looking at the properties of these parasitic beasts, Su Xiao knows that this is a parasitic beast type three, their overall strength is above the second type.

Just as Su Xiao was about to leave, he suddenly found out that there was a vaguely mutated beast among the parasitic beasts that rushed.

Take a closer look. The number of mutant beasts is quite large and hidden in the parasitic beast.

The Kara natives found that the parasites could not beat the contractors, and for so long, the human alliance did not move, so their courage was a little bigger.

“A combination of parasitic beasts and mutant beasts, ask for more happiness.”

Su Xiao is only responsible for setting the coordinates and defending it from intervening.

In the terrain of the cave, the contractors won’t be able to escape. He decided to go directly to the set point of the third world coordinate to see the situation.

It indicates that Bubtney is going around the cave, and Su Xiao is heading for the edge of the Asian continent.

According to the previous pattern of the Asian continent, the position below is China. There are some small countries around China, and those small countries no longer exist in the early days of the war.

The position on the Asian continent is Russia. Today, Su Xiao is located at the junction of Russia and China.

The location he wants to rush to is in Russia, at the corner of the coast.

At this time, there is no country, and only the human alliance is left. But even if it forms an alliance, as the host of the Asian continent, the two largest countries have become the biggest forces in the human alliance.


Bubtney ran wildly on the scorched earth. His endurance was good as he was running for two hours straight and wasn’t breathing hard.

As it gradually deepens above the Asian continent, the temperature gradually decreases, the sun started to set.

Su Xiao only wore a single coat, did not feel the cold, and improved the physical strength, his ability to resist cold was significantly improved.

Exhaling white steam, Su Xiao looked at the location on the map. There are two hours away.

The first two coordinates are very close, but the third coordinate is very far.

“You can’t build it together, and you have to divide it three times.”

Tightening the single coat, Su Xiao confirmed the position and then indicated that Bubutney to hurry.

The sun was drifting down the snow, the wind is blowing, the ground is covered with thick snow, and every step he takes makes a squeaky and creaking sound.

The sun is a little dim, and the surrounding world has become a world of ice and snow, and the white snowfield makes anyone looking slightly dizzy.

“Bubu, stop.”

Su Xiao looked at the map. After confirming the position, he felt unbelievable.

“Ocean? Does the third coordinate need to be set up on the ocean? And… has come to the ocean…”

Su Xiao looked at the frozen soil at his feet, which was originally the Russian offshore area.

I don’t know how many years of snow have been continuously here that the ocean was frozen.

Or the ocean freezing is somewhat inaccurate. There are very complicated conditions for the formation of ice on the ocean. The seawater contains inorganic salts, which makes the freezing point below 0 °C. The surface of the seawater is cooled, the density of the cold water is large, and the lower layer is warmer than the warm seawater, which causes the ocean not to thaw easily.

Of course, this does not mean that the ocean will not freeze. The North and South Poles are the best example and require a special climate.

The sea surface at the foot of Su Xiao is somewhat similar to the situation in the north and south poles. The temperature of the original site in Russia is much lower than the original. If ordinary people live here, they will freeze to death.

Bubtney ran wildly on the ice for more than an hour. Su Xiao had left the offshore area, and he suspected that the ice had spread to North America.

The environment of the earth has become abnormal, and the arrival of the Kara natives has made the earth full of lupus.

The Kara natives are completely parasitic on the planet. When the Kara creates the atmosphere and air suitable for their lives, the existence time of the earth started a count down.

The planet is not a home for Kara natives, but a consumable, and the destruction of Kara star is the best example.

The destruction of Kara Star happened, but the Kara people did not become extinct, this is the best explanation.

This kind of void race uses the planet as a consumable. When a planet breaks down, they wander in space, look for the next planet to live in, then invade. After the success, rename the new planet to Kara. The planet is used as a consumable, and the cycle is repeated.

This kind of race may be very popular, but it will be ruined.

The reason is very simple. The development speed is not balanced. After the occupation of the planet, they can develop rapidly. After the destruction of the planet, the development of the Kara natives who wandered in space began to slow down, so they chose a special development method.

Su Xiao no longer thinks about the behavior of the Kara Natives. He only wants to know to what extent the Kara Star people are now developing.

It is foreseeable that the Kara Natives are by no means on the side of the firepower technology, so there will be no weapons like the Star Gun.

According to Su Xiao’s speculation, the Kara Native’s technology tree is based on biotechnology, and some are similar to Zerg from StarCraft.

From the parasites and war behemoths and other creatures can see the development direction of the Kara Natives.

The Kara native’s Spaceship should not be the kind of steel behemoth. It may be a huge creature. The combination of steel and biology is most likely.