Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 283: Cruel

A large amount of ice fell from above. When Su Xiao dug the ice cave, he intentionally turned two right-angle bends to prevent the crushed ice from falling directly into the sea. The broken ice below was pressed into the sea by the weight of the ice above.

The sound of the explosion above and the collapse of the broken ice quickly stopped, and no broken ice fell on Su Xiao, which shows that his arrangement was successful.

after a few mouthfuls of oxygen, Su Xiao’s body went down, and his whole body was soaked in the sea.

Just sneaked into the sea, and there was water pressure around him. He didn’t know how deep he could dive. The icy water was eroding the heat in his body.

Dive, keep diving, Su Xiao helped a lot of irons in order to speed up the dive.

Barbecue, white quality weapons, a fist-sized hammer, etc., in the end, Su Xiao did not take the initiative to dive. The weight of his body let him fall automatically.

He has brought in more than twenty bottles of compressed oxygen. One bottle can last for about one and a half hours. This thing is sold in a special booth in the reincarnation paradise. Most contractors will buy some for the occasional needs.

Oxygen does not feel good after absorption and compression, but there is no other choice now.

Su Xiao is more willing to take risks than staying in the world of ‘parasitic beasts’ forever.

He can’t resist the rejection of the world. Once they are defeated, he may not survive in the parasitic world for more than ten days.

The upper ice layer and the snow block the sunlight, the seawater is dark.

It is not easy to break into the ice. It is harder to go out. It is not going to start the work, or Su Xiao will die in the sea, or the mission will fail, but he has no other choice.

Su Xiao looked at the contractor’s situation through the screen. More than one hundred contractors are standing or sitting in the cave, everyone was injured, and most of the contractors had physical disabilities.

Su Xiao saw Adam sitting down in the cave, lying in front of a corpse, the body name is Lie, the deputy head of the Brotherhood.

What makes Su Xiao most concerned is the few people who communicate with God king’s leader. These people look like contractors, wearing protective clothing, and dealing with the contractor.

“We will soon send reinforcements, the medical forces have been dispatched, and the Human Alliance will not give up any human beings.”

Several people in the Human Alliance have a very good attitude, but when the God king’s leader mentioned a possible conflict with the Kara Star, the Human Alliance’s answer begins to change.

‘We will handle this matter properly, and you can rest assured. ‘

Did not answer whether it was an aid, nor did it explicitly refuse. This is a wait-and-see attitude. For unconventional contractors, the Human Alliance has adopted a cautious attitude.

Salvation may be, participation in the war is still pending.

Su Xiao slowly sinks in the sea and takes out the third world coordinates. He hesitated for a second and chose to activate.

The fluctuations of space are coming around, the world coordinates are gradually being formed, and Su Xiao is sinking slowly and sinking into the unknown deep sea.


The contractors in the cave immediately received a reminder of the reincarnation Paradise, ordering them to stand near the coordinates of the second world.

Two world coordinates have been formed, and the reincarnation Paradise has been able to interfere with the parasitic world to a certain extent.

The contractors who are already remnants are surrounded by the coordinates of the second world. They have a flower in their eyes. They are already on an ice sheet, and the position is directly above Su Xiao.

The whistling wind blew through.

“It’s so cold~.”

A bare-chested contractor shuddered and quickly took out his winter coat in the savings space.

“How is this happening.”

Several representatives of the Human Alliance were paralyzed. They were still in the cave, and they appeared on a piece of ice in the blink of an eye.

Representatives of several human alliances immediately became alert and began to contact the headquarters of the Human Alliance. The attitude was not as friendly as before.

The god-king is angry at this moment, where is he? What is he going to do? Where is the world coordinates?

Not only the God-king but also the silver Flash and Adam are all angry.

“If the world coordinates are set here, then we are dead.”

Adam’s voice was hoarse, and he was being helped by his men. Broken legs and broken arms make him a disabled person and only return to the reincarnation to recover.

The task that the reincarnation Paradise issues to the contractor are to guard the world coordinates.

While the world coordinates are moving, the contractor will receive a notification of the change of the world coordinate position every ten minutes.

This makes many contractors very upset; the task is not only dangerous but also has no clue.

Several people in the Human Alliance contacted the headquarters, and the look of several people began to be unnatural. They have realized that they are on the edge of the Asian continent and may be attacked by the Kara Natives at any time.

“You rebel, we suggest evacuating first. Through the image of the satellite, the large forces of the Kara Natives have arrived. It is expected that they will arrive on this ice sheet in a few hours. You are seeking your own deaths.'”

The voice was raised, and representatives of several human alliances turned and left.

“These guys… It seems that our people’s negotiations in the Human Alliance are not going well.”

The God-king leader sighed, and his tone is full of helplessness. He has never experienced this kind of derivative world, only received a mission, and then there are always enemies.

Su Xiao is different. He has long thought of this. He knows more than the God-King. He had expected that he might not stay in the parasitic world for five days.

Actually, this is the case. Su Xiao’s stay in the parasitic world is 36 hours.

When the first coordinate is successfully defended, he will immediately place the second one.

The reason for this is to not react to the Kara Natives.

Five days to get rid of 36 hours, that is, four and a half days, what forces can be developed in four and a half days? The Kara Natives have landed on the earth for twenty years, and there is no comparability between four and a half years and twenty years.

Su Xiao simply chose not to develop strength, and directly hit Kara Natives by surprise.

Judging from the situation of the first two coordinates, Su Xiao’s choice is correct, and the Kara Natives have no time to send large units.

However, with the buffering of the first two world coordinates, the Kara Natives have already reacted.

The third world coordinate is their last chance. If the third world coordinates are set up, they can only be freed in space. The timeline is reset over and over again, and life and death are in their hands of the reincarnation Paradise.

It is conceivable that the Kara Natives will destroy the third world coordinates with a crazy offensive, and they are mobilizing large units at this time. The target is an ice field between two continents with an estimated arrival time of five hours.

In these five hours, the contractor can’t be idle. They don’t know when there are many parasites on the ice sheet.

The number of these parasitic beasts is small and continuous, and the Kara Natives have no intention to command these parasitic beasts and simply release these parasitic beasts.

On the ice sheet.

Many contractors smothered with parasites, and the contractors fled while fighting. They did not have a fixed guard point.

Silver Flash is screaming at the golden ghost on the ice, and the golden ghost’s body is only one-third left. If there is no living device, he is already dead.

“Where to?”

The golden ghost is drowsy, even with this kind of injury, he is still conscious, showing how strong the golden ghost is.

“I want to… escape the battlefield!”

Flash Silver rushed to the edge of the battlefield, ignoring the warnings of the reincarnation Paradise. She had not seen the Arbiter for a long time, at least 16 hours.