Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 282: Keeping your destiny in your own hands

Thinking of this, Su Xiao secretly whistled. It seems that the ‘advanced technology’ marked on the world introduction refers to advanced biotechnology.

Kara Native was wandering in space for so many years. If there is no material at all in the development of thermal weapons technology, biotechnology is different, and living organisms can be studied.

When Su Xiao and the enemy arbitrators fought, the other party was one of the Kara Native. If the Kara Natives were developing hot weapon technology, the costumes of the enemy arbiters might be similar to the iron blood warriors, but he wouldn’t solely fighting mentally.

The Human Alliance used the nuclear bomb to fight the Kara Star people. If the Kara Star people’s hot weapons are really advanced, intercepting a nuclear bomb is completely trivial.

This made Su Xiao feel relieved. He was not afraid of aliens on the biological side. He was afraid of the situation of a large number of hot weapons. The mass destruction of hot weapons was somewhat unpredictable in the early stage, and it was not so strong in the later period. In the highly derivative world, many strong people can ignore nuclear bombs.

For example, a certain baldy.

Thinking about Su Xiao came to the establishment of the third world coordinate, looking around, his face is a bit ugly.

Things are not good; there is no cover on the ice sheet, and here is the edge of the Asian continent, Kara Native can do their best here.

If you let hundreds of contractors guard this place, Su Xiao shook his head, those guys besieged a powerful creature, or defended as a few parasites, if you are fighting with the Kara natives directly…

If the contractors can defend this place for an hour, and Su Xiao writes his name backward.

“This place is… not for the contractor, but for the arbiter!”

Su Xiao stepped on the snow under his feet, and the snow splashed.

He must find a way to do it according to the normal task process, and Su Xiao does not believe that the reincarnation Paradise will make him set the coordinates in a place that cannot be guarded.

Is it because the Human Alliance wants to help guard this place?

It is also impossible. In the absence of interest, the Human Alliance will not fight against the Kara natives on the ice sheet for no reason, and the war between the two sides will just end, and the Human Alliance will need to recuperate.

If this is the central location of the Asian continent, it is still possible, but here is just an ice sheet, and the ice is full of seawater.


Su Xiao looked down at his feet, and his face was even more ugly. He thought of a possibility.

“If the reward is not rich enough, then the arbitrator will not be the arbitrator, Bubu, dig down.”

Su Xiao produced a somewhat crazy plan, and perhaps the reincarnation Paradise meant for this happen.

After asking about the maximum range of movement of the third coordinate, Su Xiao was more convinced.

The third coordinate can be arranged within forty kilometers around!

Upon receiving Su Xiao’s instructions, Bobtney’s moved, and his two front paws extended their sharp claws and began to dig in the snow.

The snow is very thick, and the thicker it is, the harder it is to dig. After shaving it for more than ten meters, Bubtney it wasn’t alright, he softly spread his legs in the snow pit, and his two front paws are all bleeding.

Su Xiao jumped into the snow pit, stepped on the foot, and then went down to the ice, and Bobtney could not dig a hole too deep in the ice.

Su Xiao took out dragon flash, and inserted it into the ice layer, cut a circle of one meter wide in the ice layer, and cut across in the center of the circular ice layer. He stepped on the ice layer.

A slap of ice splattered, and under the power of Su Xiao at 29 o’clock, the ice layer was easily kicked down.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao was sitting in a vertical downward ice cave, which had been dug dozens of meters deep. He was making holes in the ice.

With dragon Flash to break the ice, the broken ice will be saved into the Inventory. His savings space is nine cubic meters. When the savings space is full, he will use the thread to leave the ice hole and throw the broken ice from the inventory.

An hour later, Su Xiao was sitting in the ice cave full of sweat. He was shirtless, and his body was steaming. He had dug down about two hundred meters.

Although this sounds a bit ridiculous, Su Xiao has succeeded in doing this with his strong physical fitness and the cooperation of various tools.

The most important thing is that Dragon Flash is sharp enough to cut the ice layer like tofu.

With a cigarette ignited, Su Xiao leaned in the ice cave and looked at the screen floating on the side.

The scene in the screen was bloody, the contractors are desperately guarding the hole, the sprawling beast outside the hole, and occasionally see a small war behemoth.

There are more than 100 people left from the contractors, and half of the contractors have died. The war world is too cruel.

From the somewhat numb faces of the contractors, they are on the verge of collapse.

At this time, the face of the god king’s leader was blue, and his eyes are full of blood.

Adam was lying in the cave, missing one arm and one leg.

There was no usual laughter on the face of Silver Flash. The clothes on her whole body were ragged, and there was blood leaking from time to time.

The Golden Ghost is even worse. There is only one-third of his body left, and he can only survive with a living device.

Seeing the state of the contractors, Su Xiao’s face is expressionless. If it is not the cave terrain he chose, the contractors may have died.

The reincarnation Paradise calculated according to the contractor’s ability to exert the strongest ability, and more than 30% of the contractors have not done their best. They intend to use the cards to save their lives. After everyone thinks so, the number of deaths and injuries has skyrocketed.

Without paying attention to the state of the contractors, Su Xiao continued to dig down the ice.

A few hours later, Su Xiao had no idea how deep it could be dug down. Every time he transports ice up, it takes even a few minutes.


Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled, the feeling of this thrust of the sword was different from the past, and he continues to cut. He cut a circle in the ice.

The circle was cut to about four-fifths, and a slamming sound came from it. Su Xiao’s foothold disappeared as he fell.

With a bang, Su Xiao fell into the icy water.

“finally reached.”

Su Xiao took out a small oxygen tube hanging around his waist. This is a must-have item for all contractors. He took a deep breath of oxygen. Such a deep ice hole, oxygen is very thin, not to mention his high-intensity exercise, which consumes more oxygen.

Su Xiao’s head is wearing a miner’s lamp, and he is equipped with some at the top of the ice cave. The end of his eyes is dark. If he is suffering from claustrophobia, he will definitely collapse.

The ice cave was too small. Su Xiao had put Bobtney back.

“Twelve hours, success, or failure.”

Taking out a detonator, Su Xiao contained a plastic tube in a small oxygen tank, took a deep breath of oxygen, and the plastic tube was stained with seawater, which was salty and bitter.

Pressing the detonator in hand, the roar of the ice cave rang, and the explosion continued to approach downward.

Su Xiao will collapse the only way out, trapped in the sea under the ice. If he is unsuccessful, he will become a savior person. He will arrange the world coordinates under the ice to see how the Kara natives look for it.

Since the contractors have can’t defend, Su Xiao will find his own way. He will not hold his destiny in the hands of others.

In the giant world, he can drag on dozens, and now he has to drop a few hundred in the world of war.

The arbiter could not directly participate in the war, and Su Xiao placed the coordinates in a position where Kara Natives wouldn’t be able to reach.